Equipment for the Children's Entertainment Center

Buy equipment for a children's entertainment center - This project has gradually turned into the most worthwhile investment project. In the 21st century, people's lives are getting better and better as society progresses. Now parents attach great importance to the growth of their children. That is why children's entertainment centers are always in demand and remain, perhaps, one of the most profitable activities. Do you want to buy equipment for a children's entertainment center (from 200 sq. m.)? Free consultation now to get a quote.

Setting Various Themes

Buy equipment for a children's entertainment center
Children's play maze buy from the manufacturer
Children's play mazes from the manufacturer
Equipment for children's playrooms from China
Equipment for children's entertainment center Candy theme
Children's play mazes buy in china
Children's play mazes from China
Children's play mazes China
Buy equipment for a children's entertainment center
Children's playrooms “Macaron Theme”

The biggest feature is that warm and cute, colorful, fresh and natural, fashionable and eye-catching, add a little vitality and vivacity. Current Colors: Cherry Blossom Powder, Mint Green, Creamy Yellow, Light Blue, etc. Children's world will be colorful! The children's world will become colorful in equipment Equipment for children's playrooms “Macaron Theme”!

Children's play maze buy from the manufacturer
Children's playroom “Morandi”

The biggest feature of the color is the addition of gray or white tones to the color, which makes the color more elegant, artistic, peaceful and elegant, calm and reserved. Natural, elegant, the overall tone exudes a sense of harmonious sophistication. This style is ideal for mid to high end shopping malls.

Children's play mazes from the manufacturer
Children's playroom “Forest Theme”

The forest theme brings us a sense of naturalness and comfort, bringing people closer to the quiet, peaceful and relaxing feeling of the original life, to relieve the weariness of life and soothe the soul. The more area game room “Forest Theme”, the better, because the larger the area, the more a person feels closer to the endless forest.

Equipment for children's playrooms from China
Equipment for children's rooms “Marine Theme”

The main theme colors are blue and white. Create a mysterious ocean world and let kids have fun playing in a world of diverse sea creatures. The blue sky and the sea give people a feeling of freshness. Likewise, the larger the area, the better, and the devices it accommodates will be more colorful. More attractive to more kids and parents.

Equipment for children's entertainment center Candy theme
Children's Maze “Candy theme”

Due to its color scheme, the use of beautiful pink, yellow, yellow and other tones has a strong visual impact that can attract the attention of children and parents. Judging by the shape of the candy, Candy Theme Children's Entertainment Center Equipment is a lively and childish design style.

Children's play mazes buy in china
Equipment for children's playrooms “Space Theme”

Its design elements are spaceships, astronauts, other planets, aliens and more. Children from childhood have a curious desire to yearn for the universe of science and technology. This theme's device design allows kids to explore the universe and technology, and learn more interesting mysteries.

Children's play mazes from China
Children's play maze “Imitated theme”

Its design is mainly to simulate mini castles, houses, schools, hospitals, streets, supermarkets and so on. Children's play maze “Simulated Theme” allows children to learn new skills in a safe environment.

Children's play mazes China
Equipment for children's playrooms “Ice and snow theme”

The snow-themed indoor playground equipment is bright, and the colors of the ice and snow are light blue, perfectly conveying the romance and tranquility of the ice and snow world. In recent years, the snow-themed indoor playground has become one of the most popular projects for kids and adults alike.

Custom Themes

Baby Maze "Custom Themes": To meet the different needs of different customers, we can customize children's playrooms on different topics. Its innovative design depends on the site, the positioning and color scheme of the theme as desired by the customer, etc. It will become more distinctive, more unique and more attractive to the child.

Can be invested in many places

  • Shopping center
  • indoor amusement park
  • Community Center
  • children's park
  • school district
  • children's palace

Examples of Game Labyrinth Projects in the World

We sell worldwide: Beston children's playrooms have been successfully installed and operated in countries around the world, such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, etc.

We offer 3D design: It should be noted that we not only supply equipment for children's entertainment centers in amusement parks and shopping centers, but also provide a full range of design services.

Comprehensive service: free pre-sales consultation, real-time feedback on product production, timely transportation and delivery, installation team support, one-year warranty and free accessories.

Contact now for more information on our success stories.

