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Buying a 50m Ferris wheel for the park is a wise choice. The beautiful Ferris wheel ride brings long-term profit to the amusement park and increases its fame. And the ferris wheel can also attract tourists from all over the world. Our company provides high quality ferris wheel at an inexpensive price. Size, colors, patterns and booths can be customized to suit your needs. If you want to know more and Ferris wheel to buyplease contact us! We are always at your service!

Ferris wheel 50m sale

Beston Ferris Wheel BPZ-M50

– Model: BPZ-M50
- Height: 49,8m
– Number of cabins: 32
– Seats of each booth: 4
– Diameter: 45,15m
– Capacity: 128
- Square: 35*32m
– Power: 18kVt
- Voltage: 380V

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Ferris wheel 50m buy

Do you want to buy a 50m ferris wheel attraction?                                     Check rates

Customers from Pakistan bought our ferris wheel.

  • Clients from Pakistan wanted to build an indoor amusement park for children. Customers expressed their needs by leaving a message on our website.
  • After receiving the customer's information, we responded immediately. Then we have professional staff to explain to him.
  • He thoroughly understood our rides and their prices. As a result, we reached a consensus and signed a mutually beneficial and win-win agreement. 
  • As a large international company, we are responsible to all of our customers. In addition to the sale, we are also responsible for the installation and after sale of attractions. Therefore, we sent professionals to help customers build a Ferris wheel in the park.

Now, Beston 50m ferris wheel in an amusement park, Pakistan.

Do you want to buy a 50m ferris wheel attraction?                                     Check rates

Booths entertainment attraction Ferris wheel different to meet different needs. And with the development of technology, the types of booths are becoming more and more. 


  • Form. Cabin shapes are different. Different forms are suitable for different topics. BESTON provides different types of ferris wheel booths. You can choose as you wish.
  • Colors. To meet different needs, colors and patterns are different. You can choose the colors you want. BESTON can customize colors and patterns according to your needs.
  • Capacity. Cabin sizes are also different. Usually 4-6 people can sit in each booth. You can choose the suitable capacity as required.
Ferris wheel 42 meters sale

Do you want to buy a 50m ferris wheel attraction?                                     Check rates

When you buy a Ferris wheel, you need to choose the right amusement ride manufacturer. Because the ferris wheel ride is a type of large ride and needs good security, so not every manufacturer can produce. Qualified manufacturers can produce amusement rides with quality assurance.


Beston ferris wheel is a good choice. beston ferris wheel attraction for sale from China. Beston company has full certificate. Beston The company is a reliable manufacturer recognized in the country.


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