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Would you like to buy a 65m ferris wheel at a factory price? Ferris wheel sale from China. Low maintenance, high quality, environmentally friendly and low cost. Reasonable price so you can earn fast. Please contact us.

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Beston Ferris Wheel BPZ-M65

– Model: BPZ-M65
- Height: 65m
– Number of cabins: 36
– Seats of each booth: 6
– Diameter: 59,85m
– Capacity: 216
- Square: 38*32m
– Power: 26,4kVt
- Voltage: 380V

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Buy attraction Ferris wheel 65m

The presence of the attraction Beston Ferris wheel 65 meters high creates an atmosphere of hospitality and joy. Brightly illuminated in the evening and at night Ferris wheel attracts the eyes and gives people joyful emotions.

Ferris wheel buy from China

Do you want to buy a 65m ferris wheel attraction?                                   Check rates

Buy a ferris wheel very important! Are you still looking for a quality and affordable ferris wheel? Facts speak louder than words. You can check the quality of the ferris wheel yourself and we welcome your inquiry. All consultations are free.

Ferris wheel 65m buy

Do you want to buy a 65m ferris wheel attraction?                                   Check rates

Beston ferris wheel ride 65m

  • At the request of the customer, all parts beston ferris wheel can be dyed in various colors. For example: movable part, supports, external and internal finishing of booths, booth glazing, etc.
  • All metal structures of the wheel are decorative galvanized.
  • Cabin trim - stainless steel, anodized aluminium.
  • All metal structures of the wheel are the same - high corrosion resistance and excellent appearance of the wheel.
Ferris wheel sale

Do you want to buy a 65m ferris wheel attraction?                                   Check rates

Beston Ferris wheel 65m also has the following advantages:


  1. Monitoring the status of wheel movement in real time.
  2. Possibility of installation of a wheel without the capital base.
  3. Possibility to install an emergency power supply.
  4. Frequency converter and feedback control system for soft start and constant speed wheel movement.
Ferris wheel for the park

Do you want to buy a 65m ferris wheel attraction?                                   Check rates

We provide the following documents free of charge:


  • Full certificate of conformity.
  • We will also provide you with details of past cases.
  • Complete installation manual, operation manual and maintenance manual.
  • Of course, in addition to that, we also provide instructional videos for installation, etc.
Ferris wheel from China

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beston ferris wheel price

How much does a ferris wheel cost? The specific price for a new Ferris wheel depends on many factors and the type of partnership. Send a request or call to discuss cooperation!

You can buy a Ferris wheel from Beston, become a co-investor or partner of a new project. We offer various schemes of cooperation. We carry out a full cycle of project implementation: from design to installation.

Ferris wheel 65m price

Do you want to buy a 65m ferris wheel attraction?                                   Check rates

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