Battery bumper cars

Battery bumper cars are popular rides in our lives. Rechargeable bumper cars do not require a special location configuration if you fully charge the battery. It is very convenient to use for fun. So this is the perfect option for you to consider battery powered bumper cars to buy for an amusement park.

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We can easily see battery bumper cars in fairgrounds, amusement parks and some theme parks. And Beston provides professional bumper cars battery sales. If you are interested in new type bumper cars, please feel free to contact us, get a free quote from Beston!

The use of bumper cars on batteries

Battery bumper cars are entertainment equipment for entertainment centers, which is popular among young people and children. For children and young people, the exciting experience of driving bumper cars is an opportunity to grow their courage to overcome the unknown. It helps adults relax and release their pressure as they drive back and forth. Visitors of all ages can feel joy and relaxation when they ride it. Therefore, it is widely used in the park, mall exhibition event, because it is very portable and convenient to operate than other rides.

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Features of bumper cars on batteries

  1. Large driving volume: (in outdoor and indoor amusement park, large and small exhibition complex even in the mall).
  2. Cool shape and appearance
  3. Various bright colors for clients
  4. Led lights
  5. MP3 in every bumper
  6. Environmental and durable material: FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)
  7. High quality (acquires many quality certificates)
  8. Convenient installation of battery bumpers
  9. Low cost (because there is no need to purchase additional floor and wires)
  10. High security (no wire to connect bumper and floor or ceiling)
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How do battery bumper cars work?

Battery bumper cars work in the same way as electric bumper cars, but the only difference between the two types is the drive motor. Electric cars attraction must use a wire to travel through electricity. However, the ride track saves electricity in the battery. When charging ends, the battery bumper is fully charged. This means that as soon as the battery-powered bumper cars finish charging electricity, they can "work" for us.

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Battery bumper cars to buy Beston?

With new and advanced technology, battery bumper cars designed and manufactured by Beston have been exported to many countries in recent years. For example, Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Korea, etc. And we continue to lead the entertainment industry for more than 12 years in China.

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Battery Bumper Cars: Good Quality and Cost-Effective at Beston! We warmly welcome all people to inquire about our products if you are interested. All Beston can be customized in color, shape and size. Welcome to contact the company Beston Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd!



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