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Free Professional Amusement Park Planning & Design Services!
Amusement park design is very important! Your amusement park should be attractive and maintain a unique style. Thus, visitors will want to return to your park again and again. Beston provides free amusement park design services for you!
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Do you want to buy rides from the manufacturer? Buy high quality business attractions at the best prices.
We have a large selection of entertainment equipment to attract more customers.
Beston Attractions

BESTON Attractions Company

Manufacturers of amusement rides and entertainment equipment
BESTON Attractions company is a manufacturer of attractions from China. We are experts in planning, designing and producing attractions. Our company has many years of experience and provides different types of attractions at factory prices. Buy quality attractions for your business at competitive prices. A variety of entertainment equipment to attract more customers. Discover new possibilities with our attractions!
Do you want to buy amusement park rides for business? Free consultation!


We have a professional, caring team

Experienced Engineers

Have many years of rich experience

Skilled Technicians

Professional design

Hardworking Workers

Excellent installation and production

Official Webmasters

Respond quickly online

Sales Managers

Free consultation


Six benefits tell you why you chose us! Buy the best rides here!
Variety and quality at competitive prices. Make sure to create an unforgettable experience for your customers!

9 certificates

ISO9001, SGS, CO, CIQ, COC, BV, TUV, China CE and China Special Equipment Installation License.


Reply to email within 12 hours


Over 20 years of experience in the amusement industry


Successfully sold to more than 100 countries and regions


Successfully sell 200 different rides

50000 sq.m.

BESTON has 50 square meters of factory
We provide one-stop services from purchase, installation and maintenance.
Do you want to know attractions prices?
Welcome to Beston Attractions!


We offer you the most affordable rides!

No intermediary fees!

Not intermediaries, our company is a combination of manufacturers and suppliers.

Save on transport costs!

Established long-term cooperative relationship with international shipping companies.

No consultation fee!

We provide free consultations and services at a cost. Feel free to ask questions.


Free Professional Amusement Park Planning & Design Services!


Establishment of Overseas Offices
Goal: Better customer service. We guarantee the smooth running of all aspects of the transaction.


Great All-In-One Service
Process: Beston has set up a professional service center. The BESTON team integrates production, export, installation and post-service.


We have many great partners!


Facts speak louder than words. See what our customers are saying about our rides.
Attraction carousel buy
Ferris wheel was exported to Kazakhstan
Attraction Seventh Heaven has been sold
Equipment for children's playrooms in Uzbekistan
Attraction children's train
The carousel attraction was exported to Kazakhstan
Attraction Cups for Amusement Park
Roller coaster in Uzbekistan
bumper cars


We answer questions 24 hours a day! Please ask questions!
1.Prepare thoughts before buying rides
01. You need to know the local market well in order to choose the right attraction.
02. Place type, space requirement, manufacturer's advice and other factors should be considered. Consideration should be given to the strength of the manufacturer and whether the amusement ride manufacturer has the ability to produce qualified amusement rides.
03. You need to go to the factory to check and control the quality of the ride. An amusement ride in excellent condition is responsible for the safety of people.
2. Why choose BESTON manufacturer?
01. Beston amusement ride manufacturer has many years of experience and offers many kinds of amusement rides for sale.
02. Beston sells amusement rides in different sizes and types. Colors and patterns can be customized to suit your needs.
03. A strong team of engineers who have many years of experience will provide you with technical support.
04. All parts and major components meet or exceed national standards.
3. Why did Beston open branches all over the world?
01. First of all, in order to better serve our customers. We can be close to our clients. We understand the needs of our clients. In order to meet customer requirements.
02. We guarantee the smooth running of all aspects of the transaction. First, we help our customers choose the right product and model. Secondly, we have professionals to help our customers inspect the factory and communicate with them. Finally, we provide parts and equipment repair services.
03. We increase brand awareness. Beston in the overseas market, the company has also earned an excellent reputation. We are expanding brand awareness as a large international company. We will progress with time.
4. Why Beston amusement ride at an affordable price?
01. Beston is a strong manufacturer and has a 200 square meter manufacturing plant. Therefore, this company uses large-scale production, and the price of raw materials is cheap. Beston uses advanced production equipment in the production process.
02. We do not need intermediaries, our company is a combination of manufacturers and suppliers. Thus, we have saved you the cost of an intermediary.
03. Finally, our company has low transportation costs. Our partnership with international transport companies can be offered at the best shipping rates. save a lot for you.
5. How to reduce the cost to buy an attraction?
01. For every investor to buy an attraction, the price is an important thing. Minimize costs while maintaining quality. The price includes the price of the purchased attraction and the cost of maintaining the attraction.
02. The attraction price includes the cost of raw materials, production costs and profit margins. The more raw materials purchased, the lower the price of raw materials. And the more advanced the production equipment, the higher the productivity and the lower the price of the attraction to buy.
03. Without intermediaries, factory price. You can buy rides at factory prices.
04. Save on the cost of services.
05. Save on shipping costs.
6. What services does Beston provide?
01. We provide free consultation services and price lists for rides.
02. This company provides pre-sales consulting services. It can help you solve the problem of when to buy an attraction.
03. Beston provides training services. Beston will teach you and your employees how to properly use and maintain the rides.
04. Chinese manufacturer Beston provides after-sales technical service. Every amusement ride needs maintenance to make a long-term profit.
05. Please contact us. We can design customized services for you free of charge.


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