Attraction Catapult

Attraction catapult (second name - slingshot attraction, capsule attraction) - an extreme attraction. Just from this name, you can imagine how exciting and extreme the attraction is. Passengers can be airborne from the ground within seconds. In addition, the catapult ride is called one of the most exciting vertical rides around the world. Therefore, if you want to buy a catapult ride for the theme and amusement parks, the catapult ride for sale in Beston is your ideal choice. All consultations are free.

Attraction catapult buy
Attraction catapult buy from Beston


РўРёРї монтР° жР° Number of seats Tower pillar height Lifting height Power Area Life time
with foundation, fixed 2 24 meters 32 meters 15kVt 15m x 25m 8 years
without foundation, movable 2 28 meters 36 meters 16kVt 15m x 28m 9 years
Catapult attraction buy price
Catapult attraction buy price

Slingshot attraction buy price
Slingshot attraction buy price

Attraction Catapult buy for investment

The catapult amusement ride is our company's best-selling amusement ride, its cabin looks like a gyroscope ride. The secret of its success is due to the fact that it is easy to set up and down. It doesn't cost much and doesn't take up too much space when installed, but it gives the very immersive feel for riders that most people are looking for. Catapult attraction buy from Beston, it consists of two steel towers with a bandage cord connected to each tower. If you are looking for a slingshot attraction, you should consider buying extreme rides at Beston. Beston has many kinds of amusement rides, you can easily choose the amusement park ride that best suits your needs. A catapult ride is a great investment in your park and people are likely to enjoy it over and over again.

Attraction catapult to buy for an amusement park
Attraction catapult to buy for an amusement park

Slingshot attraction to buy for a picturesque place
Slingshot attraction to buy for a picturesque place

Attraction capsule buy for the square
Attraction capsule buy for the square

Lighting Design

Entertainment equipment lighting can let visitors feel the excitement and enjoyment of the product better. At the same time, it can also enhance the attractiveness and aesthetics of entertainment venues. Next, let's describe in detail the advantages of the lights of this catapult attraction.

Amusement lighting design catapult
Amusement lighting design catapult

Creative design

The slingshot ride uses glowing RGB LED lighting, which can create colorful and changing effects, making visitors feel like they are in a dream world. This makes tourists feel like they are playing in nature, which increases the fun and interactivity of the rides.

Energy saving

Extreme attraction catapult lighting must have the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. It not only has a long service life, high brightness, bright colors, but also can save energy and reduce consumption, thus reducing environmental pollution.


Different clients have different needs. Choose different colors and brightness of light according to the occasion to meet different lighting needs. Various lighting modes can be freely selected according to the preferences of tourists to provide tourists with a more personalized experience.

Attraction catapult buy from Beston

Quality materials

Beston catapult attraction is a Chinese amusement ride, made of high quality and environmentally friendly materials - glass steel.


At the same time, we must also guarantee the quality of the entertainment equipment. Our company uses the most advanced technology in China.

Worldwide sales

Our slingshot amusement park ride has spread to many countries in the world, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and so on.

buy a slingshot attraction
Attraction catapult buy from China

attraction catapult buy price
beston amusement ride catapult sale

attraction slingshot price
Attraction slingshot sale

Do you want to know the catapult attraction to buy the price? Sorry, I don't know your needs, don't know what height and size you need, can't quote catapult ride price for you directly. If you want to know the detailed price of the slingshot attraction price, please click the button below to contact us. Our business manager will reply you at the first time and respond to your exact plan and quote according to your needs and customization.

Why choose Beston amusement ride manufacturer?

What affects the price

The factors that affect the price are cost, performance and margin. The larger the scale of production, the lower the price for the purchase of raw materials. Productivity is related to mechanization and the number of employees.

Factory direct sales

Without intermediaries, factory price. We do not need intermediaries, our company is a combination of manufacturers and suppliers. Thus, we have saved you the cost of an intermediary. Therefore, you can buy our product at factory prices.

Slingshot attraction sold all over the world
Slingshot attraction sold all over the world

High tech

Beston uses high-tech production technology and has a lot of automated production equipment. Therefore, the work efficiency is high and the cost is saved.

Low shipping cost

Finally, our company has low transportation costs. Our partnership with international transport companies can be offered at the best shipping rates. save a lot for you.

global branch

BESTON has established a branch all over the world and provides you with technical support. So we can solve the problem in time. Therefore, you save a lot of service fees.

Choose Beston amusement ride manufacturer mainly depends on price, quality and service. Want to know more? Want to know more? Wanna know attraction price? Now contact us. We provide free consulting services and quotation lists.

About the attraction "slingshot"

Slingshot attraction is another name for this attraction. Whether you want to buy a slingshot ride or a catapult ride, choosing us will be your choice without regret. If your park has a capsule attraction, it should be the most attractive for tourists. Its height allows people to see it from afar, and its degree of stimulation makes visitors want to try it. So, buy an attraction for the parkwill bring you the most profit. Still indecisive? Contact us now and order playground equipment, you can enjoy 10% discount. Read more introduction - catapult attraction buy at Beston.

  • Catapult ride buy from Beston consists of two steel towers, double-sided open capsule, steel cables, bungee-style cables, control system and power system.
  • For steel towers, they are unequal in diameter and can be 24 m or 28 m. Instead of standing straight, two steel posts form 70 degrees plus angles with the ground, and two towers form an inverted shape. And to ensure the stability of the two towers, they are held by steel cables to the ground, forming a stable triangle shape.
Attraction slingshot price
Buy attraction slingshot price

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  • In addition, the two poles are 12 meters apart to ensure that the passenger capsule can be thrown back and forth into the air without obstruction. Moreover, each tower has lighting conductors.
  • For the bungee cord, it is connected to each tower, and at the same time they are attached to the open capsule with two people. It is this bungee cord that makes movement up and down the capsule possible. The other ends of the cords are attached to a steel trolley that holds 2 riders. The car is pulled to the ground where the riders pay.
  • When the car is released from the loading station, bungee cords are activated, sending riders into a 200-foot high-speed vertical launch at 60 mph.
  • This road model consists of two telescopic columns mounted on a semi-trailer and a two-seat articulated vehicle connected to the tops of the columns with two elastic ropes.

Collaborative process

  1. Decide what equipment and project type suits your own investment needs.
  2. Determine a suitable location for the project and provide the company with detailed CAD drawings or building plans.
  3. Both parties fully communicate and define the plan, calculate and determine the price of the equipment.
  4. Draw up and sign a contract.
  5. The company's technicians come to install the equipment.
  6. Equipment commissioning, acceptance (as reception on site, signature confirmation), delivery.
  7. Maintain close contact after the sale. And pay attention to the after-sales service problems of the product.

The above is the main process of cooperation. You have questions?

Catapult attraction
Attraction slingshot

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How do you think about it? If you want to buy a catapult ride, please contact us. As you know, Beston is a good choice. Trust us, we will be the best partner. If you still have questions, let us know by following the comments below and we will provide the appropriate answers. I'll tell you a secret! Now our company has launched a limited-time offer. If you are lucky, you may get more free prizes.


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