  • Time: May 2022
  • Type: Forest Theme
  • Size: 1500 m²
  • Status: Project launched

Indoor soft playground, climbing wall, trampoline park, 9D VR, multiple game machines, piano keys and strings, interactive projection, etc.

  • Time: 2017
  • Type: Forest Theme
  • Size: 1200 m²
  • Place of investment: business district

The main children's play equipment: a carousel attraction, a children's designer "Blocks", a children's play complex, trampolines and a pool with balls, etc.

  • Time: March 2022
  • Type: Snow Theme
  • Size: 1900 m²
  • Location: Snow Park

All children attractions: bumper cars, children's amusement rides excavators, 5m high and 15m wide climbing wall, mirror maze, etc.

  • Time: November 2020
  • Type: nautical theme
  • Size: 800 m²
  • Location: Recreation center

In 2019, the project was successfully launched and began to make a profit. In connection with the approval of the products, customers have taken the initiative to display the Beston logo.

  • Time: June 2022
  • Type: Children's corner
  • Size: 200 m²
  • Location: Cheers Fun Park

In 2019, the project was successfully launched and began to make a profit. In connection with the approval of the products, customers have taken the initiative to display the Beston logo.

  • Time: March 2021
  • Type: Snow Theme
  • Size: 1100 m²
  • Location: Shopping mall

Beston actively monitors the progress of the entire production and delivery process. Clients are satisfied with our responsiveness and service.

Beston Kids Maze “Candy” Pakistan
  • Time: March 2022
  • Type: Candy Theme
  • Size: 200 m²
  • Location: Indoor play center

Buyers are very satisfied with the cute and hot pink candy color. Buyers are very satisfied with the cute and hot pink candy color.

Beston Children's Entertainment Center Equipment Video

What Affects Investment Prices?

Many factors affect the price of equipment for a children's entertainment center. Next, we will tell you about the most important factors and, finally, we will provide you with investment recommendations.

  • 01
    The area affects the price

    Firstly, the size of the area is different, and the price is definitely not the same. The larger the area, the greater the amount of investment required. And that means your indoor entertainment items will be richer, attracting more customers and bringing in more profits! For example, Data shows that the return on investment of 2000 sqm will be much higher than the final income of 200 sqm! Of course, you need to consider your own actual situation in order to make a decision.

  • 02
    Quality affects price

    Secondly, prices will vary depending on finishes, materials and workmanship. It is worth noting that with good materials and workmanship, the product quality will be better, and your children's play maze will be safer and more environmentally friendly! The advantage of high quality equipment is also very low maintenance costs. This turns your project into a successful long-term profitable state!

  • 03
    Investment recommendation

    Finally, it is recommended to choose a project with a large investment area (more than 200 square meters), good quality, safety and environmental protection, and rich design within the achievable range. The reference price of Beston indoor playground equipment is: $150/m². Would you like to know more about the cost of investing in equipment for a children's entertainment center? Contact us now!

Introduction to the Core Area

The children's play maze is a new and multifunctional children's entertainment equipment. It is designed for kids who love drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, swinging, jumping and so on. It allows kids to have fun, have fun while learning and keep their mind and body healthy in a safe environment.

slide zone
Trampoline Center
climbing area
electrical zone
interactive zone
Arcade VR zone
Experience Zone
Children's slide zone
Children's slide zone

High quality fiberglass oblong slide, beautiful in shape and colorful. Children's limbs and whole body coordination receive a continuous and complete exercise on the slide. Children's slide with music: colorful lights and dynamic music add fun and interactivity, making it more attractive for children.

  • wave slide
  • spiral slide
  • rainbow slide
  • Hill with music
Trampoline Center

The trampoline center can improve children's flexibility and coordination. It has been proven that such physical activity increases the efficiency of the brain, concentration of attention, improves memory, well-being and improves mood. Parents and children jump up and down together to evoke joy and happiness.

  • sticky wall
  • sponge pool
  • trampoline basketball
  • Challenge obstacle
 Children's rock climbing

Rock climbing is a popular sport for both parents and children. Specially designed for children, it is not very high and very safe. Children's climbing also allow you to develop logical thinking skills. For children, a big plus will be the fact that rock climbing perfectly develops fine motor skills.

