Attraction locomotive on wheels

The train ride on wheels, which we usually call the trackless train, the train ride is trackless and trackless train. It is amusement park amusement equipment with traffic function. We have various types of trackless trains, such as diesel engine train, battery powered train, thomas train trackless train ride, kids shopping mall train ride, electric train ride and tracked train ride.

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BESTON Attraction locomotive trackless

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Cabins off-road trip are made of thin fiberglass reinforced plastic, solid wood or sheet iron, and the trackless train ride spray paint is a special car paint that makes the trackless train glamorous and can bring good benefits to your amusement park. Our train ride on wheels can be widely used in squares, shopping malls, amusement parks, walking streets, resorts, schools, zoos, gardens, scenic spots, birthday parties, holidays, etc. If you interested in our train, welcome to inquire or visit the factory directly.

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Attraction trackless train-London sale

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We develop different types of wheel rides based on their application and power, because different customers have different needs. And we need to try to help them in business. We all know that the train ride on wheels has a wide range of applications. For example, picturesque places in the open air, gardens, parks, squares or indoor shopping centers. Therefore, to meet your diverse needs, we design and manufacture various types of trackless trains. First, by engine, we produce diesel trains and electric trackless trains. Second, for their various applications, the trackless train can be classified into electric mall, tourist train и trackless train for kids.

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Diesel attraction locomotive on wheels

Our diesel engine ride on wheels is a simulation of steam locomotives that enjoy a reputation for being well-executed, quiet and environmentally friendly. Due to the powerful engine, our diesel trackless train will have some emissions, but the emissions reach the European No. 3 standard. The beautiful appearance of our trackless train is very popular with customers and passengers as the trackless train enters the market. The electrically controlled diesel engine provides good power and each train ride can accommodate almost a lot of people, which is the ideal transportation in a large scenic area, amusement park, forest park or theme park.

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Trackless train on wheels Thomas for sale

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Electric train ride on wheels

The electric trackless train is a kind of amusement park train powered by an electric motor. Compared with the diesel trackless train, the electric trackless locomotive has a smaller carrying capacity. But it absolutely does not pollute the environment and can be applied to outdoor and indoor spaces. The reason why our electric stalls are so popular is because we produce them with large capacity battery, solid steel frame, non-fading paint, easy operation and environmental friendliness.

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Our train ride at the Australian mall

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All these types of off-road trips are available from our company, but if you have your own trackless train design idea, we can customize it for you, and this customization does not cost extra money. So if you are looking for a trackless train, please contact us freely and we will provide you with a good trackless train and the best services.



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