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Attraction Carousel

Sale of amusement carousel with horses from 3 to 38 seats.
High quality glass fiber of international standard.
Variety of styles! With seats in the shape of horses, dolphins, etc.
The shape, color and music of the carousel rides can be changed.
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Attraction Autodrom

There are many styles, new shapes and safe operation.
With environmental protection and corrosion resistance.
Beautiful appearance, do not fade, excellent stability.
Wide adaptability to various entertainment venues.
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Attraction Train

Various designs and elegant appearance. Everything can be customized.
Simple structure. It is very easy to install, operate and test.
The whole body is made of FRP, safe, durable and environmentally friendly materials.
Excellent performance, no noise, less maintenance. Low operating costs.
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Do you want to buy such carousel children's attractions? Please check the following list.

Carousel Rides for Kids

01. What Are Carousel Rides for Kids?
carousel ride for children
Children's carousel attraction
1. Children's attraction carousel, are rotating rides that run around a central support. Carousel rides for children are very popular in the amusement park.
2. There are many revolving rides in the amusement ride industry, and horse carousel attraction is one symbolic attraction in this type.
3. Children's carousels: chain carousel ride, flight ride, super flight ride, kangaroo ride, samba ball ride, etc.
02. Why Choose Beston Carousel Rides for Kids?
children's carousel attraction
Attraction Cups in the park
1. Beston carousel rides are equipped with sounds and music, flashing lights, which are really attractive for children.
2. In amusement parks, shopping and game centers, amusement parks and city fairs, you can find various types of rides Carousels at Beston.
3. If you are building an amusement park, then these carousel rides for kids must be essential. Below are the children's carousel rides provided by Beston.
Manufacturers of children's attractions
Children's carousel attraction buy

Attraction Carousel Horses

4 / min
1. Carousel Attractions designed for children, teenagers and their parents.
2. Attraction Carousel Horses are actively used by amusement and amusement parks, amusement parks, children's entertainment centers and playgrounds.
3. Beston carousel rides with anti-corrosion, good resilience, very environmental, safe.
4. Children's carousels, lovely and durable, with delightful music and multi-colored lamp lights.
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Cups attraction for children

Funny Cups Attraction

1. Materials: FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) and stainless steels. Fadeless, powerful antiseptic paints and environmentally friendly.
2. Various styles. For example, cup attraction “Ocean Series”, “Anime Series” children's cup ride, bee ride, “Bear and Hunter” ride, etc.
3. Beston cup ride is designed in the shape of a cup and is very popular in amusement parks, playground and some other amusement places.
1 m / s
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Attraction Octopus Carousel

Attraction Octopus

1. With innovative design and good performance, the amusement ride is designed in the shape of an octopus.
2. The seat will move up and down and rotate by itself when carousel ride octopus working.
3. Sandblasted steel rails and tubes, polished, fiberglass, stainless steel fasteners, non-fading and durable design.
4. The color and shape of the seat can be customized.
1,9m / s
equipment for children's attractions
Attraction Carousel Horses

Carousel Kangaroo Attraction

1. Attraction happy kangaroo Made of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), and equipped with gorgeous light, wonderful music, no fading and durable painting.
2. Easy operation, low maintenance, environmental protection, professional design and attractive appearance.
3. Suitable for amusement park, shopping mall, residential area, theme park, supermarket and so on.
1.9m / s

Rail Rides for Kids

01. What are Rail Rides for Kids?
trackless train
Beston Attraction Train Railless
1. The rail ride is a medium-sized amusement ride that moves with the track. The rail ride has always been a must-have item in parks and amusement parks.
2. rail ride is one of the most exciting and interesting for kids. Track-type attractions are usually not dangerous and have a high safety factor, therefore they are mainly intended for children and families.
3. Train rides, train rides, car rides and other structures moving along the track make children feel like real train drivers or train drivers.
02. Why Choose Beston Kids Rail Rides?
train ride trackless
Beston Kids Train Ride
1. Beston offers a variety of family rail mini trains for use in malls and amusement parks.
2. The cost of an attraction with a rail track is not so high, which makes it affordable for every potential client. Buying rail rides from the Beston manufacturer is cheaper than making such an entertainment device on an individual order.
3. LLC "Beston" 20 years of experience in the development and production of structures moving on the railroad. As a manufacturer, Beston amusement rides have carefully designed rails to ensure absolute safety for drivers.
ride train sale
children's steam locomotive for the shopping center

