Attraction Robot for Kids

Robot ride is a new kind of ride which is designed by our professional designer and produced by our experienced workers. He is one of the rides that could walk and drift spins. This ride robot is easy to operate and stable in performance. It has a beautiful appearance, suitable for amusement park, squares, shopping malls and other facilities. This robot ride has little space requirements or sites, as long as it can be placed flat on the ground, drivers can enjoy the robot freely. At the same time, the robot ride is small so that it is light to carry and easy to move. If you want to buy a high-quality robot ride at a low price, you can contact us now!

Attraction robot for children
baby robot for sale at factory price

Attraction robot for children BNAP-01A

Model: BNAP-01A
Size: 1,4m*0,9m*1,6m
Withstand load:130kg
Electric motor: 12v60w-2pcs
Duration: 8 hours
Capacity: 1 people
Materials: fiberglass

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Buy a robot attraction
Buy a robot attraction from China

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robot attraction
robot attraction

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Beston Company promotes the sale of goods to customers new attraction for children - a robot attraction that is attractive to children. It was one of the most popular attractions for children. There is only one place in the center, which means that it is one place of attractions. But the place is big enough to hold one adult and a child. Interested? Contact us to buy a robot ride for your business.

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Robot attraction buy
Robot attraction buy

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Buy a robot for children
Buy a robot for children

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Attractions robots
Attractions robots

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Family attraction robot

The family attraction robot has a very beautiful appearance. Adult and child can sit on the robot together. Parents can help and teach children how to operate robots. This can heighten feelings between family members. The robot family attraction is suitable for people of all ages. In addition, the robot family attraction is suitable for different places, not only for indoor places, but also for outdoor places. This family attraction can let parents and children get a good mood. Beston offers high quality family robot rides at reasonable prices. If you want to expand the business of parks or shopping centers, if you want to buy a robot attraction in Uzbekistan, please contact us!

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Amusement park robot attraction for the park rides designed by our professional designer and manufactured by our experienced workers. This attraction is one of the most popular attractions in the amusement park, theme park, children's park and some showcases. They could walk just like humans and also drift. The robot attraction is easy to operate and maintain. It is safe for children and has stable performance. With its beautiful design and attractive appearance, the robot amusement ride is suitable for parks, large squares, shopping malls. Robot rides require little space, only the earth is flat, it will work. Little drivers easily coped with these rides. Because we also call it a passenger robot, when we need to move this attraction, we could ride the robot and then take it away. So much more convenient? Just like the trailer model.

Buy a robot ride for the park
Buy a robot ride for the park

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attraction robot sale
Attraction robot for children buy from China

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Features of Beston amusement robot:

  • Pleasure passenger transportation beston controlled by double rocker, passengers can control the direction freely, back and forth, rotate within 360 degrees. All these actions are easy for the robot.
  • The robot equipped with music playback function, we could insert an SD card, and the passengers could change the songs with their own mind and adjust the volume by themselves.
  • There are two batteries that increase the working time for passengers. Also, the beautiful appearance of these robot rides will attract the attention of children and adults.
Children's robot buy
Children's attraction robot buy

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How to buy a robot attraction?

When a children's robot to buy, you need to consider the number of purchases. Due to the small size, you can buy a large number of robot rides. If circumstances permit, we recommend that you buy more. The more quantity, the more profit ride robot can bring. The larger the number, the stronger the interactivity of the robot attraction. It helps to attract more people. In addition to choosing and buying a robot ride, you also need to consider the type. You have to select the desired theme and view as needed. Beston sell different kinds of robot amusement ride and you will have many options to choose from. Do you want to buy a robot attraction? Don't know which type to choose? Want to know how much to buy? Contact us! We will give you useful suggestions based on the real situation!

Attraction robot for sale
Attraction robot for sale

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Buy attraction robot price

Price is necessarily the most important thing for investors. So what factors affect the price? These factors include cost and profit. The higher the price of raw materials, the higher the cost. Beston uses large-sized materials to produce and purchase in large quantities, so the price of the materials of the robot ride has an advantage.

Beston company is a reliable manufacturer. It can provide you with low price and high quality products.

  1. Firstly, the most important thing is that this company is a direct amusement ride manufacturer from China without intermediaries.
  2. Secondly, BESTON company cooperates with international transport companies to save transportation costs.
  3. Thirdly, Beston is a company from China. Labor costs in China are low.
  4. Fourth, Beston has opened offices in Uzbekistan to protect the after-sales service.

You can buy popular rides from Beston manufacturer with confidence. In addition, Beston has established a branch in Uzbekistan. And our company will always pay attention to the subsequent problems of equipment to protect the interests of customers. Do you want to buy a high quality robot ride at reasonable prices? Looking for reliable amusement ride manufacturers in China? You can contact us now!


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