  • Rock climbing
  • Rock climbing on the volcano
    Volcano Challenge
  • Rope Labyrinth
    rainbow network
  • climbing maze
    Maze Challenge
electrical zone
electrical zone

The electrical equipment is equipped with systems such as silent motor, environmentally friendly high quality PVC, reinforced base plate and intelligent speed control. Through the coordinated and stable interaction of the upper and lower extremities, children can rise and sit in a safe parallel rotation to form a new balance experience and contribute to improved sensory integration ability.

  • mini carousel
  • UFO carousel
    UFO carousel
  • adventure ball
  • squirrel carousel
    squirrel carousel
interactive zone
interactive zone

Ball throwing, trampoline breakthrough, water gun, treasure digging, etc. For example, kids can hit the target on the screen with the ocean ball and get rewarded with points accordingly. The operation is simple and fun, and it brings children joy and a sense of accomplishment as they complete levels.

  • ball throwing
    ball throwing
  • trampoline breakthrough
    trampoline breakthrough
  • Water gun
    Water gun
  • Dig treasure
    Dig treasure
VR & Arcade Zone

Fashionable VR equipment and a new slot machine will take you to an amazing world! On the attractions built on the basis of modern technologies, you can not only play races, walkers or shoot, but also get visual information about the origin of the universe; train your dexterity and reaction by dodging obstacles.

  • Combat aircraft
    Combat aircraft
  • Shooting fight
    Shooting fight
  • Fly in the air
    Fly in the air
  • Slot machine
    Slot machine
Experience Zone
Experience Zone

Children and their parents build DIY projects such as Lego World, hospital, bakery and more. In order to develop children's observation and imagination, exercise coordination, interpersonal skills and other skills. All use safe and environmentally friendly materials. Provide a safer and more reliable experience for parents and children.

  • Lego
  • Cook
  • Driver simulation
  • Doctor

Detailed Material Information

Since so-called details determine success or failure, the details of a good product are most capable of showing the quality of the attraction.

3D Printing Engraving Machine

The 3D printing engraving machine can engrave various shapes as requested. Beston factory use it to produce customized products according to customers' needs  Product setup.

Styrofoam sleeves

No open flame when burning - good fire resistance.

Even if white smoke is burning (not black smoke) - safe and environmentally friendly.

platform board

The inner layer is a multi-layer board, the middle layer is covered with thick foam sponge, and the outer layer is covered with a layer of imported super PVC - excellent features.

100 kg adults can stand on it without any problem - load capacity is high.

ocean ball

Polyethylene plastic PE is used - non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly.

Diameter 5,5/7/8 cm to choose from - large size so that children do not accidentally eat.

Floor mat

High density EVA sponge, thickness ≥6mm — Good cushioning, impact resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical resistance and other advantages, and non-toxic.

Covered in glossy leather easy to clean, bright color, color can be customized.


Polyethylene plastic PE is used - non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly.

Diameter 5,5/7/8 cm to choose from - large size so that children do not accidentally eat.

Screws and protective covers

Fully galvanized high strength screws - make the whole structure safe and reliable.

With environmental protection plastic cover to prevent injury from impact — to protect the safety of children.

Steel pipe

Pipe made of galvanized steel with a diameter of 48 mm - durable and reliable.

According to international standard GB/T244-97 — quality guaranteed

Beston Attractions LLC

Core Business
  • 01
    Park Design
  • 02
    Sale of Attractions
  • 03
    Product Setup
  • 04
    Investment Plan
  • 01
    Design Department
  • 02
    Production Division
  • 03
    Sales department
  • 04
    Service center
Core Business

Project Collaboration Process

  • Sorting Information

    01 – Project negotiations
    02 - Data collection
    03 - Information processing

  • Feasibility Analysis

    04 - Project investigation
    05 – Market research
    06 - Project analysis
    07 - Project Orientation

  • Design Stage

    08 - Creative planning
    09 - Design communication
    10 - Floor plan
    11 - 3D design
    12 - Detail design

  • Project management

    13 - Engineering design
    14 - Technical guide
    15 - Operational guidance

Benefits of Investing & Why Choose Beston

Profitable Investment
Controlled Investments
Low investment risk
Easy Maintenance
Profitable Investment

In recent years, due to rising living standards and changing consumption patterns, parents have paid special attention to nurturing the all-round qualities of children. The investment in this project proved to be very profitable.

