Attraction pendulum buy

Attraction Pendulum

Extreme attraction Pendulum is a colorful and exciting entertainment for both children and adults. Pendulum carousel attraction in entertainment centers and children's play centers - these are only the most fantastic moments for children and adults. Usually the attraction of the fifth element pays off very quickly and never goes out of fashion.

Attraction pendulum to buy for an amusement park

Attraction Pendulum for Sale

  • Beston Attraction pendulum meets all international standards.
  • The themed pendulum attraction can be customized according to your requirements.
  • High-quality design, convenience and simplicity in management and operation, stability of a design, safety of use.
  • Beston amusement attraction pendulum is a great option for shopping malls, game centers, recreation areas, city parks, squares, etc.

Do you want to know to buy an attraction pendulum price? By calling the Beston company manager, you can buy a frisbee attraction.

individual settings

Please tell us your specific requirements,We strive to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Individual design

Beston offers the possibility of customizing the Pendulum attraction according to the needs and requirements of the customer. You can choose additional options such as additional lighting, sound effects and themed decorations to make your attraction even more unique and attractive.

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Attraction pendulum with multi-colored illumination
Attraction fifth element with color illumination
Attraktsion mayatnik s raznotsvetnoy podsvetkoy
Attraktsion pyatyy element s tsvetnoy podsvetkoy
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special design

Pendulum Attraction buy from Beston has an attractive and modern design that attracts the attention of visitors. Additional visual impact elements such as bright lights and interesting color schemes create an immersive atmosphere and enhance the attraction.

Variety of models and configurations

Beston offers a wide range of Pendulum models and configurations. You can choose the most suitable model, taking into account the features of your installation site, budget and requirements. Do you want to know how to buy an attraction pendulum price for an amusement park? You can pre-order or buy the 5th element straight from Beston's warehouse.
Big attraction pendulum of different colors
Big attraction pendulum of different colors
Design Attraction pendulum in different colors
Design Attraction pendulum in different colors

Attraction pendulum design
Attraction “fifth element” design

Attraction "pendulum" design
Attraction "pendulum" design

Suitable places to install the attraction Pendulum

The pendulum attraction is suitable for various places and environments.
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Attraction big pendulum in the amusement park
Attraction pendulum in the city park
Pendulum attraction in tourist attractions
Attraktsion bol'shoy mayatnik v parke razvlecheniy
Attraktsion mayatnik v city park
Mayatnik attraktsionov v dostoprimechatel'nostyakh
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First of all, it fits perfectly into amusement parks. Attraction fifth element can be installed in various places, including theme parks, amusement parks, fairs, shopping malls and other popular leisure places. In addition, the pendulum attraction is suitable for theme parks, entertainment complexes and resorts. It can become the hallmark of these places and provide visitors with a unique entertainment experience. This gives the owners the opportunity to choose the best place to install the attraction and attract more visitors.

Attraction Pendulum for visitors of all ages

Pendulum Attraction is an exciting and unforgettable experience for visitors to entertainment places. It has many advantages that highlight its appeal to visitors of all ages.
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Attraction big pendulum sale
Attraction pendulum for children
Attraktsion bol'shoy mayatnik prodazha
Attraktsion mayatnik dlya children
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Beston's 5 Element Ride provides an amazing experience that will delight visitors of all ages. The exciting and exciting features of the Pendulum attract visitors of all ages, from adventurous youth to families who want to spend time together. Beston sells big and children's attraction pendulum at affordable prices. Do you want to buy a pendulum attraction for business?

Security guaranteed

Safety first is our responsibility! Therefore, the frisbee ride sold by Beston is of high quality and can ensure the safety of all passengers, which is widely recognized by customers all over the world.
Certificates for the carousel attraction
Certificates for pendulum attraction

Standards and Mechanisms

Beston's large pendulum attraction is equipped with a reliable motion control system and safety mechanisms to ensure the safety of visitors during the ride. Beston takes safety seriously and complies with all relevant regulations and requirements. Beston UFO attraction is designed to meet the highest safety standards. beston like reliable manufacturer of attractions, has the experience and competence in creating high quality Pendulum rides.
high quality pendulum attraction
high quality pendulum attraction

Quality and Reliability

Beston pendulum attraction is manufactured using advanced technology and high quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability in operation. Sturdy support and a secure seat provide stability and safety for visitors. They can enjoy the exciting experience without worrying about their safety. Beston Amusement Rides, one factory specializes in producing amusement pendulum made of fiberglass (also called FRP) and stainless steel.
Factory test pendulum attraction
Factory test pendulum attraction

Rigorous testing

Beston pendulum rides go through strict quality control and testing to ensure their safety and durability. Beston uses only the most reliable materials and advanced technology in the manufacturing process. The company also provides a warranty for their products, which confirms their confidence in their products. Beston is known for its reputation as a manufacturer of high quality rides. By choosing Beston Pendulum attraction, you can be sure of its advantages, quality and reliability.

beston quality service

Beston provides professional support and service to its customers.

