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When you go to a nearby mall, you will probably see a whole horse carousel ride that happens to be designed especially for young children. They can have as many as three horses, or other animals, kids can ride it, and besides, there are some that happen to be bigger. Children's carousels from the manufacturer Beston are designed for children who still have imagination, allowing them to believe that they are actually riding a horse on a special adventure inside their minds. Children's carousel rides can be purchased either for organization, but if you want to be the most popular parent in the world, you might consider getting your kids into your own home.

Attraction carousel with horses to buy
Attraction carousel with horses to buy

Application of Attraction Carousel for Sale

Children's carousels are popular in small shops, malls, supermarkets and squares. The carousel ride can also be used in the amusement park. They are available to people who want to start an amusement ride business. Most of the Carousel Horse Rides are electric, but some of them can be powered by a coin, after you insert the coins, the carousel equipment will start. Parts of Carousel Horses are made up of little horses, while others are made up of cute animals that are lovable for kids, dolphins, bees, sheep, pigs, and other cute insects. If you need, just contact us. We can customize it for you, you can also get it in stock from our factory. You will be provided various items for rides if you come to our factory!

sale carousel attraction
sale carousel attraction

What is a horse carousel?

Another good name for a carousel is the horse ride. Attraction carousel for children there can be a unique theme park attraction that was developed several decades ago and has been used by every one of the world. These revolving rides are from Beston manufacturer and steel with wooden horses that can be attached to poles that will fall and take off, allowing young people to have a delicate type of gallop. As the years went by and as technology began to grow, they could make one within a much smaller size. The kids carousel ride is actually made for little kids who can have many different animals including dragons, unicorns, zebras and many more.

Buy Carousel Attraction
Buy Carousel Attraction BTS-ZM8

New “Crown” Carousel for children

Model: BTS-ZM8
Places: 8
Diameter: 2,2m
Height: 2,8m
Power: 1,5kVt
Voltage: 220V

Where to buy a carousel attraction?

You can buy children's carousels from companies that actually buy wholesale carousels and then retail them to the general public. If you have an enterprise, in fact, usually a children's carousel manufacturer, which turns out to be in constant communication with large companies, especially those, and then there is a large amount of traffic coming into their creation, and then there is room for one of these simple devices. Beston produces a variety of electric baby carousel attraction to buyto fit your site space. These coins or carousel rides, however, if you choose one for yourself so your kids can have one, you just buying price carousel, as well as electricity, which can make it work. You open them up for sale online sold by individuals who might have older children that no longer need them, or not, coming from a retail store that sells a carousel horse ride.

carousel rides
Carousel rides BTS-ZM12

New “Crown” Carousel for children

Model: BTS-ZM12
Places: 12
Diameter: 4,8m
Height: 3,3 - 4,5m
Voltage: 380V

Buy a children's carousel

As the name suggests to us, the children's carousel is designed for children. There are basically two kinds carousel ride to buy on the market: One is the music box carousel, the other is the coin-operated children's carousel. These two kinds of carousels are all attractive for its lovely and luxurious appearance. Because kids are curious about new things, a variety of looks can get carousel more attention from kids. When the carousel starts the turntable from it rotates gradually, and the horses that are connected to the turntable will go up and down along the turntable. This makes little passengers feel like riding a real horse. So carousel for kids is very popular among kids.

carousel rides to buy
Carousel attraction buy BTS-ZM26

rides carousel
Attractions carousel BTS-ZM26

horse ride
Attraction carousel with horses BTS-ZM26


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