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Equipment For Children's Playrooms

Equipment for children's playrooms is one of the most profitable and promising business areas with a yield of up to 1000% per year!
BESTON is a manufacturer of equipment for children's playrooms of any complexity and configuration. If you do not know how to open a children's playroom - ask us! Our consultants will provide you with comprehensive information.
BESTON company sells equipment for a children's entertainment center (from 100 sq. m) at affordable prices with high quality. Do you want to buy equipment for children's playrooms from China? Do you want to know the price? Contact us!
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Children's Playroom Equipment From China

Do you want to buy equipment for children's playrooms from China? Check out the benefits below:


The Chinese manufacturer produces a children's play maze using a patented technology for connecting carrier pipes. Advanced technological advances can provide greater safety for children.


High Quality
The equipment is manufactured from certified, odorless, high quality commercial materials. All equipment for children's playrooms meets quality standards and has been tested!


Rational decision
Children's playroom equipment from China is a smart solution, it is the most popular play area equipment, it is one of the most visited attractions.


Recommended Solution
We will help you choose and buy children's labyrinths in accordance with their location, as well as offer a comprehensive solution for creating a place of active leisure for children.
Welcome to buy or customize your own special rides children's playrooms.

Products Details

Check here and let us know which types you like and contact us for product details.
Macaron Theme
Marine theme
Forest Theme
Space Theme
Children's play maze
Children's game maze “Macaron Theme”
Equipment for children's rooms Macaron Theme
Equipment for children's rooms "Macaron Tema"
Kids Play Rooms “Macaron Theme”
Kids Play Rooms “Macaron Theme”
Children's playrooms Marine Theme
Children's playrooms “Marine Theme”
Equipment for children's rooms “Marine Theme” price
Game rooms “Marine Theme”
Equipment for children's rooms Marine Theme buy
Equipment for children's rooms “Marine Theme”
Equipment for children's rooms price
Equipment for children's rooms "Forest Theme"
Children's playrooms to buy
Children's playrooms “Forest Theme”
Equipment for children's playrooms Space Theme
Equipment for children's playrooms “Space Theme”
Buy Equipment for children's playrooms Space Theme
Buy Equipment for children's playrooms “Space Theme”
Kids Play Rooms “Space Theme”
Kids Play Rooms “Space Theme”

Rich Elements

Standard game room, which is quite affordable for most buyers, may contain the following elements:

Slide with tubing

Slide with tubing
The tubing slide can be part of a children's maze or used as an independent attraction. A special design with a special sliding surface that allows children and their parents to ride tubing down the hill at any time of the year.
Rope Labyrinth
Rope Labyrinth
It is an original version of a rope park for children with a passive safety system. There is a double mesh around the entire playground, which ensures 100% child safety, the inability to get injured or stumble and fall off the playground.
Ocean Ball Pool
Ocean Ball Pool
There are countless colorful balls in the ocean ball pool, and kids can learn to distinguish between different colors as they play. Classify, count, tap and do other ocean ball sports.
trampoline park
trampoline park
The trampoline park can train children's leg muscles and improve their physical coordination. This builds the balance of the body, making it more stable when walking, and later more stable and faster when running.
Climbing Wall
Climbing Wall
In rock climbing, it can improve physical fitness and is a good exercise for children's healthy development. Secondly, it can also increase the flexibility and coordination of the child's body.
Interactive Mazes
Interactive Mazes
We have worked out models of labyrinths, we also offer individual design, taking into account all the nuances of the room. For example, semi-circular walls, columns, beams, different heights, etc.

Beston Children's Playroom Equipment Video

Customer Reviews

Project of an Entertainment Center with an Area of ​​1000 Sq. M in Kazakhstan

Cooperation with Beston Attractions exceeded our expectations! Their team of engineers displayed the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail. They not only installed the equipment at our facility, but also ensured its efficient operation. We felt in good hands throughout the entire collaboration process.

Children's Play Center 1320 m² in Saudi Arabia

Thanks to Beston Attractions, our business has received a new impetus! Their experienced engineers not only provided professional on-site support, but also helped us optimize the performance of our entertainment equipment. We are grateful for their friendly approach and recommend Beston Attractions to everyone who values ​​quality and reliability.

Project cases

Uzbekistan Children's playroom 1500 sq.m. Uzbekistan Children's playroom 1500 sq.m.
Beston Playroom Design Beston Playroom Design
Beston Complex entertainment equipment in Uzbekistan Beston Complex entertainment equipment in Uzbekistan
Beston provides children's play mazes in Kazakhstan Beston provides children's play mazes in Kazakhstan
Beston supplied children's playrooms to Uzbekistan Beston supplied children's playrooms to Uzbekistan
Beston Children's maze attraction in Uzbekistan Beston Children's maze attraction in Uzbekistan
Beston attraction labyrinth in Kyrgyzstan Beston attraction labyrinth in Kyrgyzstan
Children's playrooms in Tashkent, Uzbekistan Children's playrooms in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

What factors affect the price of equipment?

