attraction storm

The storm attraction also calls the “Top Spin” attraction and the space travel attraction. Attraction storm amusement park "Divo Ostrov" - It's a great attraction. The extreme attraction debuted in 1990 and became a hit not only in Europe, but also in theme parks around the world. Storm ride (Top Spin ride) is one of our products. If you would like to change its colors, add decorations/elements, or customize the attraction, please feel free to let us know your specific requirements. Our ultimate goal is to develop and deliver attractions that meet the requirements of our customers. We design, develop and construct our own exclusive rides / theme park rides. If you have an interest in such an attraction, feel free to contact us!

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Attraction storm buy from Beston

Buy storm ride from Beston with high quality, because the storm ride is very strict on the technique for manufacturers. it extreme attraction high speed rotation. When the ride rotates, its speed is very fast, and its cabin can also be turned 360 degrees, very interesting, so the safety requirements are also very strict. Imagine a storm ride - this entertainment equipment on the production technique is bad, the consequences are unimaginable. Beston amusement rides factory has professional design and production staff, reasonable design, quality guaranteed, safe to use, is a brand of amusement rides manufacturers, welcome new and old customers to order.

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Extreme attraction Top-spin for youth

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Beston Attraction top spin for youth

it is a kind of exciting attraction for the masses. Anyone who wants to experience the exciting feeling can ride this type of topspin. Its size is larger, its height is higher, and its movement is freer and more variable. and faster than the mini top spin, so it is the best choice for all people who have the courage to challenge their physical limbs. it is an enlarged version of the regular top spin, which means it is larger in size and taller than the regular top spin. This spinning carnival top spin can be included in some special effects, which can bring passengers a different driving experience. This giant top spin is also the best choice for people who want to challenge their physical abilities.

space travel attraction
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Beston Mini Spin Top for Kids

The mini top spin is designed and manufactured for children. In fact, the top spins that the masses are targeting are not really suitable for kids, which is why we design mini top spins exclusively for kids. This type of topspin is much smaller and lower, but incredibly energetic, so children involved in the topspin sequence can still enjoy some of the thrill without causing them any fear.

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Beston Top Spin Ride has a very unique way of working

Beston Attraction Top Spin is divided into two rows. On both sides of the swing handle to drive the seat up and down, 360 degree rotation, while the cabin also rotates with gravity and mechanical force, but this is not the law, you can adjust the speed according to their own conditions of the passengers. Beston attraction “Top Spin” (Top spin rides) - it's an exciting ride, consisting of a passenger platform suspended between two counterweights. The levers are rotated by motors, while the platform usually only has brakes that are engaged and disengaged at various points in the ride cycle. A typical topspin program involves motoring the main arm as the platform brakes are applied and released so that it will rotate in the exciting direction. It lasts no more than 2 minutes, including several cycles at medium speed, flipping and "hanging time" of the cable car turned down, and then unlocks the hydraulic device of the cable car and allows the driver to rock back and forth.

The 360-degree rotating bench of the Top Spin attraction is designed for 20 people. “Falling” from a height of 10 meters is something that takes your breath away! Entertainment for owners of a good vestibular apparatus and thrill-seekers. The “highlight” of the attraction is that the platform rotates around its axis unpredictably: at any moment you can make several somersaults, hang in any position or fall upside down.

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Top spin attraction in the amusement park

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Beston ride “Top Spin” for sale

  • “Top Spin” Attraction has excellent product design, professional and technical staff and strict quality control guard, fast and thoughtful service.
  • beston extreme attraction Storm has excellent performance, safety and reliability, beautiful appearance, high quality and low price, our playground equipment will win the praise of old and new customers.
  • With 15 years of manufacturing experience, Beston has formed its own system about designing, producing, marketing and transporting. Beston top spin amusement ride has welcomed our customers with first-class quality and most reasonable prices. If you want to buy amusement park rides, welcome to contact us at any time!
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Top spin attraction at Beston factory

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Buy Top Spin attraction at the factory price

As an amusement park, theme park or amusement park owner, it's a good thing to buy a top spin ride to attract more visitors. This can help them make more money. However, the important thing is where to buy extreme torspin rides and how to choose a reliable ride supplier. Of course, there are many manufacturers of space travel attractions on the Internet, and the price of different manufacturers may also differ.

Savings on intermediary costs

We are a company that brings together manufacturers and distributors. We have professional manufacturing enterprises and professional sales teams. We can guarantee that you are buying Top Spin at the factory price. Are you interested in our products?

And our BESTON company sells all kinds of rides at factory price from China. Price has always been the most competitive advantage of our company. Our company BESTON is always the first company to meet the interests of our customers. By maintaining the normal operation of the company, we bring the greatest benefit to our customers. There is no doubt that the price is, of course, the most reasonable for our customers. Do you want to buy bumper cars? So what are you waiting for? Our company BESTON is the best choice.

attraction storm
Attraction storm for sale

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Beston Manufacturer Introduction

BESTON is a faithful partner

BESTON is a famous amusement ride manufacturer in China. This company has rich experience in the production and sale of amusement rides for parks. Company BESTON sells almost all popular attractions at inexpensive prices. Beston Group of Companies, located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, specializes in the development and production of various extreme amusement rides. BESTON has its own factory, which covers an area of ​​50 square meters. Beston is a professional amusement ride manufacturer recognized by our customers from over 000 countries.

strong strength

We have passed ISO 9001, BV, Soncap and CE certification. Amusement rides BESTON exported to countries around the world. In order to better serve customers in different countries, our company has set up branches and offices in many countries. The products we produce have been exported to more than 20 countries such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc.

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A rich experience

BESTON has rich experience in the amusement amusement industry. This company knows the market situation, product application and amusement ride maintenance well. Based on years of experience in the amusement ride industry, BESTON is well aware of the market situation of various amusement rides. This company professional amusement ride manufacturer, understands the characteristics and use of each attraction, including traditional attractions and new attractions. Before buying, BESTON will give you the most practical advice and provide you with the best solution based on experience and the actual situation. In order to satisfy customers, BESTON not only teaches customers how to maintain Top Spin, but also provides product maintenance. Do you want to buy the Top Spin attraction at the factory price? Come to BESTON. This company is your reliable partner.

In addition to the Top Spin attraction, BESTON also provides many other types of attractionssuch as chain carousel ride, bumper car ride, ferris wheel ride, train ride, kids maze ride, etc. Want to know more? Contact us! If you would like to know more about Beston rides, please contact us using the following contact information.

We have a storm video, if you want to see it, please contact us.



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