Train Trackless Attraction

0-25 km / h
1. Various styles and can be changed according to customer's needs.
2. Electric drive, easy to operate, pollution-free and zero emission.
3. We use a monitoring system to ensure security train rides.
4.Full package is delivered safely and securely to customers.
buy a children's train on rails
attraction children's railway

Attraction Train on Rails

3-5km / h
Number of wagons:
1. Children's train on rails does not ride on the road on rubber tires, but rides on round or elliptical rails. Any path configuration in length and trajectory is possible.
2. The driving speed is slower, the handling is strong. More guarantees the safety of children when the attraction train is running.
3. Beston Train ride on rails has various new styles: “Elephant”, “Animal World”, “Ocean World”, etc.
roller coaster attraction caterpillar
railroad "caterpillar" attraction

Attraction Caterpillar

1,8 m / s
1. Caterpillar Attraction designed to look like the head of a giant, smiling worm, and each additional machine is part of its body.
2. The attraction smiles at everyone who wants to ride it. The colors are bright and can attract many people.
3. The rail length of this ride can be lengthened or shortened, and the color or appearance can also be customized.
4. Roller coaster caterpillar ride is not only suitable for adults but also for children.
mini bus slides attraction
mini roller coaster

Attraction Mini Shuttle

3-5km / h
Running Height:
1. mini shuttle ride consists of 10-15 beautifully shaped cars with different styles: with trailers in the form of cute animals, with trailers in the form of cartoon images, with trailers in the form of cars and so on.
2. Children's roller coaster cars ride synchronously and ride in the direction of the track. Let the children experience the sense of time and space and the excitement of jumping.
3. Decorative designs are made in bright, saturated colors.

Extreme Attractions for Kids

01. What are Extreme Rides for Kids?
Children's chain carousel in Uzbekistan
Children's chain carousel in Uzbekistan
1. Children's attraction extreme is a mini stimulation ride specially designed for children.
2. Its characteristics: interesting, fun, exciting, but small and safe. Very suitable for children who love challenges and excitement.
3. Mini extreme rides: chain ride for kids, fifth element kids ride, pirate ship ride for kids, etc.
02. Why Choose Beston Children's Attraction Extreme?
Buy Children's attraction the fifth element
Children's attractions the fifth element buy
1. When designing this type of rides, we not only consider their enjoyment, but also design the safest extreme rides for children, combined with their performance.
2. Beston children's attraction extreme for sale in high quality with special designs. And Beston children's amusement rides have acquired many standard certifications.
3. The most important point: factory direct sales, affordable prices. Please contact us and get a free quote!
chain carousel from the manufacturer
Attraction chain carousel price

Children's Chain Carousel

We offer Styles of attractions of various thematic series: “Cute dinosaur”, “Watermelon”, “Mickey Mouse”, “clown”, etc. beston attraction chain for children covers a small area, requires little investment and high returns.
Children's attraction pirate ship price
Attraction viking buy

Children's Attraction Ship

Features attraction "Emelya" Beston: The colors are bright and the patterns are colorful. Very attractive for children. High quality and safe spray paint. Various sizes can be customized according to customer's site.
mini attraction flying saucer
attraction 5 element for children

Attraction Children's Pendulum

We have installed triple security measures to ensure the safety of children. beston children attraction the fifth element with beautiful appearance and scientific design. Sale of children's amusement rides at factory price from China.
attraction tagada buy
tagada ride for sale
1,6m / s

Children's Attraction Tagada

The structure of the attraction mainly consists of discs, platforms and guardrails, all of which are wrapped with sponge to protect passengers from injury. We provide affordable prices and impeccable after-sales service.

