The price depends on many factors. All prices are customizable according to your actual location and budget. The final price depends on the 3D drawing. Here are three types of price ranges for your reference:
1. Traditional children's entertainment center combined with various themes: USD 92~138 per square meter.
2. Equipment for children's entertainment center combined with electrical equipment: USD 115~184 per square meter.
3. Children's play maze combined with interactive equipment (such as wall-breaking games, interactive projection equipment, volcano climbing, etc.): USD 138~230 per square meter.
In particular, it depends on the actual area of ​​the children's entertainment center on your side, the location of the indoor children's playground, the environment of the venue, the local consumption level and the competitive environment, etc. Because each investor's investment plan is different. Therefore, we need to first understand some specific situations on your part, and then give suggestions.
The return on investment cycle of a children's entertainment center business is calculated based on many factors, such as the location of the facility, passenger traffic, and ticket prices. We can calculate a specific time for you based on the specific details you provide. According to our current experience, if the place is good and the business is good, then it usually pays for itself in 5-8 months. (Of course, here you need to take into account the area of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbyour children's entertainment center and the amount of initial investment.)
In addition to choosing the best location and attractive equipment, you need to continue to invest in promotional activities suitable for local consumer groups during the opening and operation process. You also need to regularly plan suitable promotions, organize interesting events in the institution, improve the quality of service, and so on.

In addition, maintaining a certain cycle of entertainment equipment renewal is also an integral part of your good business. If you want to maintain long-term attractiveness children's play maze, it is recommended to upgrade the equipment after about 3 years, such as adding new play equipment or replacing some old decorations.

Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to choose a place with a high population density near a shopping center or residential area, with a large flow of people and complete infrastructure. In addition, whether there is fierce competition around is also one of the factors to be considered.
Any investment project has certain risks, but it is worth noting that the risk of investing in children's playrooms relatively small. The investment risk mainly depends on some individual products. For example, when you want to change your investment location, the depreciation rate of these products is relatively high. Therefore, at the beginning of the creation of the project, it is necessary to work hard on site selection and comprehensive consideration. Don't worry, if you are new to the entertainment equipment industry, contact Beston professionals as soon as possible, we will provide you with professional support and help.

There are many types of children's entertainment center equipment, mainly depending on the age group you plan to target.
Young children generally prefer sand pools, trampolines, wall-breaking games, ball pools, ball forts, slides, role-playing games, and building blocks.
Older kids usually enjoy challenging slides, volcano climbing, climbing wall, rope park, rainbow rope and more.
Read more about the equipment on the page: Equipment for children's playrooms.

  • Latest styles: Macaron Theme, Morandi Theme, Space Theme.
  • Hot styles: forest theme, ocean theme, pirate ship theme.
  • Classic styles: candy theme, castle theme, ice and snow theme.

Do you have a favorite style or color here? Or is it convenient for you to send information about your investment platform? We will help you conduct professional market research to provide you with the best themes to choose from.

Site preparation and investment budget are the most important for children's playrooms.
Square size: Children's mazes usually have an area of ​​100 to 5000 square meters.
Indoor and outdoor: Most of them are built indoors, but of course they can also be built outdoors.
We recommend building it in malls, malls, indoor amusement parks and other places with relatively high passenger traffic.
There are no requirements and restrictions on the shape of the playground and so on to open a children's play maze. Primarily, children's playroom is customized according to your actual venue, so there are no venue requirements. You only need to send us site drawings and detailed locations, and our designers will recommend themes and project designs for you.
To improve the playing experience, it is suggested that the optimal height of the court is 4 meters, and the minimum height should also be 2,8 meters.
Children's entertainment mazes, generally suitable for various types of indoor environments, such as shopping malls, large supermarkets, shopping streets, primary and secondary schools, children's amusement parks, amusement and leisure parks, villas, residential areas and children's palaces. Of course, it is also suitable for outdoor areas such as squares and playgrounds (if you need to invest in the outdoors, it is better to set up a roof).
Children's play centers tend to be more popular with children aged 2 to 6 who are about 1,2 meters tall and their parents.
However, Beston has added some extensions, a trampoline, rock climbing, video games and other projects suitable for groups of all ages to the comprehensive children's entertainment center. Thus, the applicable age group can be extended to approximately 2-16 years.
Some professional regional venues are also suitable for adult games. Different projects are created for different age groups, usually there are areas for children, areas for teenagers, areas for adults, etc. Therefore, in the children's entertainment center, there are no strict restrictions on the age, height and weight of children, and people around 80 kg can play normally.

