Suburban Amusement Park Plan 6000m²

· Project Category: Suburban Amusement Park Design
· Project area: 6000m²
Project Description: The amusement park project is located on the outskirts of the city. Its main purpose is to provide a place for recreation and entertainment for residents of the city center and nearby cities. Since the general level of economic development in this region is on the rise, and the current investment is small, classical entertainment facilities such as carousel rides, flying rides, etc. are used.
At the same time, given the potential for a future increase in passenger traffic, a place is reserved for the subsequent modernization of the amusement park. Want to know more details? Inquire now for a price list.
Attraction Carousel
Seats: 12/16/24/36/68…
Make to order: colors, themes, styles, etc.
· Different styles: wedding, crown, ocean, fairy tale, etc.
Attraction Flight
Seats: 16/24
· With automatic control.
· With hydraulic lifting of individual seats.
Attraction Train
Seats: 12-40
· Type of food: electric/diesel/gasoline.
· Applicable places: amusement parks, shopping malls, etc.
Attraction Cup
Equipped with colorful lights and music.
Various forms: “bee”, “Bear and Hunter”, etc.
· Interesting: When the chassis rotates, the cups can also rotate.
Attraction Samba Ball
· USB music and remote control.
· With the function of up and down, revolution and rotation.
· Consists of high strength fiberglass (FRP) and colorful painting.
Area size: from 100 sq. m
Suitable for age: 3-15 years old kids
Children's slides, inflatable trampoline, painted ball, rope maze…

Design Visualization

Planning Map
hand drawn design
bird's eye view
Design visualization
After careful design by Beston's professional designers, the end result is very good. Do you want to know the exact price?
Beston Hand drawn park design
Beston Hand drawn amusement park design
Amusement park design from a bird's eye view
Amusement park design from a bird's eye view
Amusement park design visualization
Amusement park design visualization

Amusement park design video

Amusement park design is very important! Learn more about suburban amusement park design in this video.

Profit Analysis Form

This will show you how profitable it is to run a suburban amusement park.
Suburban Amusement Park Operating Budget Analysis Form
charging model One Charge Years of Operation 8 years
Project Overview Park Overview Total Area(m²) Rent (RMB/month) Year-Round Working Time (days) Average Daily Working Time (hours/day) Average Consumption (RMB/person)
6000 10000 240 8 35
Attractions Overview Number of Attractions Rated Passenger Capacity Total Passenger Traffic (person/hour) Total Power (kW/h) Electricity Fee (yuan/degree)
5 80 640 30 1.5
Passenger traffic analysis Weekday Guest Traffic (person/day) Guest Traffic on Rest Day (Person/Day) Average daily passenger flow (person/day) Number of Employees (persons) Average Salary (RMB/month)
300 600 386 6 5000
Operating costs Total Equipment Investment (RMB) Salary Expenditure (RMB/year) Electricity Expenses (RMB/year) Advertising Spending (RMB/year) Infrastructure Spending (RMB/year)
500000 360000 86400 200000 100000
Total Project Income 3240000.0 Total Fixed Cost 1500000 General Operating Costs 646400
Theoretical Limit Value Maximum Passenger Capacity during Peak Hours (Person/Day) 5120 Maximum One Day Income (yuan) 179200
Revenue Analysis Average monthly net income 200508 Average Annual Net Income 2406100 Estimated Payback Period (months) 6.94
Net Profit for the First Year 1093600
Tips: The table is a theoretical calculation data for reference only. The specific operating budget varies from case to case.
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