Beston helps you invest successfully:

beston has a lot of real customer testimonials to achieve fast return on capital and steady profits, and can provide you with a quick and profitable investment and operation guide. Beston's professional team will conduct preliminary research on site selection, operation management, and make recommendations. (Universal solution for entertainment complexes:Such as market research and competition analysis of surrounding projects, project review and plan positioning, site basic information and precautions, etc.)

Controlled Investments

The project is not limited by factors such as the shape of the plot, the size of the plot, the weather, etc. The design of the project can be made according to the actual situation of each investor. Most importantly, the project budget can be based on various layouts and products to meet the needs of investors.

Beston provides customized services:

beston provides individual and differentiated services in accordance with the real conditions and needs of customers. BESTON has rich industry experience, a professional design team, pays attention to overall conformity, various functions, and reasonable layout.

Low Investment Risk

As we all know, a children's play maze must be supremely safe. Equipment for a children's entertainment center to buy must be safe and environmentally friendly. Under normal conditions, children are less likely to be injured compared to large and extreme rides. You don't have to worry that your customers might get hurt and the benefits will be permanent.

Beston creates a safe paradise together with you:

beston selects high quality environmentally friendly materials, fully covered with soft bags, healthy and safe without peculiar smell. Beston carefully treats every link of production, pays attention to every detail, and creates a safe, environmentally friendly and happy children's paradise.

Easy Maintenance:

Most of the equipment in children's entertainment centers is non-energy equipment. One of the biggest advantages of its equipment is that it is easy to install, easy to maintain and simple to maintain. Compared with extreme rides, investing in this children's play maze project can greatly save on post-maintenance costs.

Beston offers comprehensive maintenance services:

beston will provide investors with additional maintenance services. For example: one-year warranty, installation guide, Chinese/local installation team, daily/monthly/annual inspection and maintenance guide, regular inspection reminder, etc. Contact now to get more service details immediately!

Profit Analysis Form

Operating budget analysis table
Project TypeChildren's Entertainment Center Equipment
Paid ModelOne ChargeYears of Operation3
Project OverviewPark OverviewTotal area
Year-Round Working Time (days)Average Daily Working Time (hours/day)Average Consumption
Equipment overviewPassenger capacity
Full Passenger Traffic
Average game time (hour/person)Total Power Consumption (kWh)Electricity fee
638851 2100.05
Passenger traffic analysisWeekday Guest Traffic
Holiday Traffic
Average daily passenger traffic
Amount of workers
Average salary
Operating costsTotal Investment in EquipmentPayroll Expenses
Electricity costs
Advertising expenses
Infrastructure Costs
Total Project Income964285.7 Total Fixed Cost283000General Operating Costs63000
Theoretical Limit ValueMaximum Passenger Capacity during Peak Hours
3402.666667Maximum One Day Income (yuan)51040
Revenue AnalysisAverage monthly net income67246Average Annual Net Income806952Estimated Payback Period
Net Profit for the First Year618286
Calendar for 2023:
Passenger traffic guarantee:

Many holidays, a pledge of passenger traffic, long-term profit and stability.

As everyone knows, in addition to the influx of people during non-working hours on weekdays, the flow of people on holidays is more important.

Take, for example, non-working days in 2023. Weekends and public holidays last up to 118 days as shown in the calendar.

According to the statistics of real investors operating the children's entertainment center project: the number of passengers on holidays and weekends can reach about 300 people (This is just a very conservative calculation).

After-sales service

Factory assembly test
Delivery Guarantee
Packing list
Installation Services
Warranty service
Management Guide
Assembly test at the factory in China

① To ensure that the quantity and structure of materials cannot be missed, we will count and check the materials before delivery.
② What's more, we will conduct many field construction tests in the factory to ensure that the customer receives the product and can install it successfully.
③ Finally, don't worry about building problems, we will also provide 3D installation drawings and detailed installation videos.
④ Of course, if you encounter a problem, we will also help you solve any problems in real time.

