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Do you want to equip your amusement park with the best rides possible? If yes, then you really can't go wrong with the kids slide. This makes mini slides a great investment that you can take advantage of for your amusement park. You should always have a toddler area because amusement parks are usually a family outing. With this in the back of your head, give yourself the best opportunity to buy a rollercoaster ride that you can get your hands on.


Roller coaster for kids
Mini shuttle children's roller coaster

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beston children's amusement rides for sale

  • Factory price kids rides from China. There are no intermediaries. Beston is a manufacturer integrating sales and production.
  • Due to the advantages of complete specifications, reasonable structure and excellent quality, Beston amusement ride manufacturers are well received by most users.
  • With decades of amusement ride design and production experience, Beston Chinese amusement rides has become the industry leader in new amusement rides at home and abroad.
  • beston children's amusement rides from China use only certified quality materials for the manufacture of quality rides.

You need to buy a roller coaster

Children's Roller Coaster “Animals”

Mini shuttle children's roller coaster
Mini shuttle attraction in the mall

Children's Roller Coaster “Animals” BDHC-20A

Model: BDHC-20A
Power: 6kVt
Voltage: 380V
Running Height: 2.5 m
Speed: 3-5km / h
Capacity: 20 people

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Kids Roller Coaster “Sports Car”

buy a roller coaster for kids
Beston Kids Roller Coaster BNRC-20B

Roller Coaster for Kids BNRC-20B

Model: BNPC-20B
Height: 2,2m
Capacity: 20
Seats for each car: 2
Locomotive seats: 2
Number of wagons: 10
Area: 12m*18m
Speed: 4-15 km/h.
Voltage: 380V

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Kids Roller Coaster “High Speed ​​Train”

Attraction mini shuttle
Attraction mini shuttle for family

Children's Roller Coaster “High Speed ​​Train” BDHC-16

Model: BDHC-16
Power: 6kVt
Voltage: 380V
Running Height: 2.5 m
Speed: 47km / hr
Capacity: 16 people

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Mini shuttle roller coaster for kids

  1. Children's roller coaster - new attraction for children. With new entertainment equipment, the mini-shuttle is designed in first-class style.
  2. This is a style consisting of 15 different vehicles. The mini shuttle ride consists of 10-15 beautifully shaped cars with different styles. The cabin has different shapes and different cabins. Children can choose their favorite cabin.
  3. Children's roller coaster cars ride synchronously and ride in the direction of the track.
  4. And with multi-colored lights, sounds and children's cartoon design.
  5. Let the children experience the sense of time and space and the excitement of jumping. When they cross the mountains, they will not experience panic, excitement, joy and benefit children.
mini bus slides attraction
mini bus slides attraction

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Beston high quality mini shuttle attraction

1, Music

Built-in MP3 music box, memory card can be inserted, volume control

2, Lamp

The car is equipped with LED lamp with high brightness, long service life.


buy a train ride for the park
Beston Kids Roller Coaster BNRC-12A Sale

Children's Roller Coaster BNRC-12A

Model: BNRC-12A
Number of cars: 6 or 8
Power: 7kVt
Voltage: 220V
Running Height: 1.5 m
Occupied Square: 19m*6m
Track length: 19 m
Speed: 3-5km / h
Max. capacity: 6 or 8 people

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3, Timing control

Computer version of the controller, can according to their need to set the running time.

4, fiberglass

Imported from USD FBR anti-UV, anti-static, anti-crack.

Attraction mini shuttle
Attraction mini shuttle

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5, Pipes

Adopt metal pipes that meet national standards. In addition, using industrial robot resistance welding, firm and smooth.

6, Figure

Using the spray painting process. This can prevent high fever. And it can prevent corrosion.

mini bus slides attraction
Mini shuttle children's roller coaster

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7, Certificates

ISO 14001, ISO18000, ISO9001 certificate and GS TUV certificate

8, price

beston sells park rides at factory price.

9, Place of use

Amusement park, kindergarten, preschool, residential area, supermarket, restaurant, etc.

Baby roller coaster high speed train
Children's roller coaster "high-speed train"

Consider the age of children and safety requirements

Two things to consider when looking to purchase children's roller coasters are their age and the safety features and requirements of the roller coaster. Age is very important because you need to target a specific demographic when creating any kind of ride. This will allow you to target clientele who want to come to the park and try it out. Next, you must be sure that roller coaster has security requirements that will allow you to get everything you need while protecting patrons. Otherwise, you will have a number of situations on your side regarding security issues and obligations that are simply not worth it. Instead, always look at the safety ratings to make sure you're buying the absolute best mini slides you can get your hands on.


Children's slides attraction
mini bus slides attraction

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Look at the reviews

Before buy an attraction roller coasters for kids, make sure you look in the reviews. Looking at reviews ahead of time will give you the absolute best opportunity to take your business to new heights. By doing this, you will be in good hands and will provide yourself with everything you require to get the most out of such a situation. There are many more travel consultants out there who will be able to set you up with anything you need in this regard, so make sure you get the best reviews and referrals from people who can set you right in this regard.

Roller coaster for kids
Roller coaster for kids

Cooperation starts now!

beston, an experienced amusement ride manufacturer in China, sells a variety of amusement rides. In addition to the disco ride, beston also provides other extreme rides, such as the fifth element ride, seventh heaven ride, chain carousel ride, roller coaster ride, and more. In addition to extreme attractions, this company also provides other types of attractions, such as popular attractions, new attractions, amusement park rides, etc. If you want to expand your business and buy rides from Chinaif you want to buy a disco attraction in Uzbekistan, contact us now and let's talk!


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