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Disco attraction or UFO attraction are extreme rides for an amusement park. Disco rides are one of the most popular attractions. Do you want to buy new attractions to attract more visitors to the park? People love these UFO rides and this is one of your best options! Production of disco rides, we are professional! Now BESTON offers a big discount program for sale! If you want to know the attractions prices, please contact us.

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Beston Attraction Disco

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Advantages: choose beston amusement ride manufacturer

  • The amusement ride manufacturer Beston has many years of experience and offers many kinds of rides for sale.
  • beston sells Flying Saucer Rides in different sizes and different types. Colors and patterns can be customized to suit your needs.
  • Quality assurance. The beston UFO attraction uses durable material. Beston has a perfect quality control system.
  • Amusement manufacturer beston has a price advantage. The price of beston disco ride is inexpensive due to its high performance.
  • This company provides pre-sales consulting services. It can help you solve the problem of when to buy a disco ride.
  • Beston provides training services. Beston will teach you and your employees how to properly use and maintain the Flying Saucer Ride.
  • The beston manufacturer provides after-sales technical service. Every amusement ride needs maintenance for long-term profit.
Attraction disco buy
Attraction disco buy

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  • – 360 degree rotation
  • – Attraction for adults
  • – Can be crafted for speed
  • – 24 seats
Disco ride design
BESTON Design - disco attraction

Attraction disco design
BESTON Attraction disco


Places Diameter Area Height Speed Power Voltage
24 27*10m 30m*14m 7.5m 2m / s 24kVt 380V

Attraction disco 24 seats. Ask for a price

Brief Description of the Disco Attraction

The disco attraction is one of the popular rides in the international market and one of the most exciting amusement rides equipment. It has six main parts: track, spinning disc, spinning stage, decoration part, device safety and electronic control box. The main parts of the disco ride are made of galvanized steel and fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) and the thickness of the fiberglass is 5-8mm. One rotating disc with 24 seats rotates on a semi-circular rail. And the seat is made of fiberglass materials, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, production safety, corrosion resistance, good stability, etc. The UFO attraction is also equipped with great lighting, wonderful music and durable painting. Thus, the “Flying Saucer” attraction is very exciting ride for kids and many teenagers, especially Beston disco attraction for sale.

Attraction disco
Attraction disco for the park

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Passenger experiences

The disco ride can go up and down suddenly as the ocean waves rise up and down. The turntable in the track can do reciprocating motion. At that time, the spinning disk will rotate automatically. When passengers sit on the drive, they feel like they are flying through the air. With the strong beat of disco music, passengers will feel like a dance note, also rotates along with the disco lighting change, so that it very interesting attraction in the amusement park. Disco ride suitable for amusement park, children's palaces, playgrounds, communities and other settlements.

spinning disk attraction disco
Rotating Disc Beston Disco Amusement

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Why choose Beston?

beston professional amusement ride manufacturer, disco supplies for sale with high qualities. And Beston disco ride has compact structure and smart appearance, which is the most popular entertainment equipment. If you are interested in buying beston rides, contact us freely to get more detailed information.

Disco attraction
Extreme Attraction Disco

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Advantage of Beston Disco Attraction Equipment:

  1. extreme attractionA: Passengers cannot control their own body and mind when they fly to disco rides.
  2. Innovative design and colorful paintings will bring more joy to passengers.
  3. High quality, environmentally friendly and low content: fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) and galvanized steel.
  4. Beston UFO attraction is popular with adults and teenagers and is widely regarded as an amusement park, fairground, indoor and outdoor playground.

Do you want to buy a disco attraction for an amusement park? Do you want to buy such an extreme attraction “Flying Saucer”? Attraction fifth element, attraction tagada, attraction seventh heaven, free fall tower attraction etc. You want to buy a disco attraction in Russia, contact us now and let's talk!


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