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"Beston Attractions" - One-stop Service

Beston Amusement Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of amusement rides from China. Engaged in the production of entertainment equipment and attractions for over 20 years. Beston amusement park rides have been exported to the world.

Beston has been widely recognized by customers for its increasingly innovative and safe rides. But Beston doesn't just provide rides. Beston can provide amusement park design, profit plan and project operation services to ensure customers' investment success. We want to build a safe and fun paradise together with you.

  • Research Innovation:Beston has always maintained innovation and is a leader in the entertainment industry.
  • Customization:Beston provides customization services, including customization of theme, appearance, color, etc.
  • Project operation:Beston can provide a complete project solution, including park design and project operation.
  • Investment plans:Beston focuses on investment plans. We have invested and will invest in different types of parks.

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Become a leader in the entertainment industry and an enterprise trusted by society through innovation and service.
Pay attention to the basic needs of customers, provide competitive end-to-end solutions, and continue to create maximum value for customers!
Customer-oriented, pursuit-oriented, continuous team cooperation, insists on innovation management.

Core Business from Beston

Project Operation

Project Operation

How to invest in amusement parks?
How to choose park attractions?
How to manage an amusement park?
How to set the price for rides?
What are the benefits of investing in parks?
How will the future develop?

Design Solutions

Design Solutions

Amusement Park Design
Entertainment Center Design
Plaza Playground Design
Scenic Park Design
Resort Area Design



Attraction Train
Attraction Carousel
Roller coaster
Chain Carousel
Ferris wheel
Children's Maze

Beston Factory

Beston has a comprehensive workshop, advanced technology and professional technicians. Our company adopts large-scale production and has high production efficiency. Beston are distinguished by exquisite craftsmanship and superior quality. We sell attractions directly without intermediaries. Do you want to buy rides? Please contact Beston here!

cutting workshop
Welding workshop
Processing shop
Trial assembly shop
polishing workshop
painting workshop
Quality control workshop


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