Beston carousel ride prices depend on your choice and needs. For example, the specific model you have chosen, any additional or custom configurations. First and foremost, we will recommend a more suitable carousel ride model for you, so that you can choose according to your actual situation, specific requirements and budget range. Now, please share your requirements with us, and we will provide you with a quotation list in time.
Beston sells many kinds of carousels. Please see the following categories for details.

  1. According to the driving method, it can be divided into: geared and tire.
  2. According to the number of layers, it can be divided into: single-layer and double-layer.
  3. According to the number of seats, it can be divided into: 16-seat, 24-seat, 36-seat, 46-seat, 68-seat, etc.
  4. According to the theme, it can be divided into: luxury theme, romantic theme, wedding theme, marine theme, animal theme, European theme, retro theme and so on.

Under normal circumstances, the voltage of the carousel attraction is 380V/220V for choice. The specific situation needs to be discussed in detail with the sales manager according to your needs.
Different models of carousel rides have different power. Beston carousel power: 3,5kw, 4kw, 5,5kw, 8kw, 9,5kw, 18kw, etc.
The main material of the carousel main body is fiberglass and steel structure. Other metal parts are electric/hydraulic motors, gears, bearings, crankshafts, etc. made from brass bushings. If you want to know more, please contact us and our sales manager will provide you with detailed information.
Production time depends on the model and type of product. First, we will agree with you the size of your land and how many seats you need for the carousel attraction. Only in this way can we calculate a relatively accurate production time. For example, we have 16 people, 24 people, 36 people, 68 people and other different carousel rides, and each production period is different. Under normal circumstances, 16 people, 24 people, product delivery time is about 20 business days.

  1. The "motor gear drive" has a precise design, but has better overall performance. However, if you have a permanent location and a large age, we recommend that you choose "Motor Geared Drive" ride carousel.
  2. "Motor-tire drive" is simple in design and more cost-effective. If the location of your business is not fixed, and your budget is not enough, choose the Motor Tire Drive horse carousel ride model.
  3. Both types of carousel rides can have a long service life if the carousel ride is properly maintained.

Beston uses the "high-tech, high-quality, strict requirements" standard to produce the carousel, so there is almost no noise. As for the question of whether there is noise when the carousel is running, we can analyze it by the carousel with different transmission structures. The amusement park carousel is divided into two transmission structures: "up" and "down".

  1. The children's attraction carousel of the top drive is absolutely silent during the work. His running forward, backward, up and down in four directions. And its transmission structure is at the top, which is convenient for maintenance.
  2. Relatively speaking, a carousel attraction with a bottom drive can only move “up” and “down”, but not “forward” and “backward”. But still there is very little noise.

Does the carousel ride spin clockwise better? Or is it better to rotate counterclockwise? The answer is determined by the habits and preferences of the locals. Generally speaking, investors choose more carousel rides that rotate clockwise. Carousel Beston attraction factory set for clockwise rotation (except for some devices). Of course, if you have special requirements, please contact our sales team to provide detailed instructions before customization.
The height of the up and down movement when riding a carousel is related to the experience of the passenger. For example, if the height is too high, it will cause passengers to feel insecure and fearful. But if the height is too low, it will make passengers feel very bored. After research and research, the working height of the product is 12-15cm, and the passengers get the best experience. Therefore, the working height of our carousel rides is between 12cm and 15cm.
Of course! Beston carousel consoles are available with SD memory cards. You can find out what kind of music your passengers like by doing research. Then you can use the SD card to download the most popular local music. Finally, you can turn on this dynamic and beautiful music to attract tourists, make them linger, or even ride your horse carousel again.
This is a question many investors want to ask. We are here to answer this question for you: Beston carousel ride speed is adjustable, and the exact speed is up to you.

  1. The first thing we want to tell you is that the rotation speed of the Beston carousel ride is controlled by the motherboard program in the console. Thus, you can set the desired speed on the console.
  2. We understand that different people have different needs for product speed. For example, a children's carousel ride with horses at a slower speed is more suitable for children than for adults to ensure the safety and comfort of children.
  3. For various types of attractions carousels and your needs, our professional sales manager will recommend a more suitable mode for you. Start your free consultation right now.

Of course. Firstly, Beston carousel has many colors to choose from. You can choose the style you like. Second, highlighting each horse carousel attraction controlled by the motherboard software. That is, the operator can set the multi-colored changing lighting effect, or adjust it to European warm yellow light effect, blue romantic atmosphere light effect or white palace atmosphere light effect, etc.

Yes, many aspects of Beston carousel ride designs can be easily customized. Beston Amusement Rides The manufacturer can reproduce the design requests from the customer. You can also choose a ready-made carousel attraction. However, such a setting is also possible. Even in this case, it is possible to change some details in accordance with your wishes.
If you choose our carousel rides, you can contact us for a custom design. However, painting that goes beyond the usual process requires additional costs. If you need to change the appearance and structure of our products, this will become a complete machine customization, you can contact our customer service staff to ask for a price.