Yes, we can design the most suitable children's playroom equipment for you according to your requirements, combined with the current popular factors and market conditions.
We have a large number of real customer cases to prove that the end effect is not only the same as the design, but also better than the design.
Of course. You can refer to the cases on our website and in our catalog to choose the equipment yourself. You can also report the market situation to our sales manager, and we will recommend the best kids play maze project for you according to the local market situation.
We will provide 2D drawings and then 3D rendering and video. And Beston design team will change it many times until you are satisfied. The last important thing is that the design fee will be deducted for you primarily from the final actual payment of the balance. This means that if the cooperation between the two parties is successful, you will receive all designs for free.
Final design plan and configuration determine the final price. Customized children's playroom equipment should be designed according to your site area, drawings and specific requirements. If you need to know the price of a product, please contact us for details.
The height and size of the slide should also be determined according to the location and overall layout of your venue. And this is closely related to the safety of children, and one must strictly measure the radian angle and so on. You can send us a video drawing of the site first, and our designer will provide you with a preliminary floor plan.
No matter, we have a professional design team to solve the problem for you. But you need to mark the height of the top of each module when you provide the drawings.
In order to accurately provide you with the best individual design solution, you need to mark on the drawings: entrances, walls, columns, glass, toilets, stairs, fire exits, etc.

In entertainment beston equipment environmentally friendly materials are used that will not have any effect on the health of tourists. Its steel is purchased from large factories and meets the standards. And the soft packaging material can provide all-round protection for children, rest assured. If you are interested, please contact us to show you some pictures and videos of our raw materials.
Yes, we have CE certificates for all children's play equipment.
And we have relevant test reports and fire resistance reports for various raw materials such as packaging, sea balls and fiberglass.
All of our raw materials are eco-friendly, flame retardant, food grade and harmless to children!
Firstly, the thickness of the floor mat is 2-4cm, and secondly, the steel pipe wraps the tube, the slide soft bag and any place that can be touched by hands is packed to better protect children.
We are professional entertainment equipment manufacturer. All raw materials are safe, environmentally friendly and odorless, and the production process is strictly in line with export standards. Before shipping, our QC department will check strictly to make sure you are buying high quality products in terms of materials, workmanship, parts, quality and service. At a later stage, we will also provide services such as installation and operation guidance, and teach you how to manage the fleet to make a profit. We invite you to buy equipment for children's entertainment centers from Beston dealers!

The main markets for children's entertainment center equipment are the Commonwealth of Independent States, European and American countries, and the Middle East, as well as many projects in China. If you are interested in these cases, click "Contact Beston" later. We will email you some case reviews.
After the children's play center equipment is finished, we will provide you with a complete set of structural drawings and other installation materials, and our engineers will provide you with an online installation guide. If you need our engineers to go to the site for installation, we can also do it, but you need to pay for the airfare and other costs. At this time, our after-sales service department will sign an installation agreement with you. (You need to understand that engineers can be sent for large-scale business solutions for children's entertainment centers, and online guidance can be provided for small business children's entertainment centers.)
Depending on the country you are in, we can arrange delivery by sea or rail. For example, delivery to Kazakhstan and Russia may take about 30-40 days.
Installation is very simple. Installation instructions will be sent after the completion of the production of equipment for the children's entertainment center. So you can follow our guide to install it. Tips: Most buyers like to install it by themselves, which saves money.
Shipping costs vary per order depending on the country and the size of your game maze. In which city do you want to receive the goods? Contact us and we can calculate the approximate shipping cost for you later as a reference.
We will reasonably arrange the delivery time of products according to the size of the children's play center and the total amount of equipment. Under normal circumstances, the production cycle of 300-500 flat naughty locks is about 20-30 working days. Contact us to provide more service and support.


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