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Attraction roller coaster to buy

Do you want to buy a roller coaster (also known as: big roller coaster, fun coaster, extreme coaster, Russian coaster, etc.) at a low price for the park? There are famous roller coasters in almost every major amusement park. One of the oldest attractions in the world has rightfully earned the love of millions of adults and children. Beston company supplies equipment for amusement parks, shopping and entertainment centers (MECs) from the world's leading manufacturers. Do you need to buy extreme rides? Want to know more about beston attractions? Click the button and contact us! We look forward to cooperation with you! We offer price list for free.

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Beston Attraction Roller Coaster Sale

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Roller coaster

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BESTON sells roller coasters from China

    1. BESTON Co. sells rollercoaster rides at the best prices from China.
    2.  We offer equipment manufactured in accordance with international safety and quality standards.
    3. Attraction design is a highly complex process that requires taking into account many features and a responsible approach. Experienced designers carry out an accurate calculation, select the right materials. Giving preference to our attractions, you get reliable designs.
    4. Beston The manufacturing company offers almost limitless possibilities for individual design or adaptation of the slide to customer requirements (These take into account the terrain and building area).
    5. It is possible to combine a roller coaster, an LSM launch system (with linear motors) or create a compact ride on a base frame.
    6. Each passenger block can accommodate 6-24 passengers and is capable of handling any curve or loop configuration.
    7. According to the catalog of the company "BESTON" you can order "Roller coaster» the most diverse design. Bright and original designs will certainly become an adornment of your park, a source of solid income.

Oh! Colors and patterns can be customized to suit your needs. If you want to buy a unique roller coaster, do not hesitate to contact us now!

extreme roller coaster to buy
extreme roller coaster to buy

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Roller coaster 24 persons

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Attraction roller coaster buy price

In our company you can roller coaster ride to buy. Because our inexpensive roller coaster ride price mainly reflects in the following areas.

Labor costs are relatively low

China has rich human resources and a high labor force. Therefore, the work efficiency is high and the cost is saved. Our company always puts the interests of our customers in the first place, so we offer affordable prices.

Without intermediaries, factory price.

As you know, our company is an international company. We have our own big factory and a professional international sales team. Therefore, you can ride fun slides at factory prices. We do not need intermediaries, our company is a combination of manufacturers and suppliers. Thus, we have saved you the cost of an intermediary.

In addition, Beston is a direct manufacturer and sells amusement rides without intermediaries. Thus, Beston's amusement rides are not only cheap, but there are no additional third-party fees. If you need a roller coaster ride to buy cheap price, you can contact us now!

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New Rollercoaster

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Focus: safe rollercoaster ride

Rollercoaster attraction brings benefits to people. Roller coasters can bring stimulation to people and help them relieve stress and free themselves. On the rollercoaster ride car, people forget all troubles and enjoy happy. If you want to make your park popular, if you want to make more money, you need to buy roller coasters for your parks. However, safety is always key. BESTON extreme attraction roller coaster is equipped with the most modern security system.

  1. Convenient shoulder restraints securely hold passengers in the ergonomic seats of the passenger unit.
  2. Reliable magnetic brakes guarantee smooth speed reduction, while the use of individual passenger units and energy-saving concepts significantly reduces energy consumption.
  3. Each of the passenger seats is equipped with a separate safety restraint, adjustable to the size of the passenger.
  4. Reliable magnetic brakes guarantee smooth deceleration.
  5. Another distinguishing feature of roller coasters is the strength of the structures. The large wheels are less wear-resistant and provide a smoother ride.
  6. The chain system avoids heavy wear of materials and ensures smooth starting, while the low energy consumption motor does not require serious expenses.

Do you like our rollercoaster ride? Contact us now. Our company has also launched a number of preferential projects to open up the international market. And you will be a customer of our service. Leave your contact information or leave a message to let us know your needs, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

roller coaster ride to buy
Attraction roller coaster to buy

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roller coaster in the park

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Purchase process

    1. When you buy a roller coaster ride, you need to make sure that you do your best to find the best price.
    2. This can be done by contacting a number of companies. Instead of just touching the company.
    3. After you talk to various companies, they can give you a price estimate so you know how much you can pay.
    4. Once you find a value that you can negotiate with, you will certainly be in a good position to qualify and start looking for funding.
    5. Otherwise, if you just know the quote, you might find it hard to get the best price.
    6. When searching for a robot at a theme park, give yourself the opportunity to select at least 5-7 different options. By using this method, you will realize that you will get the absolute cheapest price, exactly what you want to find.
    7. So remember these moments and start looking the best ridesthat will benefit your park.
    8. For an amusement park owner, this is the best you can get and you can be very happy.
    9. You're just wasting your time and energy finding what you want to make sure your park will be a great one in the future.