  1. Contact Beston via message on website, phone, whatsapp, etc.
  2. Tell us your needs and ideas for your customized carousel ride to Beston amusement ride manufacturer.
  3. Beston will arrange a design team to start developing your exclusive personalized carousel after receiving your approval.
  4. Satisfied with 2D, 3D and other drawings, Beston selects high quality materials and starts production.
  5. In the production of the carousel, we can also provide you with a customized design.
  6. All components installed, assembled and tested.
  7. The final painting and decorations have also been done and shipping can be arranged.
  8. Of course, during the above process, we will constantly provide you with information about the production process through a special service center.
  9. At the end you will be able to see your exclusive carousel attraction.

No problem, we accept color customization. And make a design for you after confirming your needs. If non-standard color, you need to make a deposit of 500 USD as the reservation amount in advance. But it is worth noting that after you receive your order, we will save you $500. Generally, our custom colors are designed for you free of charge if we can work together well.
We can customize spray paint carousels according to your requirements. But if we need to change the mold, we need to see if there are pre-made FRP molds. Anyway, you can customize the look and feel at no extra cost. If not, you need to increase the cost of making new molds. There are many styles of animal figures for our carousel, and we can send pictures and videos for you to choose from.
First, we have carousels with different number of seats to choose from: 16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats, 46 seats, 68 seats, and so on. Secondly, we can also change the shape of the seat for you according to your needs to meet your requirements for changing the total number of seats.
Yes. Beston carousel ride has a variety of colors to choose from. You can choose the style you like. Secondly, the operator can set the effect of multi-colored changing lighting. Finally, we will also customize the lighting for you according to your needs.

  • The warranty for Beston carousel ride is 12 months.
  • If there is any damage caused by human behavior within one year, we can send spare parts to you for free. If there are any quality problems, we will be responsible to send spare parts free of charge and tell you how to replace them.
  • Even if it exceeds the warranty period, we will sell spare parts at factory price to fully protect the rights and interests of customers.
  • Our after-sales engineers will reply within 5 hours after receiving your feedback and provide you with solutions within 24 hours. Our after-sales technical support can serve you for life free of charge.
  • Now our family ride carousel has been sold to more than 20 countries, no problem, please trust BESTON.

After you purchase our products, we will prepare a foundation map, installation instructions and product manuals, and other information (electronic files) for you before delivery. In order to avoid the risk of technology theft, we do not provide specific design and construction drawings of the carousel, please forgive me.
After you purchase our products, we will prepare a foundation map, installation instructions and product manuals, and other information (electronic files) for you before delivery. To avoid the risk of equipment theft, we do not provide drawings of the specific design of the carousel, please forgive me.
We have designed different styles of carousel rides for different scenes. Generally speaking, you can choose styles that appeal to local tourists according to the cultural characteristics of the place, or you can pick them up according to the characteristics of the place where you work. You can also consult our customer service staff to assist you with your selection.
You can choose according to the flow of people in the place where you invest and work. If your investment and operation site is fixed, the traffic is large, and the operating time is long, it is recommended to choose a carousel attraction with a large number of booths. This ensures that you get higher returns during your day to day operations or peak periods and vice versa.

First of all, Beston will provide you with the detailed installation information of the carousel ride. We can send an installation team to your country to help you. We can also recommend a reliable local installation team. This quickly saves money and helps investors.
Beston provides installation instructions and a list of installation tools. Perfect installation documentation can help investors achieve a hassle-free installation in the shortest possible time. However, due to the high requirements of the double-layer carousel, it is necessary to lay the foundation.
For the double layer carousel attraction that needs a foundation, we can provide you with the product foundation installation diagram after you place an order if you need it.
This is usually possible. Of course, this ultimately depends on the height of your investment site. If you want to place a baby carousel inside your house if your house height is low. We suggest that you remove the tip of the carousel umbrella so that it can be placed indoors at a height of about three meters.
Of course, if you need it, we can also send professional engineers to the region to install it for you. Check it out here: Beston engineers go to overseas sites for installation.

  • Beston carousel ride time can be set. Our factory default setting is 5 minutes/time, but this is not a fixed value.
  • During periods of low traffic, you can increase the operating time of the device alone. Or give the playing passengers another experience to reach the goal of attracting other tourists.
  • When there is a lot of traffic, you can set a shorter time to get more income.

We have considered ease of use and maintenance when designing the carousel, so you don't have to worry too much. It may be unfamiliar to you when you use it for the first time. Before use, please read the product manual carefully before operating and maintaining it.
These are usually simple details such as lights and doorknobs. But don't panic, we will provide you with a free replacement if the expiration date has passed. If the warranty period has passed, we can also provide you with original parts at the factory price.
What age is it suitable for children's attraction carousel? What is the minimum height of a child? This is also a concern for most parents and children.
Answer: The general age is about a year, children over 70 cm tall can ride accompanied by adults.
No, the carousel ride can be called a relatively safe entertainment equipment. First, the classic carousel ride runs smoothly. The large plate rests on a swivel bearing to realize rotation. Horses rely on an electric motor to drive a crankshaft. Last but not least, the carousel's failure rate is almost 0 percent.


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