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Attraction Chain

As a popular amusement park ride, chain ride has always been the first choice for investors investing in the amusement industry. The chain carousel attraction can be seen everywhere and for various occasions, and they are very popular with children and adults. Beston can offer investors a variety of chain carousels with competitive prices and attractive themes. Feel free to contact us anytime!

36 Seat Chain Carousel
36 Seat Chain Carousel

Attraction chain for sale

  • Number of seats: 36 seats, 32 seats, 24 seats, 16 seats, 12 seats.
  • Available services: free consultation, on-site inspection of manufacturers, worry-free after-sales service, etc.
  • Places for investment: amusement parks, theme parks, tourist attractions, carnivals, resorts, outdoor playgrounds, shopping malls, etc.
  • Purchase process: model recommendation, custom design, contract signing, fast delivery, installation guide, trial operation, after-sales training from Beston Attractions LLC.
New attraction chain carousel
Chain carousel “Peking Opera Masks”

Introduction to Chain Attraction from Beston

Classic attraction chain

Chain amusement ride buy from Beston is a classic amusement park amusement equipment and belongs to the exciting amusement rides. Many people also call the chain ride other names: chain carousel ride, breeze ride, whirlwind ride, breeze chain carousel and so on. Actually, chain ride is a variation of carousels because chain rides are suspended from the rotating top of the carousel, and it is for this reason that chain ride is also called chain carousel ride. Do you want to buy cheap amusement park rides from China? Please contact us.

Chain carousel buy
Buy an attraction chain carousel

attraction chain
Attraction chain for the park to buy

big chain carousel to buy
Beston amusement chain SALE!

Inclined attraction chain

Also some types of chain ride that the spinning top of the carousel also tilts for additional motion variations. Such chain carousel attraction tilting into amusement is one of the most popular amusement park equipment, often seen in the park or tourist attractions. Beston is one of the best chain carousel ride manufacturers in the world and provides all models of fireworks equipment for sale with the best quality.

Attraction chain buy
Attraction chain buy

chain carousel breeze to buy
Beston attraction big chain carousel SALE!

Attraction chain carousel price
chain attraction for sale from china

Why buy children's amusement chain from Beston?

loved by people

Beston also has the latest types of attractions for children, such as mini chain carousel, children's chain carousel, whirlwind ride, etc. Children's chain rides are welcomed by customers of different ages. Children and adults can not refuse it, it always attracts the attention of many customers.

Worth the investment

Children's attraction the chain covers a small area and requires little investment. This product has a small footprint and large capacity. It costs less and many investors can afford it. Beston amusement chain is an ideal and profitable investment. In addition, it can bring quick returns to investors.

Children's chain carousel in Uzbekistan
Children's chain carousel in Uzbekistan

Attraction chain for children
Attraction chain for children

carousel chain
carousel chain

Good looking

The mini chain ride has a beautiful and seductive appearance: blue sky, starry sky, watermelon-shaped seats, gorgeous lights and more. This childish attraction design has an attractive appearance and excellent lighting. The roof is blue with many stars, like blue sky and starry sky. And this ride is meticulously decorated with airbrushed hand drawing and beautiful music to adapt to children's interests.

Various styles

We offer various types, including: cute dinosaur children's chain carousel, fruit theme chain ride, ocean swing chain ride and other customized small chain carousel. Many tourists come to the park, especially the romantic and passionate trip to the watermelon chain attraction. In addition, there are many places under the blue starry sky. And the seat is shaped like a watermelon and can accommodate up to 16 people.

Carousel chain buy
Carousel chain buy

Chain Carousel
Chain carousel for the park

Attraction Chain Carousel
Attraction Chain Carousel buy

Children's chain carousel “Watermelon”
Children's chain carousel “Watermelon”

Select Custom Theme Park Chain Ride

Want to make your theme park unique? Want to attract more tourists? Want to bring your amusement park to life again? Choosing unique and interesting products can give you new revenue peaks. Beston customized chain carousel is your best choice! Chain carousel rides will bring unimaginably lively and prosperous scenes to your amusement park. beston manufacturer to make an attraction chain carousel on an individual request. As for the design of chain carousels, we have a dedicated creative department and design department to develop more chain carousels to meet customer needs. Beston accepts custom requests for sizes, colors, themes and logos. Take a look at the unique design renderings below!

chain carousel ride chain carousel ride
Buy an attraction chain carousel Buy an attraction chain carousel
chain carousel ride chain carousel ride
Chain carousels Chain carousels
attraction chain attraction chain
Chain attraction Chain attraction
Chain carousel buy Chain carousel buy
chain carousel chain carousel


Beston Attraction Chain Sold Worldwide

The chain ride is one of the most popular amusement park rides we sell. chain carousel Beston attractions in Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Philippines and other countries of the world. And quite a few customers repurchase many times. Investors install chain rides in amusement parks or theme parks and so on. In recent years, these carousels have brought even more value to investors. Following are the introductions of some cases.
Chain carousel installed in Russia

Chain carousel installed in Russia

In June 2022, Beston 36-seat chain carousel was successfully installed in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. This attraction chain will bring life and...
Attraction chain carousel 36 places in Kazakhstan

Attraction chain carousel (36 seats) in Kazakhstan

March 30, 2022 We received a video from a client in Kazakhstan. This video shows Beston big chain carousel (36...
Beston Chain Carousel in Tajikistan

Beston Chain Carousel in Tajikistan

March 2022 We received a video from a client in Tajikistan. As shown in the video, Beston chain carousel is installed in the park...
Chain carousel attraction in the Russian park

Beston chain carousel attraction in Russian park

Beston Attraction chain carousel in Russia August 2021 Good news! Sea trials of rides chain carousel carousels successfully passed in the park ...
Beston Attraction chain carousel in Kazakhstan

