Children's train for the shopping center

Children's mall train, let the public space of the mall "attract customers and make money"!


According to the survey, the scale of the children's consumer market is gradually expanding. The diversification of children's needs has also spawned newer formats and brands. According to the database, the demand for children's play equipment is growing. Among the many new entertainment devices, one train ride to do several jobs at the same time.


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Children's train for the shopping center model 01 sale

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On the one hand, this is typical children's play equipmentwhich is very popular among children and parents. On the other hand, it is an ideal solution for using the mall space and creates a mutually beneficial relationship with the mall. This is an attraction - a children's train for a shopping center, which is very popular among customers.


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Children's train for the shopping center model 02 sale

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Children's train for the shopping center - leaves consumer groups

With rising levels of consumer appreciation and ever-changing demand, there is more choice for quality and variety entertainment equipment. In this case, Beston keeps updating our products to meet the needs of today's market. Beston noticed that the level of use of public space in the mall is low, especially the interaction between parents and children in the public space. To this end, we recommend that at the mall, you decide to transform parent-child interactions into public spaces. Choose an attraction train trackless, which not only provides interaction with parents and children, but can also be used as a passenger-oriented one.


attraction steam locomotive on a pneumatic hoist
Children's train for the shopping center model 03 sale

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Children's shopping mall train from Beston is suitable for middle and high class shopping malls. Our trackless trains sold to many countries around the world and well received by new and existing customers. In recent years, our company has been committed to the branding packaging of products and services in line with the market demand for the upgrading of consumption.


train ride trackless
Children's train for the shopping center model 04 sale

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Air Train Attraction Injects Fresh Blood into the Mall

The surge in parent-child baby business, the rise in work experience, and the need for a better business environment have made malls increasingly prone to parent-child baby business. The proportion of businesses with a parent child, such as children's theme parks, children's restaurants and children's theaters, is also increasing. For a mall, the renovation will inevitably lead to the introduction of new equipment and the introduction of more attractive forms of business. beston train ride the airway has a strong “siphon action” (a child can bring 2 or even 4 parents) and is very popular with shopping malls.


trackless train
Attraction train trackless Thomas model 05 sale

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Train trackless ride brings four highlights to the mall

The reason children's shopping mall trains can appear in major malls around the world is inextricably linked to their own benefits.


First, the trackless train attraction wears a cute and medium size, which can attract more spectators for the mall. At the same time, it is easier to publish news, enter public attention, and become a competitive brand.


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Our train ride at the Australian mall

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Second, the trackless train attraction can encourage customers to visit the mall, lead the passenger flow, manage the area with less passenger traffic, and adopt the mall's multi-point operation position, which does not occupy the store area, and enrich the atmosphere of the parent business.


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Attraction train trackless Mermaid model 07 sale

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Third, train ride trackless adds value-added services for consumers, combined with shopping malls regular promotions to attract consumers to a better experience.

kids train ride
Mini children's train for shopping mall model 08 sale

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Additionally, trackless trains to buy from Beston, provides an innovative parent-child theme solution for the mall that activates the use of existing downtime and creates maximum value for malls and supermarkets.

children's rides train
Beston children's train in the mall

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According to the feedback of our old customers, the children's shopping mall train in the mall attracted a large number of passengers and became the new attraction of the mall.



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