Attraction Carousel with Horses Buy

If you are looking for popular amusement park rides, horse carousels are definitely a good investment choice. Do you want to know the price of delivery of this attraction? Please contact us. Our company sells high quality rides at an affordable price.


children's carousels
Attraction Carousel with Horses Buy

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Children's attraction carousel with horses

1. Small footprint

The horse ride is specially designed for children, which means they are more compact in size. As a result, they can be placed in a small area of ​​the venue. Classic rides The reduced size makes it ideal for indoor theme parks.

2. Small size

The small size makes them more suitable for children's body. Parents can also watch their children during and take pictures outside of the venue.


Attraction carousel buy
Attraction carousel for children

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3.Easy to operate

Smaller size small carousels also facilitates their installation, maintenance and repair. If necessary, these park attractions can be easily moved between different locations without any professional equipment.

4. Costs are low

In addition, the children's carousel does not require much electricity, and the operating costs are low.

5. Safe ride carousel

Another advantage of miniature carousels is that they are safer. As such, they are unlikely to add any extreme annual fees to theme park insurance policies. The low speed means that accidents are very rare, and once they happen, the damage is usually small.


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Buy Carousel Attraction for the park

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Family attraction carousel

Carousel Horses is a family traditional carousel well known to everyone since childhood. The most popular and recognizable carousel with horses to buy in the world. They are always popular with children and adults. Carousels with horses can be found in almost any amusement park.

beston amusement ride carousel horses for sale

Beston offers carousel ride 3 - 38 places. The seat can take many forms, but the most popular is the horse-shaped seat. Decorative design can be of various themes: Disney characters, snow white, Frozen. There is also a version with marine life instead of horses.

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buy an attraction carousel

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Carousel Horses is equipped with a bright backlight and can be used in the dark, attracting attention with bright light. Built-in music with MP3 player allows you to play any suitable repertoire.

We will deliver the carousel to any city in Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, etc. If necessary, we will perform installation and commissioning. We provide warranty service.

carousel rides
Carousel rides for children

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Attraction carousel with horses to buy for the park

Perhaps one of the main reasons why a carousel with horses is a great investment in theme parks is that they are a good money making opportunity.

Children who visit the place with their parents will be attracted by bright colors, flashing lights, magical music and interesting places. What's more, one carousel attraction is never enough.

children's carousels to buy
Children's carousels to buy

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You can find a variety of children's carousels for sale, including rides with seats shaped like horses, dragons, ladybugs, dolphins, and unicorns. In addition, these children's attractions very accessible.

The key factor to consider is the needs of the park. It is important to know which carousel ride with horses to buy for your park. Perhaps you need a double-decker carousel. All this is worth paying attention to. Having considered all the available options, you can choose the best attractions for the park.

When purchasing a carousel, it is important to ensure that all licenses and policies have been authorized. Each state has its own rules, so you need to make sure you follow them. Make sure you have followed all permissions and rules.


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Attraction carousel

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Beston - Chinese carousel manufacturer


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