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Beston Ferris Wheel BPZ-M30

– Model: BPZ-M30
- Height: 30m
– Number of cabins: 18
– Capacity: 72 people

- Square: 18m*20m
– Diameter: 25m*25m
- Speed: 1m / s
– Power: 16kVt
- Voltage: 380V

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When to buy a ferris wheel you need to choose amusement ride manufacturer right. Because the ferris wheel ride is a type of large ride and needs good security, so not every manufacturer can produce. Qualified manufacturers can produce amusement rides with quality assurance. This can protect the safety of tourists. Good manufacturers will provide comprehensive services. Pre-sales consulting and after-sales technical support will save you time and money.


BESTON Company is famous amusement ride manufacturer from China. Our company provides a variety of high quality amusement rides at affordable prices. Size, colors, patterns and booths can be customized to suit your needs. If you want to know more and Ferris wheel to buyplease contact us! We are always at your service!

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Do you want to buy a 30m ferris wheel attraction?                             Check rates

  • We provide detailed installation diagrams, manuals, photos and videos for free.
  • If necessary, Beston can send engineers and workers to your location.
  • We will arrange delivery as soon as possible within 10-20 working days.
  • We provide comprehensive after-sales service, regular product warranty, etc.
  • We have a professional design team and consulting team, can provide customers with amusement park planning, design, project design and operation consulting.

Amusement park attraction for sale from China. Do you need details? Please contact us. 

30m ferris wheel for family

Do you want to buy a 30m ferris wheel attraction?                             Check rates

The 30m Ferris wheel plays the main role in the park. Ferris wheel is indispensable attraction in the amusement park. Due to its low height and relatively safe speed, the 30-meter Ferris wheel attracts most families to visit. Parents can enjoy this ferris wheel with their children.



BESTON sells family ferris wheel different colors and patterns. Colors and patterns can be customized to suit your needs. If you want to children's attraction ferris wheel to buydo not hesitate to contact us now!

Features of the attraction Ferris wheel 30m

Ferris wheel

Do you want to buy a 30m ferris wheel attraction?                             Check rates

Main part ferris wheels 30m Beston is made of seamless steel tubes, which make Ferris wheels stronger. For materials, they can be made of fiberglass as well as aluminum alloy. With FRP and Steel as the main material, FRP is precisely manufactured by our specialists. As for the cabin, there are many designs such as water drop shape, round shape and hanging basket shape.

Beston Ferris Wheel 30m has an excellent set of LED lights, making your Ferris wheel more attractive at night. With high quality coating as anti-corrosion, waterproof material, can be painted in different colors, gloss, to meet the visual effect of people. Not easy to fade, good resistance to sunlight and bad weather.

BESTON Ferris wheel 30m in Kazakhstan

Ferris wheel to buy

In December 2019, a 30m ferris wheel was already operating in Almaty in Kazakhstan.


This is to protect the interests of customers. We guarantee quality of attractions. And we also provide after-sales tracking services. We have established offices all over the world. We will fix it immediately when the rides have a problem.

Our company sells different types of attractions Ferris wheel. Beston sells Ferris wheel 6m, 20m, 30m, 42m, 50m, 65m, 88m, 108m, 120m. Different types and sizes of products have different prices. Free price consultation.


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