Children's game labyrinths in Kazakhstan

Multi-storey children's play mazes in Kazakhstan are one of the best ways to invest. Few restrictions, wide scope and good investment prospects. Beston supplies customized children's playroom equipment for customers in Kazakhstan. How much does it cost to invest in a children's entertainment center (more than 100 sq.m)? Support immediately consult to get a quote.

24/7 - online service is available all the time.
Within 7 days - 3D design solution.
From 30 days - the average turnkey period.
12 months warranty for all equipment.
Children's Game Labyrinths in Kazakhstan
Children's Game Labyrinths in Kazakhstan

Various themes to choose from

Latest styles

Macaron Theme, Morandi Theme, Space Theme. These are the most popular topics this year and beyond. In general, more advanced color matching brings great fun to children and families. For example, children's entertainment center in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup, this project uses these themes.

Children's game labyrinth "Macaron Theme"
Children's game maze “Macaron Theme”

hot styles

Forest theme, ocean theme, pirate ship theme. Especially the "forest theme" children's entertainment center equipment, which uses green as the main color to protect children's eyesight, allowing them to be closer to nature and enjoy the game.

Children's play mazes "Forest Theme"
Children's play mazes “Forest Theme”

classic styles

Candy theme, castle theme, ice and snow theme. As we all know, classics stay forever. The biggest feature of this theme is that it is well known to the public. After all, what kid doesn't love lots of candy elements or a castle theme?

Children's playroom "Candy Theme"
Children's playroom “Candy Theme”

Custom Theme

Beston will take into account the special nature of different venues, the requirements of investors, and combine the current fashion trends in Kazakhstan and market conditions to provide you with the best customized theme solutions.

Children's playrooms "Custom Theme"
Kids Playrooms “Custom Theme”

Scope of application of the children's play maze

Depending on the size and configuration, the game labyrinth can be installed anywhere, and it will generate income for the entrepreneur.

Kazakhstan shopping and entertainment center

Most large shopping centers now have family and children's entertainment centers: equipment for children's playrooms, climbing wall, trampoline park, ninja quests, rope parks, block zones and more. Parents can shop safely and enjoy their time. Parents can also play with their children and have fun between parents and children. In any case, certainly the solution to one of the main problems, which can be called a headache for all parents.

Children's play maze in the mall
Children's play maze in the mall

Catering establishments in Kazakhstan

These compact children's play mazes projects are suitable for catering establishments: cafes, restaurants, pizzerias. When investors open a cafe with a children's play center, it will stand out from the competition! The themed cafe is positioned as a place for family leisure, providing a place for children to play and time for parents to enjoy a cup of coffee. This will be the trend of various themed cafes for relaxing in the future.

Children's playground next to the cafe
Children's playground next to the cafe

Kazakhstan park for family recreation

Since it is not limited in place, game labyrinths in any territory can be placed both indoors and outdoors. More and more recreational places will include children's play mazes in Kazakhstan. Children's playroom makes the amusement park richer and more interesting, and brings more value to investors.

Children's play center in the recreation park
Children's play center in the recreation park

Resort complex for recreation and entertainment

While parents have fun and relax, children have fun in a themed entertainment maze. The organization of children's clubs and centers on the territory of the hotel will attract family vacationers, help expand the target audience and become an additional source of income. The labyrinth can be an addition to the nursery. Individual design and production allow you to create complexes for the features of the premises.

Demonstration of completed projects

Video display

Case display

The installation of the children's playroom is completed

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Worth investing in gaming mazes from China

International Market Analysis

China is one of the largest trade partners of Kazakhstan. China and Kazakhstan have close and friendly cooperation partners. It is not far off that China will become the largest trading partner of Kazakhstan in the future! Both governments are very supportive of each other's cooperation. This is good for investors in children's playroom construction projects! Want to buy equipment for children entertainment centers from China to Kazakhstan?

Support from Kazakhstan and China
Support from Kazakhstan and China

China is one of the largest trade and strategic partners of Kazakhstan
China is one of the largest trade and strategic partners of Kazakhstan

ROI analysis

Below is a form in which Beston experts will calculate for you the ROI of a children's play center according to the specific conditions of your project. Contact us now to learn more about the ROI of a kids playroom project. You will receive a satisfactory investment plan and help you understand your cash flow.

