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Want to buy a 120m ferris wheel attraction at a factory price. We have a complete certificate. Our 120m ferris wheel is newly designed and popular with customers, and we have a variety of ferris wheels for sale. Contact us, we will provide free consultation and quotation services.

Ferris wheel

Beston Ferris Wheel BPZ-M120

Model: BPZ-M120
Height: 120m
Wheel diameter: 107m
Number of cabins: 68
Total capacity: 408 people
Engine: 37 кВт
Lighting: custom
Working speed: 20 minutes / week

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The 120m ferris wheel is popular with visitors to entertainment venues. People can admire the beautiful scenery from the Ferris wheel. Beston sells a quality 120m ferris wheel. The 120-meter Ferris wheel can be placed not only in amusement parks or theme parks, but also in the city center as an attraction. Our factory meets quality standards and has many experienced workers. If you are looking for the best 120m ferris wheel for sale, contact us!

Attraction Ferris wheel 120m buy

Do you want to buy a 120m ferris wheel attraction?                                  Check rates

  1. Install a lighting system on the 120-meter Ferris wheel to provide passengers with a great view at night.
  2. An air conditioning system may be added for the convenience of passengers.
  3. The number of gondolas, height and color of the ferris wheel can be customized.
  4. We use high quality solid steel to produce high quality ferris wheels.
  5. We have many types of gondolas, round gondolas and square gondolas for you to choose from, as well as other themed gondolas.
  6. We will provide a free video about the design and installation of ferris wheels.
  7. We use aluminum alloy sheet, the surface treatment is high quality coating, colorful, strong anti-corrosion coating.
  8. Our windows use imported acrylic panels, which have good light transmission and anti-aging properties. Gondola passengers will appreciate the scenery.
Ferris wheel 120m sale
Attraction ferris wheel 120m price

Do you want to buy a 120m ferris wheel attraction?                                  Check rates

Buy Ferris wheel 120m for the park
Ferris wheel 120m for sale

Do you want to buy a 120m ferris wheel attraction?                                  Check rates

Buy big ferris wheel 120m
Buy Ferris wheel 120m

Do you want to buy a 120m ferris wheel attraction?                                  Check rates

Ferris wheel 120M is a real big ferris wheel, that is, a giant ferris wheel. As we all know, a giant ferris wheel always has a large capacity.

The 120 m Ferris wheel is usually considered a landmark of the city. High in the sky, the rider can see the landscape from a bird's eye view. Therefore, it is one of the indispensable entertainment venues in large theme parks.

Attraction ferris wheel 120m

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We are good advisers and assistants for our clients, we provide them with a good return on investment. Choose a model of a 120-meter ferris wheel with the customer; design and manufacture the 120m ferris wheel according to customer's special requirements;

Sales service:

Respect clients; strive to increase the overall value of customers; check and accept products before delivery; help clients find solutions.

After-sales service:

Provide considerate services to minimize customer anxiety.

Attraction ferris wheel 120m buy price

Do you want to buy a 120m ferris wheel attraction?                                  Check rates

Beston attraction has a competitive price, our company will provide you with the best service. Most importantly, Beston has a lot of experience (especially on the Ferris wheel). When buying a Ferris wheel for an amusement park, the best choice is to choose a larger factory. Thank you for coming, if you want to know more about the 120m Ferris wheel for sale, please feel free to contact us!


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