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The 42m ferris wheel is magnificent and beautiful, and is one of the most important and largest equipment in the amusement park. We are Ferris wheel manufacturer from China, as a Ferris wheel manufacturer, we produce high quality Ferris wheel. Factory direct sales guarantee competitive prices. As a Chinese ferris wheel manufacturer, we hope to provide customers with high quality ferris wheel at reasonable prices. Contact us for pricing.

Buy attraction Ferris wheel 42 meters

Beston Ferris Wheel BPZ-M42

– Model: BPZ-M42
– Height: 42m
– Number of cabins: 24
– Seats per cabin: 4
– Diameter: 38,4m
– Capacity: 96
– Area: 31*28m
– Power: 16kW
– Voltage: 380V


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  • The main components are made of FRP (fiberglass) and stainless steel. And the FRP is precisely produced by our experts.
  • With high quality coating as anti-corrosion, waterproof material, can be painted in different colors, gloss, to meet the visual effect of people. Not easy to fade, good resistance to sunlight and bad weather.
  • Many dazzling LED lights illuminate your amusement park and can produce various lighting effects. Cabin LED lights can be customized
  • Low maintenance, high quality, environmentally friendly and low cost. Reasonable price so you can earn fast.
  • Movement electric control system. Easy to operate, let visitors have a safe and convenient experience.
  • In addition, we also provide free installation videos and instructions, free pre-sales and after-sales service, etc.

Want to buy this popular attraction for the park? Contact us please.

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Ferris wheel 42 meters price

The price of Ferris wheels is exactly what you want to pay attention to. You want buy a ferris wheel at a low price? How do we make prices cheaper than their counterparts?

First, mass production.

The price of Ferris wheels is closely related to the cost of production. We have a large factory, and our products have absolute factory price. We offer a variety of Ferris wheels for amusement parks around the world. We carry out mass production. For example, Russia Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq etc.

Secondly, without intermediaries.

We do not need intermediaries, our company is a combination of manufacturers and suppliers. Unlike other peers, there are no third parties between us and our clients, so we guarantee our clients profit. So you can buy an attraction at factory prices.

Do you want to buy a 42m ferris wheel attraction?                              Check rates

Chinese Ferris wheel 42 meters buy

24-hour online consultation. We offer all services from design to installation. We have professional technicians and designers, so we can provide you with all the services you need.

Before sale:

Video about work attractions for the park.

Detailed parameters of the attraction.

Make attraction drawings for you to learn more about the attraction.

In the process of sale:

Picture of the production process.

Production process report.

Product video testing.

After sale:

Professional installation videos and manuals.

If customer need, please technician supervise the installation.

Do you want to buy a 42m ferris wheel attraction?                              Check rates

Beston Attraction Ferris Wheel BNFW-20A buy from china

Save on service costs


BESTON has set up branches all over the world and provides you with technical support. So we can solve the problem in time. Therefore, you save a lot of service fees.


Save on shipping costs


Finally, our company has low transportation costs. Our partnership with international transport companies can be offered at the best shipping rates. save a lot for you.


Facts are more convincing than any words. Beston company sells high quality ferris wheel at a low price. If you want to save time and money, choosing a high quality ferris wheel is your first choice. A high quality ferris wheel can save you a lot of time and money on maintenance. Welcome to contact us!

Do you want to buy a 42m ferris wheel attraction?                              Check rates

Beston is a Chinese manufacturer of Ferris wheels.


  1. Beston Amusement Co., Ltd is an enterprise approved by the Chinese government to develop, manufacture and operate large amusement equipment.
  2. Beston company is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province of China. We are a direct manufacturer With more than 20 years of experience and have large factories and mature production lines with OBM production capacity.
  3. BESTON has set up branches around the world and provides you with technical support.
  4. Our partners from all over the world, such as the USA, Kazakhstan, Russia, India, Spain, Ukraine and others.

We hope to be your best supplier with our years of manufacturing, installation and export experience. BESTON park rides allow you to make a profit in a short time.

Ferris wheel 42 meters sale
Ferris wheel 42 meters buy

Interested in a 42m ferris wheel? We professionally produce ferris wheel and sell all kinds of ferris wheel. We also have many other attractions. For example: ride carousel, large attraction pendulum, roller coaster etc. Please send us an email or leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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