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The seventh heaven attraction is very popular for the park throughout the measure. This interesting ride is also known as: Chain ride, Arabia ride, etc. The attraction has an attractive appearance. The high height and bright colors make this extreme ride stand out in the park. If you want to buy new and extreme rides for your amusement park. Seventh Heaven attraction is a good choice! We provide free consultations and quotes. Please submit your request in the form below. We will reply to you within 12 hours.

Attraction Chains buy
Attraction Chains buy

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Related question

  • So how high the rides do you want?
  • What is the area?
  • How many people can ride at the same time?
  • What is the planned price?
  • When do you want to install it?

In order to better understand your needs. The more detailed description in your letter, the more accurate our proposals. And we can give specific prices faster. But if you don't have a plan, it doesn't matter. We have a dedicated service center. Our professionals can provide park planning solutions for you free of charge. Hotie order rides for the park? Consult us now!


Buy attraction seventh heaven
Buy seventh heaven attraction

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Advantage of our factory:

  1. The ride has a 24 month warranty.
  2. We have more than 10 professional technicians, and a dedicated hotline helps you install the machine all the time.
  3. We offer a deep marketing strategy to help clients make a profit in a short time.
  4. We provide equipment for operation training and protection rides.
  5. Regular survey of customers about the situation of the rides, offer customers a job offer.
Attraction Chain
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Model Places Height Height motion Diameter Power
BNST-36A 36 68m 48m 30m 90kVt
BNST-36B 36 55,8m 36,8m 30m 81kVt
BNST-32A 32 44,8m 27m 26m 67kVt

Benefits of attraction seventh heaven

  • Direct manufactory, professional design, economical.
  • Strict quality control, always quality first. Most of our products comply with the European standard.
  • Imported FRP material to ensure the best quality
  • High modern design, customer-friendly service
  • Delivery on time, insist on reputation oriented. Perfect after-sale service.
  • With ten years of experience export and professional team work. We have built a good reputation abroad.
attraction seventh heaven buy
Attraction seventh heaven sale

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Safe design

Attraction seventh heaven benefits people. XNUMXth heaven attraction can bring people stimulation and help them relieve stress and release themselves. However, safety is always key. BESTON Chain attraction is equipped with the most modern security system.

  • Convenient shoulder restraints securely hold passengers in the ergonomic seats of the passenger unit.
  • Reliable brakes guarantee smooth deceleration, while the use of separate passenger units and energy-saving concepts significantly reduces energy consumption.
  • Each of the passenger seats is equipped with a separate safety restraint, adjustable to the size of the passenger.
  • The chain system avoids heavy wear of materials and ensures smooth starting, while the low energy consumption motor does not require serious expenses.
  • Lightning rod: a device that protects buildings from lightning strikes. In order to ensure the safety of the product, we have considered weather conditions and other factors and designed a lightning rod on the top of the product.

Do you like our safe attraction Seventh Heaven? Contact us now. Our company has also launched a number of preferential projects to open up the international market. And you will be a customer of our service. Leave your contact information or leave a message to let us know your needs, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

attraction seventh heaven sale from china
attraction seventh heaven

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Short description

Attraction the seventh heaven is the newest extreme attraction in the world. This is a unique attraction that appeals to young and old alike, the adventurous and the not-so-adventurous. While most of the tower's attractions seem to fade after time, Seventh Heaven continues the excitement.

The family ride combines the safety and thrill of the Arabian ride. The Chain attraction can operate in strong winds, unlike many others. amusement toweras it is certified by TUV to operate with wind speed 8 (74Km/h).

We also increase the height of this attraction every year and the sales representative will be able to advise you of our maximum height. To ride, guests sit on a double seat next to their friend or partner, the seat has a deep wall and is fitted with double seat belts that include "between the legs" that can only be unlocked with the help of an operator.

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attraction seventh heaven for sale

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The movement of the seventh heaven ride is like a ride chain carousel, which has been around for several decades, except for one difference - height. Arabia ride the ride rotates like a normal chain ride, but when the rotation will rise to the highest point! Clients are then treated to a series of ups and downs as they spin back and forth. A truly exhilarating experience.

wonder island seventh heaven
Attraction seventh heaven in the park

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The Chain to the Sky attraction is 60 meters high, has 12 paddles on which seats are held, each seat can accommodate 2 people. Once the passengers are safely loaded, the main tower rotates slowly and the arms/cars are lifted gently up into the air, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience, the ride gives a wonderful feeling of weightlessness. Beston offers a wide variety of sizes from small to extra large. You can choose your preferences. If you are looking for buy an attraction seventh heaven, choose Beston!

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Attraction seventh heaven sale

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Seventh Heaven Ride and Chain Ride

Identical points:

  • The seventh heaven ride and the chain ride both belong to extreme rides. These rides can bring the feeling of extreme for people.
  • These two rides are classified as chain rides. People can get good mood from these rides.
  • These two rides also have a beautiful appearance.
  • Attraction attraction Chains and chain carousel attraction also popular in the parks.
Seventh Heaven Ride and Chain Ride
Seventh Heaven Ride and Chain Ride

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Various points:

  1. Attraction seventh heaven has a high height. A height chain carousel ride low.
  2. The seats of the attraction seventh heaven rotate upwards. And the chain ride seats only rotate.
  3. The attraction attraction "Chains" requires a big investment, but earn more money! And the chain carousel attraction requires less investment.
  4. The seventh heaven attraction is more extreme compared to the chain carousel attraction.
  5. Young people prefer extreme rides. Young people prefer the Chain attraction. Children prefer mini attraction chain carousel.
attractions for youth
attraction seventh heaven

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If you have enough money and space, we recommend that you buy Seventh Heaven. Because the attraction of the seventh heaven can bring more profit. beston offers high quality chain carousel ride and seventh heaven ride at low price. If you need buy rides from China, you can contact us!


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