Assembly test at the factory in China
Assembly test at the factory in China

Structural installation drawing
Structural installation drawing

Packing material

① Packing more than 3 layers of bubble wrap.
② Heavy weights are at the bottom and light weights at the top to prevent damage.
③ FRP is separately packed in a wooden box to avoid impact damage.
④ Steel pipes are cut, bundled, marked and fixed in a container.

bubble wrap packaging
bubble wrap packaging

Binding and fastening of steel pipes
Binding and fastening of steel pipes

Ready to ship
Ready to ship

Packing list

① Mark the details of the product so as not to lose the item.
② Product block diagram (convenient for customers to assemble according to the block diagram).
③ Provide the customer with a shipping list with product name, package quantity, etc.
④ In order to facilitate the inventory of goods at the port of destination, it is convenient for customers to count the quantity.

Packing list for June 20, 2022
Packing list for June 20, 2022

Packing list for June 20, 2022
Packing list for June 20, 2022

Installation Services

① Installation Instructions: Beston provides installation instructions and a list of installation tools. Perfect installation documentation can help investors achieve a hassle-free installation in the shortest possible time.
② China after-sales service team: We have a professional after-sales service team who can guide the installation process online. And there are specialists who help customers solve problems in a timely manner. In addition, we can send an installation team to your country to help you.
③ Local installation service: because we have rich experience in installation and projects all over the world. Therefore, we can also recommend a reliable local installation team. This quickly saves money and helps investors.

After-sales service team in China
After-sales service team in China

Installation team in Uzbekistan
Installation team in Uzbekistan

About Warranty:

① Warranty period: one year.
② Provide professional online/offline installation and maintenance services.
③ Professional after-sales service department, feedback any quality problems within 24 hours and provide solutions.

About service:

① Daily Inspection Documents:
For example, an escalator that is often touched by children is wiped down every day with a cloth to clean and disinfect. Check if the safety net is loose.
② Weekly inspection documents:
For example: general cleaning and disinfection of the site once a week. Check once the lag screws are loosened.
③ Quarterly inspection documents:
For example: Generally, ocean balls are cleaned with a ball washer once a quarter. Check and service large parts.

Ocean Ball Cleaning Machine
Ocean Ball Cleaning Machine

Spray sterilizer
Spray sterilizer

Guest Acquisition Guide

① Look for institutions and departments for long-term cooperation, such as kindergartens, early childhood centers, children's health and medical institutions, parenting and training institutions, children's photography studios, hotel catering, etc.
② Organize Parent-Child Activities Regularly: Organize parent-child activities related to the competition and award the top three participating families. And post event photos at the event venue to play a promotional role.
③ Recommendations for various charging methods: Implementing a single ticket system for playing in no-power zones, electric zones, virtual reality zones and other separate charging modes to obtain multiple benefits.

Organize activities for parents and children
Organize activities for parents and children

Zoning fee
Zoning fee

Create exclusive IP

Building your own IP project plays a vital role in your continued profitability. Beston Attractions LLC, as a professional manufacturer of children's playrooms, helps you to be successful and profitable all the time. Get a free consultation now to learn more about how to build your brand.

  • Traditional

    Children's Maze


    Deprecated Styles


    Bad interactive experience


    Serious homogeneity in the market

  • New

    Game Labyrinth


    Fashion equipment


    Highly interactive


    Creation of an exclusive IP brand

IP cartoon image design

Innovative and attractive

Increase brand communication

Derivative developments

Brand features

Customer Reviews

  • Alexander
    Very satisfied! Beston Children's playroom equipment is very beautiful! Now the Children's game maze works without failures. This product is very fond of tourists, especially many children and parents. Thanks a lot! In the future, if our amusement park needs other amusement equipment, we will buy it from Beston!
    I am very glad to receive your feedback. It is our pleasure to serve you. We also look forward to working together in the future.
  • Ksenia
    Good morning. Our children's play maze has been successfully installed. Thank you very much for your installation service for us. We admire the thoughtfulness of your company.
    Good afternoon. this is what we should do!
    The quality of the carousel ride is also very good. Colors and shapes are also made according to our request! I am very glad!
  • Alexey
    Good morning, Alexey. How is the quality of Beston carousel ride? Running smoothly?
    Yes. All the best! We found a professional to test, your product quality is very good! Our customers are also very satisfied with this product!
    Good. We will also provide you with free warranty service.

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