Children's attractions sale

Children's rides, as the name suggests, children's rides, playground rides, and including many mini rides, small rides, small rides. The children's attraction is suitable for a variety of occasions: children's amusement park, children's amusement park, playgrounds and other amusement places. We sell various attractions for children, such as children's chain carousel, carousel with horses, children's excavator, attraction sun, train ride and other new attractions for children. In order to attract the attention of children, our designers will better understand the inner world of the child. They have designed many children's rides with unique styles, bright colors, lovely images. If you want to buy children's rides, you can choose Beston's children's rides. Beston children's rides from China, will be a reassuring choice for you.


children's attractions buy in China
Beston children's amusement rides sales!

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Children's attractions buy in China

Buy children's attractions from the Chinese manufacturer Beston - this is types of attractions, which are usually suitable for those young children who are not quite ready for large mechanical rides or extreme rides. Beston Group can offer a wide variety of amusement ride models. And Beston is a professional manufacturer and supplier of various children's amusement rides for export and transportation to countries and areas around the world, which have been found for several years. Originally Beston mainly manufactures amusement rides for children in some foreign countries. If you want baby rides buy in China, Beston is a good choice for you. Some of the popular children's rides manufactured and supplied by Beston are as follows:

Children's play mazes buy

Children's playrooms to buy

Welcome to our site. Dear site visitors! Do you want to buy children's playrooms for your business? Want to know more...
Attraction robot for children

Attraction Robot for Kids

Robot ride is a new kind of ride which is designed by our professional designer and produced by our experienced workers. It is one of the attractions...
BESTON Attraction excavator

Attraction Children's Excavator

Attraction children's excavator that your child can control. The so-called electric excavator for children. Children's excavator is different from large size excavator...
children's ferris wheel to buy

Attraction Children's Ferris Wheel

The Kids Ferris Wheel is a miniature Ferris wheel, a new children's attraction loved by kids of all ages. He has another...
Attraction railway "caterpillar"

Attraction Caterpillar

The Caterpillar Family Ride is a new rollercoaster ride for kids. Do you want to buy a new attraction for the amusement park? Are you interested in these...

Attraction Lightning McQueen

The attraction lightning makvin (mcqueen) has other names: lightning makvin carousel, children's carousel makvin. The Lightning McQueen attraction is widely seen in the park ...

Carousel rides for children

Children's carousels are rotating rides that run around a central support. carousel rides for children are very popular in the amusement park. There are many revolving rides in the amusement industry, and horse carousel attraction is one symbolic attraction in this type. And chain carousel attraction, attraction flight, attraction super flight, kangaroo ride, attraction samba ball, jellyfish carousel attractionand also apply to carousel rides. These carousel rides are equipped with sounds and music, flashing lights, which are really attractive for kids. If you are building an amusement park, then these carousel rides for kids must be essential. Above are the children's carousel rides that we offer you.

Beston attraction samba ball

Attraction Samba ball

What is a samba ball attraction? Beston samba ball ride for sale is amusement park amusement equipment and belongs to...
Attraction carousel with horses to buy

Buy Carousel Horses Attraction

When you go to the nearby mall, you will probably see a whole horse carousel ride that...
Beston ride carousel kangaroo buy

Attraction Carousel Kangaroo

Product General The kangaroo carousel ride is one children's ride that is often seen in...

Sale mini rides for kids

We sell children's mini attractions: attraction children's carousel, attraction children's train, children's attraction rocking chair. These mini kids rides can be installed in your own home and we often see it in the mall. Due to their small size, the price of these products is usually low. If you want to buy mini rides for kids, you can click "Get Price" below for more details.


Beston children's carousel rides BNHC-6A buy from china
Attraction Carousel Horses BNAC-6D Sale

Attraction Children's Carousel BNAC-6D

Model: BNAC-6D
Places: 6
Diameter: 2,5m
Area: 2,5m*2,5m
Height: 2m
Speed: 1,2km / hr
Power: 1,5kVt
Voltage: 220V/380V

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buy an attraction children's railway
Attraction children's railway - Elephant sale

Beston Attraction children's railway - Elephant

Model: BNPC-14
Height: 2,2m
Capacity: 14
Seats for each car: 4
Locomotive seats: 4
Number of wagons: 3
Area: 10m*12m
Speed: 3-5 km/h.
Voltage: 380V

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Attractions for kids

Many extreme rides intended for adults. Children who see these attractions in amusement parks also want to try, but they cannot try because of the age restrictions. New type of rides for kids in Beston is a design for children. These new ride models are attractive to little kids, sometimes we also call them extreme rides for toddlers. We provide you with such extreme rides for kids: children's chain carouselattraction mini ship, mini frisbee attraction, mini attraction tagada.

ride chain carousel
Beston children's chain carousel - watermelon chain SALE!

