Attraction Dragon

The Dragon ride is one rail ride, like a small roller coaster. He looks like attraction caterpillar. It has another name: Slide dragon track train. This is a family attraction, like a train ride on rails, suitable for the whole family together. The slide dragon track train is designed in the shape of a dragon with bright color. One dragon head drags several wagons on which passengers are mounted. The entire train is powered by a drive unit, traveling on circular or elliptical rails, sometimes with a sharp rise and sometimes with a spiral descent. This is a new theme park attraction with a rail that covers large areas.


Beston attraction dragon BNFU-20A buy from china
Beston attraction dragon BNFU-20A for sale

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Dragon Attraction Design

Slide dragon track train for kids and their families is small in size but attractive in appearance to attract more people. There also exists an obvious difference between roller coasters: the tracks. Some are small roller coasters with a single track, but some are with double tracks.

Different kinds roller coaster very popular and attract many visitors to amusement park, carnival, theme park and so on. Slide dragon track train is one of the most popular little extreme rides for kids and their families. Dragon rides are marked by a modern track exchange, with colorful lights, sounds and cartoon pictures for kids. When you ride the roller coaster, it will be a fantastic, exciting, crazy experience.


Beston attraction dragon BNFU-20B buy from china
Beston attraction dragon BNFU-20B for sale

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Why choose Beston?

Beston spend a lot of energy on the production and safety of the dragon ride, we are now in the leading position in the same industry in China. If you are interested in the dragon ride to buy from Beston amusement equipment, please contact me at once, we are always ready to help you choose the most good rides For you! Welcome your inquiry and visit our factory!

Small dragon roller coaster for sale

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Advantages of our products

– Decorated with national features

– For any age

– Circular, fast descent

– With two drives


Beston attraction dragon BNFU-16B for any age
Beston attraction dragon BNFU-16B for sale

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Model Places Diameter Area Height Speed Power Voltage
BNFU-16A/B 16 20m*10m 12m*18m 2.4m setting 6kVt 380V
BNFU-20A/B 20 24m*12m 26m*14m 3.4m setting 6kVt 380V



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