How much to buy children's entertainment center equipment From China? The price depends on many factors.
Focus on Quality
– From the point of view of a commercial offer, the quality and cost of any type of product are directly proportional. The first factor that investors involved in child attraction should consider is quality issues, so when buying a child attraction, you should keep an eye on the appearance and quality of the product.
production cost
The production of a product requires a lot of labor. And we have great advantages in this regard. China is a country with abundant human resources, large labor force, high efficiency and cost savings. At the same time, our labor prices are not high in China. Save on high labor costs.
Technology and materials
– Beston uses the best technology to produce our products. With the rapid development of China in recent years, China's national strength has increased. We have produced the best rides using the best technology and eco-friendly materials.
Equipment For Children's Entertainment Center buy
Apart from the above, there are after-sales services to be considered. And we always take the interests of our customers as a priority.
We guarantee you the best products at an affordable price. Do you want to buy equipment for children's playrooms from China?

Why Are Children's Playroom Equipment So Popular?

More and more children's entertainment centers will appear soon, and you can quickly earn money on them!

Interesting and captivating

The equipment attracts children with bright colors, all kinds of design elements and a variety of game variations. The playroom for children is always filled with brightly colored play equipment, of which the children's labyrinth stands out.

Contribute to the development of the child

The normal and full development of young children requires space. A children's play maze is a good gift: children can actively and safely develop in a limited area, improving their physical and mental qualities.

Wide range of applications

Suitable for shopping malls, entertainment centers, resort hotels, cafes, theme restaurants, parks, kindergartens and schools, country camping and more.

Latest fashion trends

As living standards rise, a popular trend is the creation of safe recreation centers for children. Among them, the children's playroom is the most popular!

Investment manageability

Investors choose various suitable equipment in the children's playroom according to their budget and ideas. Investment risk is small and controllable.
Operating budget analysis table
Project TypeChildren's Entertainment Center Equipment
Paid ModelOne ChargeYears of Operation3
Project OverviewPark OverviewTotal area
Year-Round Working Time (days)Average Daily Working Time (hours/day)Average Consumption
Equipment overviewPassenger capacity
Full Passenger Traffic
Average game time (hour/person)Total Power Consumption (kWh)Electricity fee
638851 2100.05
Passenger traffic analysisWeekday Guest Traffic
Holiday Traffic
Average daily passenger traffic
Amount of workers
Average salary
Operating costsTotal Investment in EquipmentPayroll Expenses
Electricity costs
Advertising expenses
Infrastructure Costs
Total Project Income964285.7 Total Fixed Cost283000General Operating Costs63000
Theoretical Limit ValueMaximum Passenger Capacity during Peak Hours
3402.666667Maximum One Day Income (yuan)51040
Revenue AnalysisAverage monthly net income67246Average Annual Net Income806952Estimated Payback Period
Net Profit for the First Year618286

Why Buy Kids Playroom Equipment From Beston

Do you want to choose a reliable company? In the BESTON company, it is not difficult to buy a high-quality and safe gaming complex labyrinth.
Safe play complex labyrinth
Safe play complex labyrinth

Safe and Affordable

  • Summing up the above, it should be noted that children's play mazes, the prices for which are suspiciously low, will be of poor quality.
  • BESTON does not offer children's play maze at reduced prices. It offers a game labyrinth, the price of which is adequate and democratic (no higher than that of other manufacturers).
  • But the company provides a huge selection, as well as a guarantee of quality and safety. In the BESTON company, it is not difficult to buy a high-quality and safe gaming complex labyrinth.
  • All consultations are free. Do you want to know the price? Click the button to write down your question.
BESTON company is a good choice
BESTON is a good choice

National Support

  • As we all know, all international transactions will be very smooth if supported by the country! Our company has all relevant certificates! So it is supported by the state. Since China supports our export trade, we are able to sell high quality products at reasonable prices.
  • We have many qualification certificates. We have certificates: ISO9001, SGS, CO, CIQ, COC, BV, TUV, China CE license for the production of special equipment (China CE) and the license of the PRC for installation, alteration, repair and maintenance of special equipment. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in various appreciated different markets all over the world.

No Intermediary Required

  • Because not all companies are qualified and able to produce equipment. So they need intermediaries. However, intermediaries will make a profit, so the price will be more expensive.
  • BESTON is a manufacturer and supplier of its own production, which saves on intermediary costs. We have a professional manufacturer and a professional sales team.
  • We can guarantee what you want buy park and children's attractions from China. Are you interested in our products? As you can see, we will provide you with an affordable price.

BESTON Company - Good Choice

BESTON, as a well-known amusement ride manufacturer in China. If you are interested in attractions from China, please contact us!
children's maze
Equipment for children's playrooms from China
BESTON company from China for quite a long time specializes in such activities as the production and sale of game labyrinths. A wide range of goods allows you to find absolutely any game labyrinth, which has dimensions from 100 sq.m. up to 7000 sq.m. as well as a variety of design options. If you want to buy it, I believe we will be a good partner. Leave your contact information such as email address, phone number, etc. We will contact you in time.
Playrooms for children
Game room maze, purchased from this company, is distinguished by a high degree of versatility and quality. Children's multi-level play mazes produced by this company have the following advantages: durability, attractive appearance, ease of assembly and transportation, environmental friendliness and hypoallergenicity, affordable prices. BESTON company is the best partner. Call now for details. We have a professional service center, professionals will answer your questions.

Other Attractions

We insist on the interests of our customers and sell everything types of attractions.

chain carousel ride

Attraction flight

Attraction carousel

Attraction autodrome

BESTON provides high quality children attractions. In addition, on the company's website you can find many useful articles and business plans. All requests are free. Welcome to get the price.


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