Children's Chain Carousel QLFY-06

Number of seats: 16
Height: 6m
Diameter: 5m
Degree of rotation: 15°
Power: 10kVt
Voltage: 380V

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Children's Attraction Pirate Ship
Beston Mini Attraction Pirate Ship

Beston Mini Attraction Pirate Ship HDC-8A

Model: HDC-8A
Places: 8
Height: 3,3m
Area: 4m*3m
swing degree: 60°
Power: 3kVt
Voltage: 220V/380V

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Beston Fifth Element Ride BNPD-6B buy from china
Beston Attraction Fifth Element BNPD-6B for sale

Beston Attraction Children's Fifth Element BNPD—6B

Places: 6
Size: 4,5m*4,5m
Height: 3,8m
Speed: 1,6m / s
swing degree: 120 ° ±
Rotation: 360°
Power: 9kVt
Voltage: 380V

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Children's Attraction Tagada
Beston Mini Attraction Tagada BNDT-8A for sale

Beston Mini Attraction Tagada BNDT-8A

Model: BNDT-8A
Places: 8
Size: 5m*6m
Area: 5m*6m
Height: 3,8m
Speed: 1,6m / s
Power: 4kVt
Voltage: 220/380V

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New children's attractions

If you don't need classic rides, we have new children's attractions. In a huge park, new children's attractions are always the most attractive for the crowd. Beston introduced three new types of entertainment equipment, both day and night, beautiful scenery in your park. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the popularization of amusement equipment, more and more people began to avoid the same kinds of amusement equipment and invest in new attractions for children. In addition to the original attraction, investors removed starting to add novelty children's rides. Because it is small size indoor entertainment equipment and low environmental requirements. You can put it anywhere. Beston new children's attractions: ride robot, ride wheelchair, attraction children's excavator.

attraction robot sale
Attraction robot for children buy from China

Attraction robot for children BNAP-01A

Model: BNAP-01A
Size: 1,4m*0,9m*1,6m
Withstand load:130kg
Electric motor: 12v60w-2pcs
Duration: 8 hours
Capacity: 1 people
Materials: fiberglass

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Beston Attraction children's excavator QL-KE 02 sale
Beston Attraction kids excavator QLKE 02 for sale

Beston Attraction children's excavator QLKE 02

Model: QLKE 02
Size: 2.8*0.75*1.75m
Degree of rotation: 60 °, 90 °, 360 °
Power: 0,75 кВт
Voltage: 220V
Principle of operation: electro-hydraulic system
Certifications: CE/ROHS/FCC/SGS

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Outdoor attractions for children sale-children's playgrounds

Outdoor attractions for children, as you can see, they are usually installed outdoors, it can be a street, a mall entrance, an open-air square or a kindergarten. You don't need to have a big amusement park or a big playground. You can make a profit by renting a piece of land. Set it up in a crowded area and even if you only have one attraction, your customers will be in a constant stream. Playgrounds for children - These are children's street attractions that we often see on the street. The design is ingenious, the color is harmonious, and the various components are combined to ensure the safety and happiness of children. Beston children's playgrounds sales below, we have more products to choose from, click the "Get Price" below for more details.

playgrounds price
Buy children's play complexes for summer cottages

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Buy children's indoor attractions

Attractions for children indoors, commonly referred to children's play mazes. Our children's playrooms can be tailored to your venue requirements and come in a variety of styles: pirate ship theme, candy theme, forest theme, marine theme, animal theme and more. Safe and stimulating while satisfying children's curiosity. Rich color and full range. Hurry up and buy children's indoor play mazes!

Children's play mazes buy
BESTON children's maze sale

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Business children's attractions

  • In terms of the development of the entertainment equipment industry and market demand, amusement parks and parks can be seen everywhere. But most of them are big rides, children's amusement rides of large and medium size. We rarely see children's amusement rides. However, the majority of consumers in the entertainment industry are young people and children. Children make up the largest share, children's attractions are products consumed by children, so there is still a big gap in the children's attraction. This means that the market for children's attractions has a huge potential for development. By being able to take advantage of this opportunity in time, the potential for development will be undeniable, and achieving profitability will become an inevitable trend!
  • Second, from the investment cost of small amusement equipment, compared with large amusement rides, the cost of investment in children's amusement rides to buy is relatively low, and the cost recovery rate will be relatively fast.
  • In addition, the requirements for the operation of playground equipment for young children are low. Children's attractions do not require too many jobs and are not subject to venue restrictions to reach "anytime, anywhere".
  • Again, due to the small size of the children's play equipment, the safety of the children's ride is relatively high, and there is no dangerous situation. Safety is one of the most important aspects of entertainment equipment today.

All of the above information is intended to help you set up your own amusement rides business. striving buy rides for kids? Please feel free to make a request. Do you want to earn money? Then start to buy children's rides! Do you want to make a quick profit? Then contact us! A business that gives a stable profit is the business of children's attractions.

Railroad caterpillar sale from the manufacturer
Beston amusement ride caterpillar BNRC-20A for sale

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Children's attractions buy prices

With the rapid development of the past few years, Beston has been a leader in providing affordable extreme rides, family rides and children's rides for the people of China and many other foreign countries. Beston has never stopped designing, implementing and manufacturing new rides, and more and more new rides for kids have been introduced to the market. So far, Beston can supply more than 100 kinds of thrill rides, family and kids rides and various inflatables all over the world. Beston entertainment equipment factory covers an area of ​​more than ten thousand square meters. Here, Beston will provide you with some information about the rides for children if you want to know the children's attractions buy prices or planning to buy children's rides, you can contact us directly, and our professional sales manager will be ready to answer your answer instantly online.



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