Rotating tower

The spinning free fall tower is an extreme attraction for the park. You will sit in your seat and slowly spin up to a certain height. Then all of a sudden the spinning free fall ride spins and falls without warning. It gives you powerful influence and unlimited joy! Beston offers high quality rides at an affordable price . If you need to buy a spinning free fall attraction, you can contact us!

Attraction free fall tower with rotation
Attraction free fall tower with rotation

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Spinning free fall tower from China

  • The spinning free fall tower plays an important role in the park.
  • Its height is as much as 20-60 meters; Height can be customized. It makes this extreme attraction visible in parks.
  • The falling speed is very high, so you are sure to get an adrenaline rush! The free fall attraction has a very high fall.
  • free fall tower designed with the latest generation of hydraulic and steel cables.
  • Suffocating feeling of extreme. When people fall from a height in a spinning free fall ride, they can experience an extreme feeling. This helps them forget about the unfortunate and makes them happy. When you fly down at a tremendous speed in a free fall with rotation, thoughts will go away, leaving room for emotions that overwhelm your head!
attraction tower
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  1. The natural fear of people of all ages is a vertical fall, but thanks to gentle and at the same time exciting ridescreated by technologists BESTON, provides an adrenaline rush and complete safety when riding.
  2. An additional option is the variable speed of the nacelles. Specially designed gearboxes provide the highest level of safety, in accordance with the latest requirements and standards.
Free fall tower with rotation
3D spinning free fall tower

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Attraction free fall
Spinning Free Fall Tower - Seat

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Other benefits

  • The Rotating Free Fall Tower attraction will give you an incredible experience!
  • As you slowly climb up, you can admire simply incredible views;
  • Beautiful lighting. Free fall is equipped with beautiful lighting. These lights flash at night and are very beautiful.
  • High return on investment. Attraction free fall popular with young people. They are ready to try this popular attraction to reduce stress and get happiness. Therefore, the free fall attraction will definitely bring you a lot of profit.
  • beston offers a variety of high quality free fall rides. Welcome to contact us and buy free fall attraction from the manufacturer Beston!
Attraction tower with rotation
Attraction tower with rotation in the evening

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fall tower ride
Attraction fall tower with rotation buy

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Free fall tower with rotation for sale

The spinning free fall attraction has good market prospects. So buy attraction free fall can bring high profits. Do you want to expand your business? Do you want to add new rides for parks? Do you need a free fall tower with rotation at a factory price? Then contact us! Send us an email now! We will contact you within 12 hours!


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