Self Controlled Rides for Kids

01. What Are Self Controlled Rides for Kids?
Attraction mini jet bee
Attraction mini jet bee
1. The biggest feature of these rides is that children and parents can control them by themselves. Children can make these rides go up or down. Children have some control over that.
2. Children can make these rides go up or down. These self-control kids rides are full of endless fun and are favored by many children and some young tourists.
3. Beston Self Driving Amusements for Kids: flying ride, robot ride, children's excavator ride, wheelchair ride, etc.
02. Why Choose Beston Self Drive Rides?
Attraction flight Racing car buy
Attraction flight Racing car buy
1. Beston children's self-control rides are novel, interesting and highly interactive. Beston self-control ride features low investment and high economic benefits.
2. With novel appearance, gorgeous charming lantern decoration, realistic sound effects, Beston self-driving amusement ride can help operators to attract a large number of passengers, thereby increasing your income.
3. All can be customized according to your requirements. Small order accepted. Excellent after-sales service.
attraction aircraft with self-control
attraction flight sale
1,9m / s

Attraction Flight

1, Children sit in the cabins of the aircraft, rotate and rise with the aircraft, and they will feel as if they are flying on a cloud.
2, The material is fiberglass and steel, so it is durable. And its material is eco-friendly, erosion-resistant and very stable. Driven control cabinet, the inverter is adjustable to make the service life.
3, It attraction plane Widely used for amusement parks, open areas, squares, public gardens, etc.
ride robot buy
robot ride for kids
The weight:

Attraction Robot

1, beston Children's attraction robot small that it is light to carry and easy to move.
2, Beston walking passenger carriage is controlled by double rocker, passengers can control the direction freely, back and forth, rotate within 360 degrees. All these actions are easy for the robot.
3, children and parents control the ride robot, it can enhance the feelings between family members.
attraction excavator sale
Electric excavator attraction
Angle of rotation:

Attraction Excavator

1, Beston Baby electric excavators work and function just like an actually engineered excavator. Beston electric excavator ride can not only strengthen the body, but also develop children's intelligence.
2, Children's attraction excavator equipped with coin acceptors, timers, control panels and USB flash drives.
3, Applicable place: open area, amusement park, shopping mall, etc.
Attraction fun chair
Electric scooter rocking chair attraction
Angle of rotation:

Attraction Bench Wheelchair

1, Beston rides Le car bar has the advantages: novel appearance, convenient, simple operation, safe and reliable.
2, Attraction fun chair Not limited by ages and suitable for all age groups, including kids, adults and even the elderly.
3, The electric bench ride relaxes the body and mind, and helps to balance the ability.

Children's Maze

01. What are Children's Play Rooms?
children's playrooms
Children's playrooms
1. Playroom for children always filled with bright play equipment, among which the children's maze stands out. It attracts children with bright colors, all kinds of design elements and a variety of game variations.
2. For the normal and full development of a small organism, space is needed, but children's play mazes are an excellent example of how to organize a corner in a limited area for the active and safe development of the physical and mental qualities of a child.
3.Would you like to buy playroom equipment from China? Wanna know equipment for children's playrooms prices? Contact us now. We offer free consulting services and quotes.
02. Why Choose Beston Kids Mazes?
children's play complexes
Equipment for children's rooms
1. Beston Children's mazes attract with bright and unusual design. Princess castle, jungle, pirate ship, space rocket - there are many design options. The range includes complexes for children of different ages.
2. Our children's playroom equipment is made from certified, odorless, high quality commercial materials. Labyrinth games for children are made in accordance with international quality and safety requirements.
3. BESTON provides comprehensive services to help you save time and money. BESTON manufacturer provides after-sales technical support for you.
buy equipment for a children's entertainment center
Production of children's labyrinths
Maze games for kids
Buy a children's labyrinth for a playroom
buy a children's playroom
equipment for children's playrooms
children's entertainment room
children's play maze buy from the manufacturer


Attraction carousel in Kazakhstan
Beston Attraction train in Russia
Beston Attraction train in Kazakhstan
Bumper cars Beston attraction in Moldova
Attraction train in Kazakhstan
Beston Attraction flight in Moldova


Beston is a leader in the industry of children's attractions
Beston has been a leader in providing affordable extreme rides, family rides and children's rides for the people of China and a large number of other foreign countries.
We continue to reform and innovate
Beston has never stopped designing, implementing and manufacturing new rides, and more and more new rides for kids have been introduced to the market.
We offer many types of children's attractions
So far, Beston can supply more than 100 kinds of thrill rides, family and kids rides and various inflatables all over the world.


