Beston is a complex entertainment project around a hotel in Nigeria. Is Beston reliable? What is the quality of Beston products? Hear customer testimonials from the CEO of Vinmilan Hotels & Resorts.
CEO: “Beston has successfully helped us build a comprehensive children's playground around our hotel in Nigeria. Professional design, quality equipment and excellent service. Very satisfied!"

Collaboration Process

Confirm Customer Needs

Project background: The project is a children's amusement park with an area of ​​about 1800 square meters in Nigeria. It is located next to the Vinmilan Hotel & Resort complex. Clients told us about the need to buy rides and build a park.

Product recommendation: we have proposed several new attractions that are now popular in the market. And we sent them some photos and videos as reference. At the same time, our sales manager also spoke in detail about these rides.

Ultimate rides: Final Rides: In the end, the Nigerian investor chose 7 sets of rides for the amusement park. And it included the following park rides from Beston: carousel ride, chain carousel attraction, disco rides, sun ride, flight ride, etc.

Professional Design

Before Planning: In order to better serve customers and create an attractive park project, our sales manager began to conduct research on the environment, passenger traffic, traffic, local cultural practices, etc.

Park design: According to the final list of products and the actual condition of the land (including area), we have completed the plan amusement park design in a week. Of course, in order to meet the different needs of customers, we also changed the design many times.

Anti-corrosion design: Considering the rainy season in the area, Beston came up with a solution: first, all frames were rust-free before painting. Secondly, we also introduced a new painting process and rust prevention materials at a later stage. Finally, all electrical components are waterproof. Nigerian customers say that these solutions are very reasonable and professional!

Production and Testing

Factory tour: The client sent an agent to visit our factory, and we also had a video conference with the buyer at the factory. After communication, we finally won the trust of our customers and they placed orders with our company.

Factory production: Customers are very satisfied with our factory and product quality. We complete the production within 45 days at our factory in China. 

Operational tests: beston all rides must pass several cycles of production tests. Under a park project in Nigeria, we tested these 7 sets of amusement rides in the factory for almost 10 days to make sure the machines can work normally in the customer's park.

Delivery and Installation

Transport Arrival: After overcoming the delay due to the new corona epidemic, the rides arrived safely in Nigeria after 2 months of delivery.

Basic design: After the customer receives the product, the basic construction is carried out in accordance with the foundation drawings provided by us.

Managed installation: We can send engineers to install for our clients. However, due to a sudden outbreak of an epidemic, engineers could not be sent to the site to install the equipment. So local expert Mike helped with the installation. beston company provided installation assistance and provide remote installation video instructions.

One year warranty: Some parts were damaged during installation. In accordance with our warranty agreement, we provide customers with relevant replacement parts free of charge.

Beston Park Project in Nigeria
Projects in Nigeria

Profit increase: As you can see, the result is very good, the amusement park is working very successfully. This hotel has been open in Nigeria for over a year now and everything is going well. In addition, it has become one of the most popular places in this hotel and resort. Since the attractions are very popular and continue to attract many customers to the hotel. Attract customers for the hotel, which means more profit.

Collaborate again: The client is very satisfied with our park solutions, the quality of the rides, the considerate service and the ability to manage the project. Thus, both sides expressed their intention to cooperate again in the future. We are also looking forward to creating the best park projects for our clients to achieve win-win cooperation.

Project Operation

Profitable business plan: If necessary, Beston can provide investment analysis and support for the operation of customer park projects. We can provide a plan on how to open, how to attract more traffic to the project, how to retain key customers and much more. Whenever you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Beston Helps Customers Succeed

“Beston is committed to doing everything possible to achieve the success of our customers. We hope to create a world full of love, joy and happiness together with our customers!”
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