Children's Attractions Cars

Children attractions cars are of good quality, high configuration and one steering wheel. If the initial investment funds are low, you can choose this small and medium-sized children's racing track. The price is cheap and cost recovery is fast. This is a new and cute electric car ride, which is made from the shape of an animal, colorful and does not fade. Attraction children's autodrome buy from beston has the characteristics of environmental protection, corrosion resistance, novel appearance and good safety performance. Children's car rides are popular with consumers, especially teenagers, for their beautiful appearance, bright colors and high quality products. Received the praise and trust of our customers, products all over the world.

attraction children's autodrome sale
children's attraction bumper cars
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attraktsion detskiy avtodrom
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attraktsion detskiy avtodrom
detskiy autodrom kupit
detskiye attraktsiony mashinki
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Attraction children's autodrome BNBC-2A

Speed: 6-11km/h

Roominess: car/1person

Charge time: 5 hour

Time of use: 8 hour

Area: up to 300 square meters

Power: 30KW /80KW(with lighting)

CertificationsA: CE& ISO09001

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Attraction autodrome - the most interesting objects in the eyes of many children. Captivating, full of passion and fun. When they are in an amusement park, the first thing to do is find an attraction car. However, traditional electric bumper cars are not very suitable for children, they have too large volume, large body weight, high acceleration, neither safety nor comfort is suitable for children. In order to solve this problem, Beston has developed a new type of amusement ride for children, which has the following features:

  1. excellent quality
  2. Specially designed cockpit for children to ensure driving comfort and safety
  3. Correct speed and acceleration
  4. Vibration reduction design
  5. Attractive styles
  6. Shapes can be customized
  7. Low investment, high income


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