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roller coaster attraction

Do you want to buy an extreme amusement park roller coaster? Beston roller coaster ride with high quality. We will make big slides with 3-10 rings. The length of the track can vary from 5 to 1000 meters. They are the best roller coaster you can buy from our factory. This fun slide ride is suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, carnival and other large venues. If you are interested in roller coasters, please contact us immediately. We provide free consultations and quotes, and even provide detailed roller coaster plans!

Capacity: 24 people

roller coaster for sale
Extreme roller coaster

Beston Roller Coaster Ride BTH-GSC24

Model: BTH-GSC24
Footprint: 88* 30m
Capacity: 24 people
General power: 230kVt
Maximum rail height: 37m
Rail length: 305m
Maximum travel speed: 78km/h

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Detail of BTH-GSC24:

roller coaster
Roller coaster

extreme roller coaster to buy
extreme roller coaster to buy

extreme roller coaster
Extreme roller coaster

Amusement park roller coasters for sale

Beston roller coaster for indoor and outdoor amusement parks. In our catalog you will find family rides, extreme roller coasters, themed roller coasters and roller coaster rides for kids. These roller coasters can be installed not only in parks and on the street, but also in large shopping and entertainment centers, which cannot but attract visitors of all ages! Do you want to know the product price, purchase method, product specification or license? You can contact our managers by calling or leaving a request in the feedback form.

fun rides to buy
Attraction slides to buy

Beston Roller Coaster Ride BYZ-GSC16Z

Model: BYZ-GSC16Z
Footprint: 85* 36m
Capacity: 16 people
General power: 55kVt
Maximum rail height: 22,6m
Rail length: 440m
Maximum travel speed: 62km/h

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Detail BYZ-GSC16Z

roller coaster ride
roller coaster for sale

buy a roller coaster ride for the park
buy a roller coaster ride for the park

extreme slides
extreme slides

Benefits of Beston Roller Coaster

  • Easy to operate with control module, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • High quality with competitive price, free installation video and all-weather postage.
  • Beston roller coaster, usually decorated with bright LEDs and music. The MP3 system will provide you with a selection system, people can choose their favorite music via USB.
slides rides
slides rides

Beston Roller Coaster Ride BYZ-GSC24D

Model: BYZ-GSC24D
Footprint: 115* 45m
Capacity: 24people
General power: 90kVt
Maximum rail height: 25m
Rail length: 500m
Maximum travel speed: 70km/h

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Detail BYZ-GSC24D

roller coaster attraction
BESTON rollercoaster ride

buy a roller coaster
buy a roller coaster

buy a roller coaster for the park
buy a roller coaster for the park

  • Beston Roller Coaster is made of high quality FRP and steel. The main structure of the track is made of steel, while the decorations and carrier cars are made of FRP (refers to fiberglass). FRP is good corrosion resistant materials and insulation materials and thermal insulation material, it has high tensile strength.
  • We provide all related services for the purchase of attractions and the construction of amusement parks, from the development of the concept of the park, the design of the slides, delivery and installation, to the subsequent maintenance of the attractions. To get detailed information, leave a request on the website, and our specialists will advise you on all issues!

We provide detailed planning schemes:

roller coaster attraction
roller coaster attraction

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extreme roller coaster
extreme roller coaster

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Amusement park roller coaster ride

roller coaster attraction thrill ridewhich is designed for amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals and other places. They have two kinds of roller coaster rides according to their size, one is a giant roller coaster and the other is a small roller coaster. The smaller rollercoaster rides are for kids, while the larger rollercoasters are for adults who are looking for a thrill.

roller coaster ride to buy
Beston Roller Coaster Ride BNSH-16B for sale

Beston Roller Coaster Ride BNSH-16B

Model: BNSH-16B
Rail length: 500m
Maximum rail height: 25,2m
A machine: 4
Capacity: 16 people
Maximum speed: 70 km / h
Travel time: 90 seconds
Area: 90m*40m
Power: 75kVt

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Detail of BPZ-GSC16:

buy roller coaster ride price
Buy roller coaster attraction price

roller coaster ride to buy
Attraction roller coaster to buy

Extreme and big rollercoaster

Amusement Park The roller coaster is large in size, it is one of the most exciting rides that is designed by ride manufacturers. These giant roller coasters are commonly used for large-scale amusement parks. We can see two types of roller coaster according to its materials, one is wooden coaster and the other is steel coaster. Most roller coaster manufacturers will only create large steel roller coasters. beston rides is one of those. Large theme park slides are the most attractive ride for brave people. Generally speaking, a steel roller coaster is a kind of roller coaster whose track is made of steel. It's safer than wood. Big steel roller coaster will bring passengers to higher and faster speed.

roller coaster
roller coaster

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Family roller coaster ride

Beston sells roller coasters for the family. family attraction roller coaster will be exciting for children, teenagers and adults and will allow you to have a great time with your family. A variety of unique design themes will make this attraction the hallmark of your park and deliver indescribable pleasure to its visitors. The family rollercoaster is an excellent attraction for families who love extreme sports. The unique layout and fascination of the ride thanks to the forward and backward movements of the train allows you to deliver even more pleasure to visitors. Family attraction rollercoasters, which have a high level of implementation and bring a lot of fun for the whole family.

spinning roller coasters
Spinning roller coasters

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roller coaster for kids

We have specially designed many types of roller coasters for children who love excitement and fun. For example, Children's Roller Coaster “Animals”, Children's Sports Car Roller Coaster, Children's High Speed ​​Train Roller Coaster, etc. This children's roller coaster is not only safe, but also fun! Children's roller coaster - new attraction for children. With new entertainment equipment, the mini-shuttle is designed in first-class style.