01. What are children's attractions?
As the name implies, this kind of children's entertainment facilities are designed specifically for children, bringing them joy. it entertainment attractionsin which children can play.
02. What is another name for children's attractions?
Children's attractions are also known as children's entertainment attractions, children's playground equipment, playground amusement rides, mini amusement rides, small amusement rides, small amusement rides, etc.
03. Is it profitable to choose children's attractions?
Of course you can make money! In order to attract the attention of children, choose from a wide range of playground equipment those children's attractions that will please children first of all, and not their parents. The kid will be carried away by an interesting game, parents will be happy - you will get a good income.
04. Which place is suitable for children's attractions?
For children's attractions, choose well-visited places: supermarkets, parks, stadiums, shopping centers, beaches, cafes, hotels, markets. It can be both large outdoor areas and small areas in the mall.
05. How to choose a manufacturer of children's attractions?
If you want to buy an attraction for children, you need to know how to choose a manufacturer. On the following questions: And does the manufacturer have prestige? Does he have a good reputation? Does the manufacturer have a complete program? Does it have the proper production and sales qualifications? Is there an on-site inspection of the entertainment equipment manufacturer? Does it have a production base?
06. How to build a business on children's attractions?
1. Start planning! Decide on the territory (site) where your attractions will be placed.
2. Get all the necessary permits for the use of attractions: certificate of quality; technical passport for a particular product; certificate of compliance with safety requirements; certificate of conformity.
3. Mandatory examination and safety check of children's attractions.
4. Decide in advance the official opening date of the park and start earning!
Beston Attraction.
01. Why choose Beston kids rides?
1. Beston all models of children's attractions meet all the requirements of safety, strength and durability, which apply to the products of this group.
2. With advanced technology, first-class quality and high-quality service, the company's products sell well all over the country and are exported to Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, other countries and regions, winning the favor and praise of customers.
3. Beston provides you with a complete service system. BESTON is a reliable cooperation partner. Trust us, we will be the best partner.
02. Does Beston have certificates for children's rides?
Of course! We have many qualification certificates: ISO9001, SGS, CO, CIQ, COC, BV, TUV, China CE and PRC Special Equipment Installation License. As we all know, all international transactions will be very smooth if supported by the country! Since China supports our export trade, we can sell children attractions reasonably priced.
03. What kind of rides does Beston sell besides children's rides?
We have a wide range of entertainment equipment: extreme attractions, same rides, park attractions, new attractions, water attractions, inflatable rides, mobile attractions, outdoor attractions, popular rides, unusual rides, beach rides, etc.
04. Is there an affordable price for Beston rides?
1. We have our own big factory and a professional international sales team. Our company is a combination of manufacturers and suppliers. Thus, we have saved you the cost of an intermediary.
2. We use the most advanced technology to manufacture our products. High efficiency and low cost. Beston Company sale of rides from china at an inexpensive price.
3. Our company has also launched a number of preferential projects to open up the international market. And you will be a customer of our service. Leave your contact information or leave a message to let us know your needs, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
05. Why buy rides from China?
Children's attractions from China in terms of quality they are in no way inferior to European counterparts. China has reached a high level of economic development and supplies amusement park rides to many countries in the world. With low prices for all kinds of amusement rides, Chinese manufacturers have won a leading position in the sales market. You can buy high quality amusement rides at a low price from China. Buy rides for kids in china for parks will bring you a lot of profit.
06. How to buy children's attractions from Beston?
1. Decide what equipment and project type suits your own investment needs.
2. Determine a suitable location for the project and provide the company with detailed CAD drawings or a building plan.
3. Both parties fully communicate and determine the plan, calculate and determine the price of the equipment. Draw up and sign a contract.
4. The company's technicians come to install the equipment. Equipment commissioning, acceptance (as reception on site, signature confirmation), delivery.
5. Maintain close contact after the sale. And pay attention to the after-sales service problems of the product.


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