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Children's playrooms to buy

Welcome to our site. Dear site visitors! Do you want to buy children's playrooms for your business? Do you want to know more about the children's playroom (from 100 sqm)? The following content will give you useful information.

buy a maze for a children's playroom
Model PG-01 children's playrooms to buy for your business. Size: 12*15m

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Covered playground for children

Playroom, also referred to as toddler indoor playground for children, children's indoor playgrounds, children's play maze etc. This is a place with a special design so that children can play there. It may be outdoors, but it is usually indoors (where in some regions it may be called children's play centers). Although a children's playroom is usually reserved for children, some play areas are designed for other age groups. Modern play mazes for kids often have leisure equipment such as swings, carousel, seesaw, slide, jungle gym, pull up bars, sandbox, spring rider, trapezoid rings, playhouses and mazes, many of which help children develop physical coordination , strength and flexibility, as well as providing relaxation and pleasure. In modern playgrounds, play structures are common that link many different pieces of equipment.


Children's playrooms to buy

Game room - pink kingdom sale:

Children's playrooms to buy
Model PG-02 game room - pink kingdom sale. Size: 12*6m

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This is one new theme park "Playroom - Pink Kingdom" specially for children of creation. Now, I would like to introduce this amusement park to you. This sized naughty castle is based on the pink happy theme, the colors match well and the overall styling is unique, lively and interesting. The entertainment area for toddlers contains rich entertainment equipments - rocking chair, soft molds, soft piano, water bed, children's slides, inflatable bouncer, painted ball, soft mini trampoline, soft mat, climbing ladder, climbing tunnel and tube slides, etc. Can meet children 3-15 years old climbed, jump, run, throw activity requirements. And children can invite partners to play together, increase the child's interaction and communication skills with children, to provide more fun.


Green playroom sale:

Children's play maze
Candy model PG-03 - game room sale. Size: 11*20m

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The overall color feel of this playground is very good, very coordinated and very fantastic. In the appearance of the equipment, many use the image of animals as decoration, they are very popular among children. This toddler playground is suitable for most play centers, amusement parks, shopping malls, etc. Large size area, the longest part is 15 meters, the width is 10 meters, the highest is 2,5 meters. The toddler playground can accommodate 35-45 children. The playground is medium in size so that children can play together and this children's labyrinth buy for small children, plus beautiful external shape, new type, strong and durable. And well received by customers love and praise. We can prepare projects for playrooms - special themed events. We promise that children get good conditions to play and learn here.

Pirate playroom sale:

Children's indoor playgrounds
Model PG-04 pirate game room sale. Size: 23*15*4,6m

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This children's play center naughty castle is based on the underwater and pirate theme, in design. The integral volume is large, the longest part is 20 meters, the width is 16 meters, the highest is 4,5 meters. The playground for kids is designed for 80-85 children. The entertainment area for kids contains rich entertainment equipments - inflatable interactive product, water bed, children's play sets, children's slides, soft figures, archway, inflatable pirate product, painted round ball with ball, building block, educational toys, cartoon rocking chair, soft mat. etc. Here, children can find toys or attractions that are most suitable for themselves. As for the theme, the dominant color of the children's amusement park is blue, but bright colors will help create a pleasant atmosphere. Toddler entertainment zone can satisfy 3-8 year olds climbing, jumping, running, throwing game tasks. And children can invite partners to play together, increase the child's interaction and communication skills with children, to provide more fun. The floor is decorated with a soft mat, loose, soft mat stretches long over the seat and does not harm children when they play. This buy a children's playroom for toddlers suitable for most play centers, amusement parks, shopping malls, etc.

children's labyrinth buy
Model PG-05 cartoon game room sale. Size: 12*12m

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Children's play mazes buy from Beston

Children's play mazes buy for indoor playgrounds used in the park, playground, communities, kindergartens, supermarkets and so on. The age of the player is 3-15 years. covered playground equipment called children's play mazes and very popular in recent years. Meanwhile, indoor playground equipment is the most popular in indoor playground products. Children can climb, crawl, slide, stomp, jump and swing, including slide, ball pool, invigorating bed, drill pipe, cartoon gun for children's entertainment. We use hot dip galvanized steel pipe. The diameter is 48 mm, the thickness is 2,0 mm. We use PVC sponge tube on the surface of the substrate. According to different requirement, we can design different styles. Each product has its own theme and is very interesting. Products are exported to more than 60 countries. If you need more products, such as buy children's playrooms, children's play mazes to buy, buy a maze for a children's play room, or you want to buy play rooms for children, find out a children's maze buy prices, you can contact us by email:



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