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The free fall tower attraction is the new amusement equipment in theme parks around the world. The free fall tower attraction buy in the Beston group is customizable in design, themes and heights. As a new exciting ride, the free fall tower ride has a strong attraction. First, the leaning tower ride floats high in the air, which draws more people to your seats. Secondly, the extreme free fall tower attraction and other sensations on the way are exactly what thrills are looking for. So you can choose one free fall tower ride if you want to add new rides to your theme and amusement parks.


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How does the free fall attraction work?

Like other tower rides such as attraction seventh heaven, attraction chainand frog ride for kids, the leaning tower attraction also consists of a tower or a central column. Attached to the tower is a round gondola or row of chairs. When the equipment starts, the gondola will be lifted or launched to the top of the tower by motors. And then the passengers will experience a free fall. Of course, before descending further, the gondola will rise and fall several times. Then, at a certain height, the braking systems kick in and slow down the speed of the ride to bring riders safely to the ground.


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physical sciences

When the passenger gondola of the attraction on the tower rises to the top, the passengers can feel normal. However, after they are lifted to the top, the gondola begins to fall freely. According to Newtonian physics, any object will be in free fall due to the gravity of the earth. Free fall for passengers on a rocky tower is extraordinary. For they may do nothing but fall rapidly. All they can do is hold the seats tight! With the exception of free fall and acceleration, passengers will experience deceleration when the passenger gondola is slowed down by the brakes.


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How do passengers feel on the free fall tower?

As mentioned above extreme attraction free fall can bring thrilling experience to passengers without competitors. Here I want to tell you how riders really experience the thrill ride. First of all, passengers will be lifted to the top of the tower within a few minutes. For those who have the heart of a lion, there is nothing to be afraid of. However, for those who are afraid of heights or weak hearts, they have good reason to be wary. For passengers on the gondola, they sit facing outward, their legs hanging in the air. Wow! Tip for frightened riders: don't look down or just yell. Of course, for others, they can safely enjoy the beautiful view around them high in the air.


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That's not all! Once you reach the top, get ready to free fall! Since the passenger gondola is full of rider, the gondola will fall freely on extreme speed. According to Newtonian free fall physics, the bigger the object, the faster it will fall! Get ready to scream and don't care about your images! After a few bounces, the nacelle will slowly lower due to the braking systems. Or the gondola will continue to free fall.


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In fact, there is no accurate documentation about the history leaning tower attraction, although the physics of free fall has long been known. However, as we all know, there are many tower rides all over the world. And they not only have different names, but also different heights, power systems, themes, such as the attraction the fire bird Sochi Park, the Port Aventura fall tower, the Stella attraction. At the Beston group, your free fall attraction can be customized to suit your specific needs.


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  • The leaning tower attraction is an exciting and extreme factor, even more exciting than roller coaster. Therefore, passengers should think three times, then do.
  • Small children are not allowed to ride attraction free fallbecause the impact of the attraction can be so stressful for them.
  • For those who have taken the operation, they cannot ride the fall tower.
  • People with medical conditions such as heart problems are not allowed to ride.
  • Riders who are truly afraid of heights should think carefully before they ride.

Attraction free fall tower buy from Beston group

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional quality amusement ride manufacturer in China. Thanks to the qualified certifications, Beston conducts various attractions with theme parks ranging from attractive attractions for children, popular family rides to extreme rides. And all our attractions can be customized to meet your specific needs. The free fall tower attraction buy from Beston group is made of high quality materials and equipped with advanced computer technology. All this guarantees the quality and safety of our free mobile towers. In the light of high popularity and high quality, Beston discount exit tower is a great investment for amusement and theme parks.



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