Professional support and service

Beston provides professional support and service to its customers. A team of experts will help you choose the best pendulum attraction for your business. Beston offers pendulum rides that are not only aesthetic, safe, but also easy to operate and maintain. Manufacturer Beston provides instructions for installation, operation and maintenance. Provide technical support during installation and train staff to operate the attraction. In addition, Beston offers a warranty for its rides, and can also provide service and spare parts to ensure that the rides run smoothly.

Maintenance Process

Why are our children's carousels becoming more and more popular? Here is your answer!

Pre-sales service

  • Learn more about customer needs and provide product configuration solutions.
  • Invite customers to visit the production site or factory area and explain the whole process.
  • Implement the necessary support according to customer needs.
  • For the Park project, provide the overall 3D design and promotional animation of the park.

Sales service

  • Immediately after signing the contract, the factory produces attractions.
  • Provide customers with information about the progress of product production in the workshop in a timely manner.
  • According to the needs of customers, invite customers to visit the factory for inspection before delivery.
  • The whole process of monitoring transport links to ensure safety and timeliness.
  • Contact the customer in advance for site preparation and installation.

After-sales service

  • One year warranty and free accessories.
  • Equipped with dedicated after-sales service engineers to keep communication efficient.
  • Continue to provide clients with professional training and develop subsequent professionals.
  • Regularly check the customer's site to know the status of the equipment and solve all customer problems in time.

Profitability and return on investment

Beston's Pendulum Ride can be a profitable investment solution for entertainment businesses and amusement parks.
Invest in a pendulum attraction
Invest in an amusement park pendulum attraction
The pendulum attraction attracts many visitors and is able to generate a high income stream. Due to its attractiveness and uniqueness, the Pendulum attraction can provide a quick return on investment and long-term profitability. Buy Pendulum Ride from Beston combines attractive design, high quality, safety and amazing visitor experience. It is a profitable investment for entertainment businesses and has the flexibility to choose venues. With the reliability and support of Beston, Pendulum will be a great addition to your entertainment business.

Buy Attraction Pendulum Price

The price of the attraction Pendulum can be individual for each order, so it is better to contact the manufacturer for exact information about the cost and additional services.
Buy Attraction Pendulum Price
Buy attraction pendulum price

The price of the Pendulum attraction may vary depending on several factors, including model, size, configuration and additional features.

Attraction fifth element buy from China
Attraction fifth element buy from China

It is also worth considering that in addition to the cost of the attraction itself, there may be additional costs, such as delivery, installation and service.

To get the exact price of the attraction Pendulum, it is recommended to contact Beston representatives. Discuss all the details and conditions with Beston representatives to get full information about the price and possible additional costs. They will be able to provide you with detailed information about prices, available models and additional services. You can contact them through their official website or the contact details provided on the website.

How to Buy a Pendulum Attraction?

If you are interested in buying a pendulum amusement ride, Beston is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of such amusement rides. To buy a pendulum attraction, you should take the following steps:

Research and planning

Determine your needs and budget for purchasing the Pendulum attraction. Explore the various models and configurations offered by Beston and determine which option best suits your needs and installation location.

Contact with the manufacturer

Contact Beston through their official website or the contact details provided on their website. Please contact the company representatives to learn more about the purchase process, available models, prices and delivery times.

Consultation and agreement

Discuss your requirements and wishes with Beston representatives. Get advice on selecting the best Pendulum for your installation site. Specify all the details of the purchase, including warranty, service and delivery terms.


After agreeing on all the details, place an order for the purchase of the attraction Pendulum. Please contact Beston for the necessary forms and information to complete your purchase.

Delivery and installation

Beston will deliver the Pendulum ride to your installation site. Professional installation and installation may be required, which can also be provided by Beston.
It is important to note that the purchase process may vary depending on specific conditions and requirements. Please read Beston's terms and sales policy carefully before placing an order for the Fifth Element Ride. Beston, a trusted amusement ride manufacturer, offers a variety of Pendulum rides to suit different budgets and customer needs. When contacting Beston, please clarify all your requirements and needs in order to receive an individual offer and accurate price information.

Emotional and immersive experience

The pendulum attraction is an attraction that offers visitors exciting and emotional moments.
Extreme attraction fifth element buy
Extreme attraction fifth element buy
Extreme attraction fifth element
Extreme attraction fifth element

Extreme attraction fifth element
Extreme attraction 5th element

With a wide range of swings, the Pendulum provides visitors with the opportunity to experience a unique experience. When visitors sit in the seat and begin to swing under the influence of gravity, they feel excitement and freedom. The flying saucer attraction offers a mixture of adrenaline and fun, creating an unforgettable experience for visitors. Buying a Beston Pendulum is a guarantee of meeting the needs and expectations of visitors, and the confidence in getting unforgettable emotions from this exciting entertainment.

Other Attractions

We insist on the interests of our customers and sell everything types of attractions.
In addition to the pendulum attraction, BESTON also provides many other types of attractions, such as amusement rides. chain carousel, bumper car ride, ferris wheel ride, train ride, kids maze ride, etc. Want to know more? Contact us!


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