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Do you want an 88m ferris wheel attraction from China? Beston Ferris wheel for sale from China. Low maintenance, high quality, environmentally friendly and low cost. Reasonable price so you can earn fast. Please contact us.

Beston Attraction Ferris Wheel BNFW-50A buy from china

Beston Ferris Wheel BPZ-M89

– Model: BPZ-M89
- Height: 89m
– Number of cabins: 54
– Seats of each booth: 6
– Diameter: 83m
– Capacity: 324
- Square: 42*36m
– Power: 45kVt
- Voltage: 380V

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Beston Ferris Wheel 88m for sale from China. As leading manufacturer of attractions Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. provides a Ferris wheel range of 10 meters to 120 meters. Attraction Ferris wheel buy from Beston is a very good investment for your amusement rides business with great income potential.

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Do you want an 88m Ferris wheel attraction for the park?                                 Check rates

At the same time, this Ferris wheel attraction has the following characteristics:

  • A - colorful, do not fade;
  • B - with environmental protection and corrosion resistance;
  • B - have excellent stability and beautiful appearance;
  • G - to have a new style and good security;
  • D - most importantly - wide adaptability to various entertainment venues.

Warmly welcome all customers to come to Beston company. Customers will be free to choose and buy the appropriate ferris wheel for the park. In addition, Beston can provide customers with a variety of amusement amusement equipment according to customers' requirements and children's desires.

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Do you want an 88m Ferris wheel attraction for the park?                                 Check rates

At the same time, Beston has its own production plants, and implements various preferential strategies, most importantly, factory-customer direct sales, which will help customers save some transportation costs.

  • Beston designed and manufactured various entertainment equipment over 15 years. This company has already set up many offices at home and abroad. These offices have dedicated after sales teams. 
  • Beston has realized the "Customer First" company theory. This company pays great attention to omnidirectional service. In a word. 
  • Beston will help customers save repair costs. Beston Company is a responsible, considerate and reliable friend.
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Do you want an 88m Ferris wheel attraction for the park?                                 Check rates

Trust us, we will be the best partner. If you still have questions, let us know by following the comments below and we will provide the appropriate answers. I'll tell you a secret! Now our company has launched a limited-time offer. If you are lucky, you may get more free prizes.

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