Contact us now! Tell us about your needs. We will provide consulting services free of charge.

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roller coaster for sale

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Why buy a roller coaster ride for an amusement park

  1. To breathe new life into an amusement park or become the owner of a profitable business, it is enough to buy a roller coaster ride.
  2. The design is an intricate railway, with turns, sharp changes in height. Carriages with passengers travel along the rails at a sufficiently high speed, which causes a feeling of danger, an adrenaline rush into the blood.
  3. The rollercoaster rides are breathtaking, attracting fans of extreme sports and lovers of the unknown. Demand for it has remained steadily high since its inception. People are lining up to experience a few minutes of free fall again.
  4. Therefore, today every fairly large park has this attraction. It is becoming a popular option for organizing family leisure or relaxing with friends.
roller coaster attraction
roller coaster attraction

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Buy a roller coaster for the park

  1. If you are responsible for purchasing roller coasters for your theme park. Then you have to make sure you choose the roller coaster that will bring you the most profit.
  2. You have many options when looking for a roller coaster. But you want to make sure you choose the roller coaster that best suits your needs. You spend a lot of time researching roller coasters, so ultimately choose the roller coaster that works best for you.
  3. These roller coasters are perfect for your park. The best roller coasters will be affordable and will help you attract a large number of customers to the park.

Please contact us! You can find out the roller coaster attraction, consult on the conditions: purchase, technical characteristics, documentation, licensing from managers by calling or leaving a request in the feedback form.

roller coaster
Extreme roller coaster

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Extreme roller coaster (Trill rides - Roller coaster)

If you like breakneck speed, the feeling of height, lightning-fast ups and downs, then BESTON rollercoasters are just for you. This large rollercoaster ride can be with one loop, two loops, three loops, or four loops and with tracks of various lengths. The track consists of sections constructed from 2, 3 or 4 pipes. The braking system is equipped with permanent magnets. PLC controlled electrical system. Perhaps thematic design by order of the client.

roller coaster attraction price
Buy roller coaster attraction price

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Family roller coaster

Family roller coasters are designed specifically for children and parents to ride.

  1. Family attractions children from one meter tall can visit. Banks, spirals, directional changes and hairpin turns are designed to keep g-forces safe for little adventurers.
  2. A distinctive feature of the family roller coaster is spacious trailers with enough space for the whole family!
  3. Soft individual seats and large legroom in each row provide a comfortable and fixed position for passengers.
  4. And this makes it possible to design them thematically in accordance with the wishes of the customer.
buy a roller coaster for kids
Beston Kids Roller Coaster BNRC-20A

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Children's roller coaster (Children's roller coaster)

  1. Children's roller coaster called mini roller coaster, is located on a dedicated track exchange of new playground equipment.
  2. It consists of a thin shaped, mighty car park, consisting of various styles, each with synchronous drive in the direction of the track on the shuttle in the modern style of the track exchange logo.
  3. Children's roller coaster standard 15 cars, vehicle mix simulation, cartoon type, luxury, all kinds of animal simulation, to meet the different needs of customers.
  4. The children's roller coaster is dedicated to the railroad tracks on the new amusement equipment, which consists of 15 different styles of exquisite sports cars lineup, the total number of tracks is more than 70 meters.
  5. Combined with colorful lights, sound and decorative painting of children's cartoon.
  6. While the car is also equipped with colorful lights and children's cartoon decorations, the cars lined up in a hovering orbit, so that passengers feel the pleasure of enjoying the endless.

If you are thinking about buying a roller coaster ride for an amusement park, carnival, or family entertainment center. After all, Beston can help you make an informed decision about which attraction cars to buy.

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Let's start cooperation!

Our company sells different types of amusement rides. In addition to roller coasters, BESTON also provides extreme rides such as, attraction the fifth element, seventh sky ride, free fall tower ride, catapult ride, pirate ship ride and shop ride, etc.

Do you want to start making money now? You want to buy high quality amusement rides reasonably priced? Would you like to buy a Ferris wheel attraction with quality assurance? Feel free to contact us now! Leave the information you want to know, we will contact you as soon as possible! Looking forward to cooperating with you.


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