Operating budget analysis table
Project TypeChildren's Entertainment Center Equipment
Paid ModelOne ChargeYears of Operation3
Project OverviewPark OverviewTotal area
Year-Round Working Time (days)Average Daily Working Time (hours/day)Average Consumption
Equipment overviewPassenger capacity
Full Passenger Traffic
Average game time (hour/person)Total Power Consumption (kWh)Electricity fee
638851 2100.05
Passenger traffic analysisWeekday Guest Traffic
Holiday Traffic
Average daily passenger traffic
Amount of workers
Average salary
Operating costsTotal Investment in EquipmentPayroll Expenses
Electricity costs
Advertising expenses
Infrastructure Costs
Total Project Income964285.7 Total Fixed Cost283000General Operating Costs63000
Theoretical Limit ValueMaximum Passenger Capacity during Peak Hours
3402.666667Maximum One Day Income (yuan)51040
Revenue AnalysisAverage monthly net income67246Average Annual Net Income806952Estimated Payback Period
Net Profit for the First Year618286

Why choose Beston kids play maze?

The best partner

We have been designing, manufacturing and installing playground equipment for over 15 years in Kazakhstan and other countries. How Chinese entertainment equipment manufacturer, Beston has many years of industry experience and a deep understanding of the market. Beston is your best investment partner for kids play mazes.

Reliable company

The team of our company consists of experienced and qualified designers, engineers, developers and craftsmen who know and love their work well. A responsible approach allows us to achieve exceptional quality of the finished structure, so there is no doubt about the reliability and durability of the labyrinth.

Service and Support

Beston adheres to the concept of "service first". We provide a full range of services from production, delivery, installation to project support and operation. We do our best to meet the reasonable needs of our customers and strive to provide the best customer experience.

Safe and reliable beston game maze

The material is soft, which absolutely guarantees the safety of children during the game. Durability and wear resistance.

To ensure the environmental safety of children's entertainment centers, certified materials are used.

The design is made taking into account the uniform distribution of the load on the frame and undergoes test tests with a large load.

The composition of children's play mazes includes high-quality and hypoallergenic materials that meet international standards.

Production of children's labyrinths fully complies with the requirements of international standards, so all designs are absolutely safe.

An experienced supplier and manufacturer complies with safety regulations, taking into account the height of the ceilings, the location and area of ​​the room.

Beston service process

Impeccable Service From Beston Attractions
Impeccable Service From Beston Attractions

Quick response to inquiries

Please leave a message on the site. Beston sales manager will respond immediately within a short time to serve you.

Early handling of an idea

You send us sizes and ideas. Beston creates a step-by-step program for you to launch a profitable children's entertainment center.

Design project development

From the second day of the consultation, we have a professional design team to start planning the 2D design and 3D rendering of the project for you.

Creative naming

Creative beston team offer naming to make your entertainment center stand out from the competition. Of course, you can also have your own ideas.

Signing a contract

Beston always follows the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, and signs legal contracts with customers to protect the interests of customers.

Production time

Children's maze produced in our own factory. Production time depends on the complexity of the project and varies from a few weeks to a month.

Equipment check

We will conduct several construction tests on site at the factory to ensure that customers receive the full amount of materials and can successfully install them.

Installation of equipment

We will provide 3D installation drawings and installation videos. It is carried out by a certified team in accordance with the manufacturer's operational documentation.


Diagnostics, maintenance, assembly and transportation of equipment. As well as assistance with the restoration of lost operational documentation, etc.

More collaboration opportunities await you

As a world-famous entertainment equipment manufacturer and supplier, Beston can not only provide customers with children's play center solutions, but also provide solutions for park projects entertainment. Are you planning to open children's play labyrinths in Kazakhstan? Or are you interested in what kind of children's attractions in Kazakhstan? Beston will do its best to meet your needs and actively serve you. Leave a message on the site immediately to express your needs!

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