Attraction Samba ball

What is a samba ball attraction?

Beston samba ball ride for sale is amusement park amusement equipment and belongs to the family amusement ride. The samba balloon ride, which is a balloon chain carousel, is one ride with the function of up and down, revolution and rotation, which consists of a crown-raising column that rotates clockwise or counterclockwise. Usually this attraction carries eight or twelve gondola-shaped booths and each gondola loads 4 passengers. The samba balloon ride perfectly combines colorful balloon and booth with beautiful appearance. The balloon shape appearing gondolas in the sky will attract all the kids. Both children and adults can enjoy samba balls.


Beston attraction samba ball
Beston attraction samba ball

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How does the samba ball ride work?

Chain carousel balloons is one amusement ride for the park with incline, round motion and ride make its way to the structure, and at a certain height, it starts to incline. Tilt and spin the samba balloon, while the samba balloon is a miniature ferris wheel, offering a traditional ferris wheel. Passengers on the samba ball ride can control the semaphore disc freely in the center of the gondola freely to control the rotation of the booth. And what's more, Beston samba balloon ride for sale from China has two types: one that can go up and down as well as turn itself; another that can only go up and down. You can choose any type you want or ask us to customize the samba ball attraction.

Beston attraction samba ball BNSB-32B buy from china
Beston samba ball ride BNSB-32B for sale

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Beston attraction samba ball BNSB-32C buy from china
Beston samba ball ride BNSB-32C for sale

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Beston samba balloon ride is often seen in many amusement parks in the world. This ride is made of high strength fiberglass (FRP) and colorful painting, which looks beautiful. When the samba ball starts to work, the booth starts to tilt and spin, which is accompanied by beautiful music.

If you're really looking attractive attraction chain carousel balloons to buy, we offer you chain carousel balloons the price is rational. Would you like to contact us and leave a message? We will provide you with detailed information as soon as possible.

Attraction carousel samba ball
Attraction carousel samba ball

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Beston attraction samba ball BNSB-32A buy from china
Beston samba ball ride BNSB-32A for sale

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Benefits of Beston samba ball attraction:

  1. The attraction is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics and stainless steel, which is of high quality with competitive price.
  2. Beston attraction balloon will be painted into fadeless and powerful antiseptic paintings.
  3. This attraction is equipped with a modern music player and remote control, which makes the operation more convenient.
  4. Beston samba ball attraction is equipped with many LED lights, which is energy saving.
children's attraction samba ball
Children's attraction samba ball

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attraction samba ball for children
attraction samba ball for children

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Model BNSB-32A/B/C/D/E
Places 32
Diameter(m) 8.5
Area(m²) 12*12
Height(m) 4
Speed(m/s) 1.9
Power, kWt) 11
Voltage(V) 380



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