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Short description

Orbit ride is an amusement ride that is one of the most popular and exciting rides. She has other names: Attraction paratrupper, Attraction Chamomile,  Attraction Bell, Carousel Orbita. Attraction carousel orbit, rotational attraction of an inclined shaft type. Visitors sit on seats, with an inclined rotational movement, then slowly rise into the air, then smoothly descend in a spiral. How easy it is to walk in an enchanting garden.

Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-28A buy from China
Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-28A for sale

Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-28A

– Model: BNDF-28A
– Places: 28
– Cabins: 14
– Diameter: 12m
- Height: 9m
- Speed: 1,5 m / s
– Power: 18,5kVt
- Voltage: 220V/380V

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The paratrooper attraction is one of the big rides, it tilts and rotates with the help of the upper rotational large disk. Its automatic movement, fast steering, like a bird glides freely in the air. So that visitors feel the stimulation of traveling in the sky. Wash away troubles without feeling tired. Under the cover of night, flickering illuminations, people are in a better mood for walking.

Attraction orbit
Attraction orbit buy

Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-24A

– Model: BNDF-24A
– Places: 24
– Cabins: 12
– Diameter: 10m
- Height: 8m
- Speed: 1,5 m / s
– Power: 16kVt
- Voltage: 220V/380V

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Orbit attraction design

The orbit carousel attraction of Beston companies looks like a huge flower, has an original molding, impressive appearance, bright colors, sound and light effects. Personally try only you can experience this endless pleasure. At the same time, this is one tool that trains and educates teenagers for courage and perseverance. It is an organic fusion of entertainment and science, suitable for various parks, amusement parks and other places of entertainment.

Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-24B buy from China
Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-24B for sale

Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-24B

– Model: BNDF-24B
– Places: 24
– Cabins: 12
– Diameter: 10m
- Height: 8m
- Speed: 1,5 m / s
– Power: 22kVt
- Voltage: 380V

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The attraction orbit of our company has the advantage

Attraction paratrupper carousel, traditional carousel for children and adults. Everyone knows that everything children attractions enjoy aiming to bring all children a happy childhood. And Attraction carousel a new type of orbit is not ruled out. Unlike other, normal types of amusement rides, bring kids into an unforgettable and interesting experience. Better able to satisfy children's curiosity.

Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-16A buy from China
Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-16A for sale

Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-16A

– Model: BNDF-16A
– Places: 16
– Cabins: 8
– Diameter: 8m
- Height: 6m
- Speed: 1,5 m / s
– Power: 10kVt
- Voltage: 220V/380V

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Popular attraction "Orbita" in the park

Extremist attraction "Orbita" is a favorite attraction of the townspeople! Riding on this carousel is especially exciting: the rotation of the double passenger seats is accompanied by their simultaneous lifting and lowering.

One of the high-speed and extreme attractions, it rises at an angle of exactly 45 degrees. This movement is provided by an arrow that changes the angle of inclination up to 45 degrees using telescopic hydraulic cylinders.

Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-16B buy from China
Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-16B for sale

Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-16B

– Model: BNDF-16B
– Places: 16
– Cabins: 8
– Diameter: 8m
- Height: 6m
- Speed: 1,5 m / s
– Power: 10kVt
- Voltage: 220V/380V

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You sit in a comfortable seat and in seconds you find yourself in a swift whirlwind that takes you up and down. Having settled comfortably in the cockpit, after a while you can experience a flying feeling, everything around quickly moves up and down: the earth, the sky, the park, etc.

Finally, it is worth noting that only children over 8 years of age are allowed to ride alone. Of course, parents and children can ride together. it family attraction It is very popular.

beston orbit ride for sale

  • Purely electric, no pollution and no harmful emissions.
  • The car body is exquisitely crafted from high quality glass steel.
  • All products made of glass fiber reinforced plastic automotive non-dusting paint.
  • The polish is smooth, delicate, bright in color, long lasting and not easy to tarnish, which can bring long-term benefits.
  • Park ridesproduced in large large factories are durable, have a low failure rate and easy maintenance.
  • Orbit ride is packed with bubble plastic film and non-woven fabric, and then hard-packed in a container to prevent the product from being scratched during transportation.
  • Excellent after-sales service, well received by domestic and foreign customers.
Attraction paratrooper
Attraction orbit - cabins

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Why choose Beston?

As for Beston, a special designer and amusement ride manufacturerWe have developed many amusement rides which are popular with customers all over the world. Our Attraction paratrooper has many advantages as follows:

  1. With competitive price-quality ratio and comprehensive after-sales service, Beston enjoys a high reputation and strong influence in the international market.
  2. Easy to operate and install for the park worker.
  3. Safe enough for children and durable with its quality and reasonable structure.
  4. Various shapes and designs, attractive to children.
  5. Accept non-serial order. Everyone who wants book rides, can contact us for details.

If you would like to buy an orbit ride, please contact us. We will be glad to be at your service!

Orbit attraction
Orbit attraction park

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Pre-sales service

According to the needs of customers, choose the right size, configuration and shape.

If customers have special requirements, various new molds can be designed.

Sales Service

After the buyer buys the orbit ride from Beston, we start signing the sales contract, and the contract comes into force immediately after signing.

After-sales service

The warranty period for the product is one year. After one year, after-sales costs for accessories and labor will be charged.

Our company's after-sales service staff will solve difficult problems for you in a timely manner, and provide customers with technical guidance in a timely manner after receiving customer information.

We have opened a service center. We will visit customers regularly every year and formulate attractions based on customer needs and opinions.

Attraction "Bell"
Attraction "Bell" for children

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Questions & Answers

Can the safety of passengers be guaranteed?

The cockpit has safety rails so passengers can rest assured.

What material is the orbit attraction made of?

The main material is steel, while the trim and cab are made of fiberglass.

How are goods usually transported?

We provide various transportation methods. Customers can choose according to their needs.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Customers order the required number of rides according to their needs.


You can buy an orbit attraction from BESTON manufacturers. Want to buy rides from China? Still looking for reliable amusement ride manufacturers in China? Please get in touch with us. Now our company has launched a limited-time offer. If you are lucky, you may get more free prizes.


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