Two-story wedding carousel 68 seats in Russia
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Double Decker Wedding Carousel 68 Seats Successfully Put into Operation in Russia

Breaking news is coming, congratulations on the successful completion of the two-story wedding carousel project in Volgograd, Russia! This large carousel is in demand by the locals as soon as it is officially put into operation. It attracts many tourists to ride the carousel and take pictures. Next, let's understand the collaboration process of this project.

Collaborative process

Project Consulting

In June, the 2022 Russian buyer left a message on the website to ask for the price. The Beston team contacted the customer immediately. To help build and develop Volgograd's central park, the client decided to invest in the largest two-story wedding carousel in Russia. And turn it into an iconic building and a famous scenic spot, attracting more tourists to Friendship Park: Volgograd-Baku.

Wedding carousel and Ferris wheel in the Park "Friendship: Volgograd-Baku"
Wedding carousel and Ferris wheel in the Park "Friendship: Volgograd-Baku"

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Background of the project

The project is located in the park "Friendship: Volgograd-Baku", Volgograd, with a total area of ​​24 hectares. In preparation for the 2018 World Cup, a stadium was built next to the park. Currently, the only large-scale attractions in the park are the Ferris wheel and the roller coaster. We have checked the information about the park, including current attractions, park size, local culture, etc. This is all to help customers perform better and develop.

wedding carousel modernized design
wedding carousel modernized design

Planning and contract

Exclusive design:

In August 2022, In order to make the design of the wedding carousel more attractive, we had a detailed communication with the customer on the relevant design details. A professional technical team has developed a plan to match the appearance color and update the configuration for carousel ride.

Contract signing:

The customer made an advance payment in August 2022. The customer is very pleased with the final design of the carousel! And he praised us as a very professional team that can provide him with the most satisfactory results. We conclude legally binding purchase agreements with our clients.

Production and testing of wedding carousels
Production and testing of wedding carousels

Production and delivery

Factory production:

August 2022 - December 2022 After signing the production contract with the customer Beston Attractions LLC organized a factory to start production of 64 double-decker wedding carousels in time. We guarantee that the production and delivery of equipment will be completed within the agreed time frame specified in the contract.

Factory tests:

During this process, our quality inspectors conduct a series of product tests to ensure that the quality of the equipment meets international standards before arranging shipment. Throughout the manufacturing process, we maintain strict quality control and use the finest materials to produce the most suitable double deck carousel equipment for our customers.

Wedding carousel successfully installed in Russia
Wedding carousel successfully installed in Russia

Arrival and installation

December 2022 - March 2023 The installation of two-story carousel equipment was completed and the park was officially opened. With its unique design and good image, it has attracted the attention of foreign media.

Customers from Russia Highly Appreciated Beston Amusement Carousel

Customer Praise

Media reports:

In March, the 2023 The park will open to visitors. The successful opening of the two-story wedding carousel generated a lot of publicity in the Russian media. With its unique design and new look, it also brings a lot of popularity to the park.

Further collaboration:

Once installed, the carousel attracted many tourists and increased attendance. Customers are very satisfied with our products and services and hope to establish a good cooperative relationship with Beston Rides. Based on mutual trust, last month our customers bought 360-degree again pendulum attraction.

Wedding carousels are very popular
Wedding carousels are very popular
Two-story carousel in Russia
Two-story carousel in Russia

Subsequent photos from tourists

Beston two-story carousel in Russia
Beston two-story carousel in Russia

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