Attraction break dance

Attraction break dance (Break Dance) 24 places sale from China at low wholesale prices! Break dance entertainment equipment is a new type of outdoor attraction. It can give people an immersive experience when they sit on this device. Break dance carousel ride from China, it is a suitable extreme ride and family ride for your entertainment business. If you are looking for outdoor exhibition rides for sale, buy breakdance ride from Beston is your perfect option!

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Attraction break dance sale from China

Entertainment equipment breakdance sale

Number of cabins: 12
Size: 9,5m
Height: 5m
Area: φ14m
Power: 16,5kVt
Capacity: 24 people
Voltage: 380V
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Video of interesting rides is shown below

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Interesting break dance attraction for sale from Beston

  • The overall structure is beautiful and generous, and the shape is novel.
  • The transmission part adopts well-known brands, with sufficient power and stable rotation.
  • Cabin design is reasonable and multiple protection.
  • Environmental protection, corrosion resistance, good stability
  • Beston break dance carousel has a unique appearance and easily attracts the attention of visitors.
  • Colorful and unique car styling. 4 sections with cabins, 12 cabins, three for each section, 24 places, 2 places in each cabin.
  • Sound music player and LED lights are also equipped on this attraction. LED lights. Musical accompaniment.
  • This is very safe and exciting attractionbecause it has a fixed security device. Each seat has two seat belts.

Do you want to buy an interesting break dance attraction for the park? Do you want to expand your business? Do you want to add new attractions? You need buy an attraction at a factory price? Please contact us! Send us an email now! We will contact you within 12 hours!

Attraction break dance carousel
Attraction break dance carousel

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Safety indicators:

  • Four protection measures: double protection of the seat belt, as well as the presser foot and presser bar.
  • Load bearing test: Each machine must be tested before leaving the factory.
  • Cabin structure: The cab can only be rotated when the handle is up to avoid erroneous push and cause the cab to overturn.
  • Under the cab there is a seat belt for secondary protection. Even if the clamp bar fails, the seat belt still remains on the clamp bar.

Pleasant attraction carousel breakdance for the whole family

  • For adults, this device allows them to forget about the stress of work.
  • For kids, breakdancing is a place where the family can get together and have a good time. They will find happiness when they are accompanied by their families. A pleasant attraction carousel break dance for the whole family.
  • beston amusement rides sales at a commercial and affordable price. If you want to buy some kind of outdoor ride, please search Beston amusement equipment manufacturer, we will offer great break dance ride with discount price.


Attraction carousel break dance
Attraction carousel break dance

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What is a break dance attraction?

The principle of operation and appearance of this attraction are very similar to the breakdance carousel attraction. Breakdance consists of a dodecagonal platform with a diameter of 12 meters, the platform is equipped with four wagons as seats in different four areas. Each car can carry two people. Beston breakdance entertainment equipment is at an angle. How does breakdancing work? When the equipment starts to rotate, four cars simultaneously rotate in different directions from the platform. Passengers will rock back and forth. The breakdance is also equipped with a sound system and a light display, which makes people feel more excited when they spin on the breakdance.

As the new attraction outdoors, breakdancing can be used in some theme parks, carnival parks, fairground parks and several large shopping malls. It does not need a very large area to accommodate. But the break dance attraction cannot be installed in some rough and rough places. It must be installed in smooth ground. Because the whole device runs on a slope of 7,5°. If the condition is not nice and smooth, it is very dangerous when it rotates. Please make sure the site conditions are suitable.


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