Attraction Lightning McQueen

The attraction lightning makvin (mcqueen) has other names: lightning makvin carousel, children's carousel makvin. The lightning mcqueen ride is widely seen in amusement park, shopping mall, amusement park and outdoor area. Beston lightning makvin for sale from China will be the best choice for your investment.

beston ride lightning makvin factory

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Beston attraction lightning makvin buy

Lightning McQueen ride is one rail ride designed in the form of a car with bright colors such as yellow, red. The Lightning McQueen carousel belongs to a family attraction that will turn and turn on the rail. It is mainly composed of steel rail and mini car. And the car has a large passenger cabin and can accommodate more people. However, with Beston's unique design, it can move very stably and reliably.

mini flying car attraction
mini flying car attraction

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Passenger experiences

Passengers on the rocking car can enjoy happiness. The lightning makvin carousel has a friction wheel and can swing from side to side, along the track shaped in a concave arc, rocking back and forth. At that time the whole car rotates around its center. Adults and children can enjoy this attraction, and the mini car is around in a circular motion and simulates driving on the erratic sea!

Flying car attraction
Flying car attraction for kids

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Advantages of our products

  1. Stainless steel and colorful FRP materials, high quality and safety.
  2. Lots of colorful LED lights, which are energy efficient products and bring more joy to children.
  3. Vibrant design with bright color and you can choose the color you want.
  4. The maximum thickness of fiberglass is six layers, which ensure the safety and operational life of the equipment.
Children's carousel makvin price
Children's carousel makvin price

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We have many customers who have established long-term relationships with BESTON - a special amusement ride manufacturer and entertainment equipment. If you are interested in our products for sale or other equipment for your amusement park, please feel free to contact us.

Attraction lightning makvin buy
Attraction lightning makvin for the park

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Attraction lightning mcqueen sale

Children's carousel makvin
Children's carousel makvin

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– Suitable for outdoor or indoor use

– 360 degree self-rotation during use

– Color can be changed

– U-shaped path/Wavy

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beston lightning makvin ride for sale


Attraction lightning makvin price
Attraction lightning makvin price

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lightning makvin carousel
Lightning makvin carousel from China

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attraction lightning makvin
attraction lightning makvin

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Other special styles

Children's carousel makvin "Pirate Ship"
Children's carousel makvin “Pirate Ship”

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Children's carousel makvin "airplane"
Children's carousel makvin “airplane” buy

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BESTON Attraction Lightning Makvin was sent to Russia

Recently, buyers from St. Petersburg purchased our Lightning Makvin Attraction for practice. After we signed the contract, we quickly manufactured, loaded and shipped to St. Petersburg.

Please rest assured! We load our products in the safest way possible! We guarantee the excellence of our products. We provide our customers with excellent service!


product Packaging
Packing – Attraction lightning makvin

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Product download
Loading – Beston attraction lightning makvin

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Product shipment
Shipment – ​​Attraction Lightning Makvin



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