Attraction Tagada

Attraction Tagada (Tagada) - One of the most interesting and extreme rides in the world. Tagada has many kinds, and the main kinds include children's tagada and big tagada. Beston sells different kinds of tagada, you can choose and buy the kind you want. Beston Amusement Amusement Manufacturer, provides Tagada with various kinds of high quality and reasonable prices, selling to many major amusement parks all over the world. If you need to buy a characteristic tagada ride, contact us now!

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Buy attraction tagada

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Tagada attraction - One of the most interesting attractions in the world

Have you ever wanted to get into a huge metal bowl, spinning at an undetectable speed, and fly in the air, barely holding on to the handrails driven into it? If yes, then all it takes is a ride on the Tagada ride, one of the most exciting rides in the world.

Tagada attraction, maybe not as cool and fast as roller coasterbut it's definitely more interesting. While riding the slides, you will scream heart-rendingly, but in fact you understand that nothing will happen to you, and the chances of flying out of your seat are extremely small. Enough security measures have been taken for this, and you are firmly fastened with seat belts.

Extreme attraction tagada
Extreme attraction tagada

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As for the Tagada attraction, everything is different here.

  1. The Tagada attraction is made from a huge metal bowl lined with padded seats and metal handrails for those who want to try to fight against the force of gravity during the “ride”.
  2. When the music is turned on, the bowl begins its rotation, and the operator on the console controls the hydraulic joystick, raising and lowering the mechanism, sometimes doing it to the beat of the melody.
  3. Sometimes you can be rotated and twisted gently and evenly, and sometimes the bowl is controlled for 10 minutes without stopping tossing bodies up and down.
  4. The tagada extreme attraction is here released in an improved version and equipped with more appropriate insurance systems.
  5. But this is what makes the attraction so popular among thrill seekers.
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Buy tagada

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Advantages of our products

Beston amusement ride manufacturer, provides Tagada attractions of various kinds with high quality and reasonable prices, selling to many major amusement parks around the world, including Mini Tagada for sale, which is well known to customers. Our Tagada ride has many advantages as follows:

Tagada - park attraction

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  1. With competitive price-performance ratio and comprehensive after-sales service, beston company has a high reputation and significant influence in the international market.
  2. Wide use. Tagada attraction is suitable for grad amusement park, amusement park, big park, theme park. The facts show that this attraction is very attractive, the cost recovery is fast.
  3. We offer Tagada Ride and Mini Tagada with perfect quality, reasonable price. All of our products adopt international standard.

We are always ready to offer you the best products and services! Your satisfaction is our best support!


Beston Attraction Tagada sale
Beston Attraction Tagada BNDT-40A for sale

Beston Attraction Tagada BNDT-40A

Model: BNDT-40A
Places: 40
Size: 10m*10m
Area: 10m*10m
Height: 4m
Speed: 1,6m / s
Power: 15kVt
Voltage: 220/380V

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Beston Attraction Tagada from China sale
Beston Attraction Tagada BNDT-24A for sale

Beston Attraction Tagada BNDT-24A

Model: BNDT-24A
Places: 24
Size: 8m*8m
Area: 8m*8m
Height: 4m
Speed: 1,6m / s
Power: 10kVt
Voltage: 220/380V

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Beston Attraction Tagada 16 seats for sale
Beston Attraction Tagada BNDT-16A for sale

Beston Attraction Tagada BNDT-16A

Model: BNDT-16A
Places: 16
Size: 7m*5m
Area: 7m*5m
Height: 3,8m
Speed: 1,6m / s
Power: 6kVt
Voltage: 220/380V

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Children's Attraction Tagada
Beston Mini Attraction Tagada BNDT-8A for sale

Beston Attraction Tagada BNDT-8A

Model: BNDT-8A
Places: 8
Size: 5m*6m
Area: 5m*6m
Height: 3,8m
Speed: 1,6m / s
Power: 4kVt
Voltage: 220/380V

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Please just enjoy your shopping, if you have any questions, please contact us Warmly, we are so glad to provide you with the best services!

Short description

The tagada attraction is one extreme attraction. It is a common attraction in a large park, amusement park. It is a large disc, can roll, spin, and more than ten sports. Visitors sit around in a large disc, spinning after the disc with rhythmic music. People are fickle sitting on it. The movement of the disk is like a boat fluttering on the waves, and like a UFO, endless changes, at speed either fast or slow. Passengers feel like a jumping note.


Tagada attraction
Tagada attraction

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Tagada ride rotates 45 degrees to the highest point, will shake up and down, passengers will fall from the chair. This is a new type of attraction, very interesting. Mostly, the passengers on the Tagada ride are teenagers and adults, and they like to relax themselves, enjoy the spinning of the Tagada rides. As for the structure of this attraction, it mainly consists of a round disc, a platform and a fence to protect passengers from injury.

sell Attraction Tagada
Beston Attraction Tagada for sale from China

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I believe that the interesting tagada attraction is what everyone wants. Then you must not miss our park attractions. Because here we will provide you with what you want. We do not blindly earn money, but open the world market. Our products have been sold to countries all over the world and have their own offices and factories around the world. High quality and affordable products are the best choice. If you are interested, please leave your contact details. Don't worry, we will protect your privacy. If you trust us, we will reward you with the most affordable price, the best quality and the best service.


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