Beston Attraction chain carousel in Kazakhstan

Chain carousel attraction in Kazakhstan August 2021, a customer from Kazakhstan ordered a chain carousel ride from Beston Attractions. After installation, ...
Beston Attraction chain carousel 36 seats

Beston Attraction chain carousel 36 seats for sale

Chain carousel attraction in Russia January 2021 Beston Chain carousel attraction with 36 seats is successfully undergoing trial operation in Russia. Want to ...
Park attractions in Russia

Beston sells inexpensive park rides in Russia

Recently, Beston amusement rides have been successfully installed in an amusement park in Chelyabinsk, Russia. The park includes the following attractions: Attraction Fifth ...
Children's chain carousel in Uzbekistan

Beston Children's chain carousel in Uzbekistan

Beston Children's chain carousel for the park in Uzbekistan. Video: "Cute Dinosaur" children's chain ride has been successfully installed. Children's chain carousel ...
Beston chain carousel ride sold in Kenya

Chain carousel ride sold in Kenya

Beston Attraction chain carousel was installed in Kenya. We have received inquiries from Kenyan customers on our website. They wanted to buy...

Invest in safe chain rides from Beston

As we all know, when investing in all rides, the first thing to consider is its safety. This chain ride may seem dangerous, but it is one of the safest rides in the park. Beston products adhere to the principle of safety first and provide customers with reliable products. Why are our products reliable? Check out the reasons below.

Full certificate

As a professional manufacturer in China, Beston has all the certifications and production qualifications for the related amusement rides. We can provide customers with various certificates, such as ISO9001, SGS, CO, CIQ, COC, BV, TUV, CE and Chinese Special Equipment Installation License certificate and so on. So we have the strength to provide customers with reliable quality rides at an affordable price!

Full certificate for Beston rides
Full certificate for Beston rides

High-quality raw materials

Beston Attraction Chain each piece is made of high quality materials. High-quality materials and stable mounting settings make it very durable and unlikely to cause harm.

Embossed body made of high-strength fiberglass
Embossed body made of high-strength fiberglass

Attraction carousel production
Attraction chain carousel production

And these chain rides are made from fiberglass panels. The chairs and hanging chains are made from stainless steel for low maintenance, durability and long lasting beauty. The chain carousel ride buy from Beston allows young or old to fly in the air like never before!

Machine parts are made from international thickened steel . This can ensure that the equipment is more durable and can improve its safety for a long time. You will never regret your decision to buy a chain ride from Beston. When you plan to invest in a chain attraction, it can bring you even more benefits.

Advanced Technologies

Attraction chain buy in Beston are made with the latest production and technical achievements. A hot-dip galvanized frame and lift, drive and brake system controlled by a modern frequency converter make this extreme attraction noteworthy.

Seat part connected by solid chain
Seat part connected by solid chain

Seat safety device
Seat safety device

The control system has a frequency converter. Beston amusement chain is equipped with an advanced frequency converter control system. This control system can make soft start and soft stop. This makes the visitors feel more comfortable and safe on the swings.

Installed on the seat multiple fusesand is equipped with an independent safety restraint. To ensure the safety of passengers, the most advanced safe braking systemwhen the product suddenly loses power or cannot be controlled normally!

Buy an attraction chain carousel from the manufacturer Beston

As a leading amusement ride manufacturer and supplier in China, Beston integrates its own production and sales. Not everyone Chinese manufacturer entertainment equipment has its own factory, but Beston has a complete factory building, advanced technology and professional technicians.

We are not just a factory direct sales, you will get more entertainment equipment operation service. Beston has a perfect after-sales service system to provide you with a full range of high-quality services. When it comes to chain ride, you can trust our quality and service. We will try to provide you with a full range of services and quality equipment. If you are looking for new chain rides or want to build a new amusement park, please contact beston!

Beston Attraction gives people a unique experience

A unique feature of most swing rides is the rotation of the top roof. In addition, rotation can be performed both clockwise and counterclockwise, thereby providing the rider with two different vibrational sensations. People simply sit on the chair and the chain ride moves in an oscillating wave motion, which can give riders the feeling that it is flying around the ride. If you want to buy an attraction carousel chain, you will never regret, and beston shoots spent on investment. If you decide you want a chain carousel price, please contact us.

Chain carousel with swivel tilt
Chain carousel with swivel tilt

Product composition and working principle

The chain carousel ride consists of three important components: the swing chair, the central support column, and the upper ceiling can rotate.

  • The roof is created using fiberglass and is lifted by different cables in the central column. The rotating top is lifted by four sets of cables connected to a hydraulic cylinder inside the center column. The plunger then retracts to pull out the cables holding the center ring up.
  • It is these cables that allow the lid to rotate and potentially tilt, as seen on large swivel chairs. As mentioned above, the roof pivots to allow the chairs to swing, and this can be done with tilt or static movement.
  • Ultimately leaning in a curve at the top of the central pole that rotates in the opposite direction to create its own unique movement. The ride rotates with 2 motors in the roof and 2 motors in the base turn the curved center pole in the opposite direction.

Park project consulting

Are you planning to build a new park project or just want to buy park rides? We have many other popular amusement park rides, such as roller coaster, ferris wheel, pirate ship ride, train ride, carousel ride, etc. Welcome to invest in Beston, a leading amusement park designer and amusement ride manufacturer. You can get more services from Beston, including outdoor and indoor park design, product customization. To date, Best Amusement has implemented more than 200 park projects, which are distributed in the CIS countries, Southeast Asia, Africa, North Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Oceania, Europe, North America and other regions. Contact Beston today for more details!

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