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Ferris wheel 20m for the park: Low cost and long-term benefits. A beautiful Ferris wheel can attract a large number of tourists. This is very popular with children and parents. The Ferris wheel is the most popular attraction. But not every park has the ability to install big ferris wheel. Therefore, we offer a wide range of sizes. Want to buy low cost ferris wheel? We have the most complete certificate. All consultations are provided free of charge.

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Beston Ferris Wheel BPZ-M20

– Model: BPZ-M20
- Height: 20m
– Number of cabins: 12
– Capacity: 18 people
– Diameter: 18m*18m
– Power: 6kVt
- Voltage: 380V


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Ferris wheel 20m from the Chinese manufacturer

  • If you want to add attractions that grab people's attention, you can't go wrong with a Ferris wheel like this. The 20m ferris wheel is usually popular with adults and children.
  • The Beston Ferris wheel 20m is a particularly popular option. Because of their smaller size, these attractions may even be ideal for shopping malls.
  • Anyone who controls rides in theme parkswants to get to know the different rides that Beston has to offer. One of these attractions will be a great accessory for any park or fair.
  • If you are planning a low cost, then you should definitely think about a miniature Ferris wheel. Due to their small size, they consume much less energy. In the same time small ferris wheels can be highly profitable and are usually much cheaper than large ferris wheels.
  • Finally, the most important thing is choosing the right manufacturer. Only proven manufacturers can provide products of the highest quality. Manufacturer Beston from China - it's a good choice. All free consulting services are provided here. Contact us quickly for a price quote!
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Over time, the Ferris wheel can wear out a lot, especially if these rides are designed for children. But, fortunately, the products that Beston can produce can withstand such wear and tear. Actually, all amusement equipmentsold by Beston are made of durable materials.


  • Ferris wheel 20 m: height 20 m, with 12 cabins, each cabin can accommodate up to 4 people.
  • The 12 cabins of the ferris wheel are made of steel support frames.
  • And covered with durable fiberglass, the floor is aluminum.
  • Finally, a long service life and ease of maintenance are ensured.

The 20-meter Ferris wheel is equipped with a lighting system that will attract more children and parents at night. They will be more interested in spending time together in the cockpit. Would you like to see additional price lists? Click the "Get Quote" button to fill out the form and we will respond within 12 hours.


Ferris wheel attraction
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Do you want to buy a 20m ferris wheel attraction?                            Check rates

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We have extensive experience working with municipal organizations and private enterprises. We are members of several sales areas, which allows us to fulfill any form of orders. We will be happy to help you with any issue regarding the improvement of the amusement park, installation of attractions, maintenance and staff training.


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