Attraction train

With the development of the tourism industry, the attraction train is increasingly being used in tourist attractions, parks and other places. Some of them have been applied in residential communities, commercial sites, etc. The attraction train application in these places is both a vehicle and a unique art to attract visitors. Because of the market situation, this train ride is especially popular with children.

children's rides train
Beston children's train in the mall

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What products are included in the attraction train?

In order to make Beston amusement train play a better role in entertainment venues such as parks and shopping malls, our designers have analyzed the amusement equipment trains that have hit the market in recent years. After a series of projects and improvements, we launched a series of new train rides. These include: attraction train trackless, attraction train on rails, children's attraction train, funny train ride, attraction toy railway.


Beston Attraction Train Trackless BNTT-33A buy from China
Beston Attraction Train Trackless BNTT-33A for sale

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buy an attraction children's railway
Attraction children's railway - Elephant sale

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beston trackless train attraction sale

beston trackless train ride is larger in train rides. The trackless train ride does not have a track and usually travels on cement and scenic spot roads. This and one classic attraction, and means of transportation in tourist attractions and malls. Passengers are usually tourists or customers. Therefore Beston trackless train the attraction has a wide field of view and high comfort. Visitors on the train can enjoy the scenery along the way. Some trackless trains may also be equipped with coffee bars, restaurants and other leisure facilities.


train ride trackless
Children's train for the shopping center model 04 sale

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buy a fun train ride
Children's train for the shopping center model 01 sale

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Beston ride fun little train for sale

Attraction funny little train can be either rail or railless. Why is it called a funny little train? From the picture below, it can be seen that the small locomotive is bright and cute, it is a smiling expression. It reminds us of the Thomas the Tank Engine ride, the choo choo train ride, the Bob the Tank Engine ride. beston designed cartoon elements that kids love to design into amusement equipment, which can increase traffic. If you are still considering which amusement train attraction to buy for the fastest benefit, I recommend you buy a fun train ride from Beston.


trackless train attraction train buy
Attraction train trackless Thomas sale

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attraction train choo choo
Attraction funny train BRTR-24B for sale

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Buy a children's train on rails for the park

Attraction train on rails can only travel along the track, so the indoor area is small. It is usually also powered by electricity. The track is usually round, elliptical, U-shaped, 8-shaped…… The length of the track is proportional to the size of the train attraction, and can also be customized according to customer requirements. Attraction train on rails usually mounted on a flat surface. If you have a small open space in your park that you don't know what to do, consider buy a children's train on rails. This can give you high returns in a short time.


attraction road to buy
Attraction children's railway - Ocean sale

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buy attraction train
Attraction Train on Rails 14 seats for sale

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Why Beston train attraction is famous all over the world?

  1. Our amusement train rides are new in appearance, stylish in style and beautifully illuminated, which can attract more tourists. Adults and children can participate at the same time and increase interaction. Can adapt to tourists of different ages.
  2. Attraction children's train has passed many international certifications, and its product safety performance is high. Passed EU CE certification, US FCC certification, ISO9001 product quality certification. The appearance of rounded corners, no sharp corners, to ensure the safety of tourists.
  3. Our kids train ride is factory direct sale. We have our own factory, we do not have a dealer to increase the price, the production scale is large, saving your investment costs.
  4. We have extensive experience in the entertainment industry and can provide a more complete tracking service. We offer customized solutions for free and offer investment plans for free. We sent engineers to guide the installation and provide after-sales warranty service.


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