Beston Will Participate in RAAPA EXPO 2023

In order to get closer to customers, Beston will be invited to participate in the 25th anniversary international exhibition "Entertainment and entertainment equipment RAAPA EXPO - 2023". Want to know more details?
Beston Attractions LLC will take part in the RAAPA EXPO 2023 exhibition in Moscow from 15 to 17 March. This is great news for all investors who are interested in the entertainment industry, who are planning to buy rides or start a new amusement park project! Welcome old and new customers to visit our booth (C2/1) to consult with our professional sales managers.

Beston at RAAPA EXPO 2023

Beston team will take part in RAAPA EXPO - 2023
Beston team will take part in RAAPA EXPO-2023
Project Presentation

Exhibition date: March 15-17, 2023

Venue: Moscow, VDNH, pavilion 57.

Stand number "Beston Attractions": C2 / 1

Purpose: As an expert in amusement park design and amusement park production, Beston will participate in RAAPA EXPO in Moscow. Beston Attractions LLC will provide new and old customers with profitable solutions for entertainment projects. Beston helps customers build their park business and create a happy and safe entertainment world together!

Beston will bring an amusement park model to the exhibition
Beston will bring an amusement park model to the exhibition
Amusement Park Solutions

Amusement park layout. At this time, the Beston team will bring the layout of the amusement park to participate in this attractive exhibition. Its main purpose is to better explain to amusement park investors what Beston can do for your amusement park.

Amusement park solutions from start to finish. Create new solutions for amusement parks or theme parks. Outdoor theme parks, indoor playgrounds, children's entertainment centers, etc. Beston's team helps customers with amusement park planning, amusement equipment installation, park investment, operation maintenance, etc.

Beston offers customized theme park design. All themes and colors can be customized. Providing comprehensive individual services. Beston can produce and sell all kinds of popular and attractive amusement park rides, which can be applied in different places and bring more profit to customers and investors.

Beston Manufacture of attractions from China Children attractions, extreme rides, family rides, park rides, adult rides and outdoor rides. Children's entertainment center equipment, indoor playground equipment, children's shopping mall equipment, children's playroom equipment, children's play center equipment, children's mazes, etc.

Beston Great Service We are committed to providing our customers with the most efficient and timely service and support. And we will reply to our customers as soon as possible to solve customer problems! We never stop improving our customer satisfaction.

The specific location of Beston at the exhibition
The specific location of Beston at the exhibition
Beston is waiting for you at the Exhibition

From 15 to 17 March 2023 Welcome new and old customers to visit us, our booth C2/1! See you at the entertainment equipment exhibition in Moscow!

15 March 2023g.
10:00-18:00 RAPPA EXPO exhibition. Demonstration of attractions and entertainment equipment. VDNH, pav. 57.
11:00 Opening ceremony of the RAAPA EXPO 2023 exhibition.
12:00-14:00 MASTER CLASS: "Entertainment center in a small town: how to beat the competition."
15:00-17:00 Legal Seminar: "Algorithm for the actions of the staff and the head of the park in case of injuries to visitors - real and fake."
18:30 Gala reception dedicated to the opening of the anniversary exhibition RAAPA EXPO-2023.

16 March 2023g.
10:00-18:00 Exhibition. RAPPA EXPO. VDNH, pav. 57.
11:00-14:00 Business training: “Effective marketing of an amusement park. Business promotion based on real cases”.
15:00-16:30 Conference: "Entertainment industry in the new socio-economic reality: challenges and opportunities".
15:00-17:00 Conference: "Organization of efficient operation of water parks and water entertainment complexes."
17:15-17:45 PRESENTATION of Anton Kovalev's book “From a dream to a happy client. How to create a park of incredible emotions.

17 March 2023g.
10:00-16:00 Exhibition. Demonstration of attractions and entertainment equipment.
12:00-15:00 BUSINESS GAME: "Monetizer"
15:00-16:00 Presentation of diplomas to the participants of the exhibition.

RAAPA EXPO - 2023 Presentation of the exhibition
RAAPA EXPO - 2023 Presentation of the exhibition
Introduction to the exhibition

Exhibition visitors Owners, directors and managers of parks, entertainment centers, water parks, holiday homes, resort complexes and other leisure enterprises; representatives of city administrations and authorities; entertainment network operators; event agencies, travel companies; developers, entrepreneurs and other entertainment stakeholders.

Exhibition theme  Park attractions: children's, family, extreme; children's entertainment center equipment; Trampolines and inflatable play equipment; Water attractions, fountains, equipment for water parks, swimming pools and beaches; Entertainment equipment, slot machines; 3D/4D/5D cinemas and stereo content; Interactive games, simulators, laser tags, paintball; Children's playgrounds and sports grounds; Arcades, prize attractions, shooting galleries: pneumatic, laser; Electric and velomobiles, park transport and vehicles; Skating rinks and artificial ice surfaces; Toys and souvenirs; Equipment for bowling and billiards; Climbing walls, rope parks, sports activities; Karting and autodromes; Lighting, laser and acoustic equipment; Garden furniture and small architectural forms; Landscape design; Parks, water parks and family recreation centers; Organization of holidays, show programs of entertainment events; Animatronics and thematic design of entertainment areas; Vending machines, vending machines; Business automation systems, checkpoint equipment; Accessories and consumables for entertainment centers; Consulting services and staff training in the entertainment industry; Design of parks, water parks, entertainment centers; F&B, catering organization; Certification, diagnostics and maintenance of attractions and entertainment equipment.

beston rides

Rappa and Beston

Both sides are partners: The two sides have a cooperative relationship for many years. Beston takes part in all major amusement fairs. For example: Attractions and entertainment equipment RAAPA EXPO - 2020.

Information about members of RAAPA: The Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Producers (RAPPA) was founded in 1995 and today represents the interests of more than 450 production companies, parks, entertainment centers and other entertainment industry organizations from Russia, the CIS and foreign countries.

The main activities of RAAPA:
1. Organization and holding of annual international exhibitions "Amusement rides and entertainment equipment".
2. Organization and holding of international conferences and seminars on the development of the entertainment industry in Russia and the safety of amusement equipment.
3. Training and certification of personnel and specialists of entertainment industry enterprises at the RAAPA Training Center.
4. Development and implementation of standards and other regulatory documents designed to ensure the safety of visitors to attractions and the production of amusement equipment, participation in the work of TC 427.
5. Participation in the development of draft resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of state policy on the organization of leisure of the population, as well as work with local governments on the organization of leisure of the population.
6. Publication of a specialized information and advertising magazine "Attractions and Entertainment".

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“Overall, BESTON Group is a trusted and respected brand in the amusement park equipment industry, known for its quality products and excellent customer service. Whether you're looking to open a new amusement park or upgrade your existing equipment, BESTON Group has the experience and resources to provide the equipment and support you need. Create a successful and exciting amusement park.”
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