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Buy attractions from China - Reliable, affordable and profitable. Do you want to buy rides from the manufacturer? Looking for a new attraction and want buy an attraction is not expensive? So you come to us. On our website there are presented modern attractions for shopping centers and parks from the manufacturer. For you, we have provided our development catalog, which includes the best entertainment attractions for adults and children. Our attractions require minimal investment and bring a stable income to their owner. Order Chinese attractions for your business right now!

Buy rides in China

Do you want to buy rides from China?                                       Check rates

The more diverse the rides, the more successful the business model. funny attractions for parks and open areas. Steady interest in attractions will ensure regular return of regular customers and attract new ones. An effective commercial investment with a short payback period.

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When working with us:

  • Unscrupulous suppliers can sell cheap low-quality goods.


  • All our products are of consistently high quality and we assume all warranty obligations of the manufacturer and supplier.
  • Products are made through various intermediaries, the production time is 60 days.
  • We make our rides ourselves, from start to finish, and the average turnaround time for rides is 30 days!

  • High margin due to the resale of Chinese products or the use of intermediaries in production and delivery.


  • Beston amusement rides from China is a company that integrates production and sales. Full-cycle production at our own factory allows us to sell high-quality attractions at a fair price!

  • You must transport or repair damaged products at your own expense.

  • We are responsible for the quality of each of our products and provide warranty support throughout Russia and the CIS.

  • All sorts of unreasonable collections of money.



  • All consultations and quotes are free! And we will have dedicated service center staff to answer your questions.

Beston Attractions LLC from China

OOO "Beston" Attractions is a professional manufacturer of modern amusement rides in China. Our company has specialized in the production, manufacture, design, sales and after-sales support of amusement rides for over 15 years. A professional team of highly qualified engineers is ready to offer you their services, as well as offer to turn any of your ideas into reality. A team of more than 500 best specialists have already implemented over 100 different class A and B amusement park projects.

Sale of attractions from China

Do you want to buy rides from China?                                       Check rates

"Beston" Attractions LLC is a member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, Association of Amusement Equipment, and also participated in exhibitions in the USA, Russian Federation, Dubai and others. Products from the manufacturer are subject to certification and rigorous testing according to BV, SONCAP, CE, ISO9001 and others. Buy high quality rides with certification (BV, SONCAP, CE, ISO9001) for your amusement ride business or want to customize some new amusement park rides?

How to choose a good manufacturer - buy an attraction

If you want to buy rides, you need to know how to choose a manufacturer. This is extremely important to you.

And does the manufacturer have prestige? Does he have a good reputation? The user must first understand. Its whether the manufacturer has a complete procedure. Does the manufacturer have a complete program? Whether he has the proper qualifications of production and sales. Whether the seller speaks well or conducts an on-site inspection of the entertainment equipment manufacturer. Is he sure to have a production base. These are very important.

Buy Chinese attractions

Do you want to buy rides from China?                                       Check rates

And your company BESTON is a reliable cooperation partner. And we provide you with a complete service system. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our production plants and company sales centers. With advanced technology, first-class quality and high-quality service, the company's products sell well throughout the country and are exported to Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, other countries and regions, winning the favor and praise of customers. Trust us, we will be the best partner.

Как Chinese amusement rides manufacturer, we sell not only ready-made attractions that are popular in all countries. We also manufacture attractions according to projects and ideas received from customers. Our developers work day and night to create new exciting attractions. The catalog will be periodically updated with new profitable attractions.


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