Roller coaster for kids
Mini shuttle children's roller coaster

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How much does a roller coaster ride from China cost?

Beston is a professional company attractions from Chinawhich integrates development, design, production and sale. Buy roller coaster ride from us, passed ISO 9001, CE, SONCAP and other international standards. We have our own factory and workshop covering over 30000 square meters. We manufacture these roller coasters in our factory. We provide our clients roller coaster price - factory prices. Our amusement park roller coaster has been exported to more than 20 countries, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, America, Europe, etc. Welcome your visit and negotiation.

If you want to buy an attraction roller coaster for the amusement park, we will be your best choice, we have the best price, the best quality for the amusement park roller coaster to buy. We offer a roller coaster ride to buy and mini roller coaster to buy more 20 years.

Capacity: 12 people

roller coaster attraction

Beston Roller Coaster Ride BTH-GSC12

Model: BTH-GSC12
Footprint: 55* 12m
Capacity: 12 people
General power: 290kVt
Maximum rail height: 54m
Rail length: 150m
Maximum travel speed: 98km/h

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Customers from different countries chose Beston roller coaster

Beston rollercoaster rides in Russia
Beston roller coaster in Russia March 2021 We received the installation video from Russian customers. Good news! We are very pleased that the track for American ...
wild mouse slides
Attraction "Disk Mice" (wild mouse roller coaster) - a new roller coaster attraction for children and families. Buyers from Russia are very interested in this product. Customer...
Roller coaster installed in Iraq
Clients from Iraq have contacted us online. He wanted to buy rides for the park. He asked us about more via the website. Then we have a professional...

Buy roller coasters from Beston

  • Beston sells rollercoaster rides at the best prices.
  • We offer equipment manufactured in accordance with international safety and quality standards.
  • The design of an attraction is a highly complex process that requires taking into account many features and a responsible approach.
  • Experienced designers carry out an accurate calculation, select the right materials. Giving preference to our attractions, you get reliable designs.
  • To breathe new life into an amusement park or become the owner of a profitable business, it is enough to buy a rollercoaster ride.
  • According to the catalog of the company "Beston" you can order "roller coaster" of the most diverse design. Bright and original designs will certainly become an adornment of your park, a source of solid income.

Capacity: 24 people

amusement park roller coaster buy
Beston Roller Coaster Ride BNSH-24A for sale

Beston Roller Coaster Ride BNSH-24A

Model: BNSH-24A
Rail length: 725m
Maximum rail height: 33m
A machine: 6
Capacity: 24 people
Maximum speed: 80 km / h
Travel time: 120 seconds
Area: 150m*60m
Power: 120kVt

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Capacity: 20 people

how much is the rollercoaster ride
Beston Roller Coaster Ride BNSH-20A for sale

Beston Roller Coaster Ride BNSH-20A

Model: BNSH-20A
Rail length: 780m
Maximum rail height: 33m
A machine: 10
Capacity: 20 people
Maximum speed: 80,4 km / h
Travel time: 140 seconds
Area: 145m*70m
Power: 160kVt

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mini roller coaster to buy
Beston Roller Coaster Ride BNSH-20B for sale

Beston Roller Coaster Ride BNSH-20B

Model: BNSH-20B
Rail length: 480m
Maximum rail height: 25m
A machine: 2
Capacity: 20 people
Maximum speed: 56,2 km / h
Travel time: 150 seconds
Area: 100m*46m
Power: 90kVt

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Capacity: 16 people

buy a roller coaster
Buy a roller coaster ride

Beston Roller Coaster Ride BPZ-GSC16A

Model: BPZ-GSC16A
Number of cars: 4
Footprint: 90* 40m
Capacity:16 people
General power: 90kVt
Maximum rail height: 25.2m
Rail length: 500m
Maximum travel speed: 70km/h

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Capacity: 14 people

ride roller coaster buy price
Beston Roller Coaster Ride BNSH-14A for sale

Beston Roller Coaster Ride BNSH-14A

Model: BNSH-14A
Rail length: 500m
Maximum rail height: 28m
A machine: 7
Capacity: 14 people
Maximum speed: 74,4 km / h
Travel time: 105 seconds
Area: 95m*56m
Power: 90kVt

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Capacity: 10 people

roller coaster attraction price
Buy roller coaster attraction price

Beston Roller Coaster Ride BHG-GSC 10

Model: BHG-GSC 10
Number of cars: 5
Footprint: 27*36m
Capacity: 10 people
General power: 8 кВт
Maximum rail height: 8m
Rail length: 280m
Maximum travel speed: 35 km / h

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How does a rollercoaster work?

The roller coaster consists of steel cables and several wagons. This equipment starts when the coaster train is pulled back from the docking station and up the first lift hill by car. After it is released, the hump train will run through the station and then the cobra roll element is introduced and then passed through the vertical loop. After climbing the second lift hill, the train is released back again through each inversion. The train slows down as it goes back and then comes to a round and full ride. The rollercoaster attraction is breathtaking, attracting fans of extreme sports and lovers of the unknown. Demand for it has remained steadily high since its inception. People are lining up to experience a few minutes of free fall again. Therefore, today every fairly large park has this attraction. It is becoming a popular option for organizing family leisure or relaxing with friends.


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