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The bench ride is also known as the Bench ride, the Lavitsa ride, the Bench ride, and the flying bench ride. At present, these extreme rides are very popular for people. It's very exciting. As a kind of thrill rides to a moderate extent. The attraction shop is a center of fun for everyone. For young people, our company sells extreme rides in the park. Beston even provides a scaled down miniature ride for the kids. Therefore, all people can enjoy the fun and challenge. BESTON sells high quality Bench Ride / Bench Ride / Bench Ride at factory price from China. And your company BESTON is a reliable cooperation partner. And we provide you with a complete service system. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our production plants and company sales centers.

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Beston amusement park bench

Attraction shop (from the English. Miami ride) is a new type of attraction, it turns up and down, riding on it will make you feel full of happy emotions. It is popular in amusement park, theme park and city park. It is widely popular with children and adults. This is a reciprocating movement of a medium-sized rotating equipment for an amusement park. The visitors will sit in a chair one after the other in a row. Each seat will be equipped with a seat belt. After visitors sit down, staff will help them fasten their seat belt. During the working process, rock music with alternating gravity on and off makes the passengers moving circle. The attraction "Bench" in our factory varies from 6 to 20 seats. Welcome to buy a ride shop!

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  • Attractive design, we can add some extra decorations up to our rides.
  • Our Miami rides have passed national safety regulations. Company BESTON Strictly controls the quality of rides. This company is responsible for our customers.
  • We have our own factory with many excellent engineers and experienced workers. BESTON provides training services. BESTON will teach you and your employees how to properly use and maintain the Bench ride.
  • The color, size and power of the Lavitsa attraction can be changed. The BESTON company sells amusement rides in different sizes and different types. Colors and patterns can be customized to suit your needs.
  • We always deliver on schedule and offer the best pre- and after-sales service. This company provides pre-sales consulting services. This can help you solve the problem when you want to buy the Bench Ride. Manufacturer BESTON provides after-sales technical service. Each entertainment attraction needs maintenance for long-term profit.
  • BESTON is a reliable amusement ride manufacturer and has its own amusement ride factory. This company is the manufacturer of the source and omits intermediaries. This makes prices lower.

BESTON Types of attractions shop for sale

Attraction bench 8 seats MR-8 sale

Beston amusement park bench MR-8

Model: MR-8
Places: 8
Width: 3m
Height: 4 m
Length: 8 m
Speed: 8-12 rpm
Power: 17 кВт
Voltage: 380V

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Beston attraction bench 10 seats MR-10A sale

Beston amusement park bench MR-10A

Model: MR-10A
Places: 10
Width: 3m
Height: 4 m
Length: 10 m
Speed: 15 / min
Power: 18 кВт
Voltage: 380V

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attraction shop sale
Beston amusement park bench 10 seats MR-10B sale

Beston amusement park bench MR-10B

Model: MR-10B
Places: 10
Width: 3m
Height: 4 m
Length: 10 m
Speed: 15 / min
Power: 18 кВт
Voltage: 380V

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Beston attraction bench 16 seats MR-16 sale

Beston amusement park bench MR-16

Model: MR-16
Places: 16
Width: 4m
Height: 5 m
Length: 12 m
Speed: 20 / min
Power: 30 кВт
Voltage: 380V

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attraction bench sale
Attraction shop to buy for the park

Beston amusement park bench MR-18

Model: MR-18
Places: 18
Width: 4,3m
Height: 5,7 m
Length: 12,5 m
Speed: 25 / min
Power: 35 кВт
Voltage: 380V

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Beston attraction bench 20 seats MR-20 sale
Beston attraction bench 20 seats MR-20 sale

Beston amusement park bench MR-20

Model: MR-20
Places: 20
Width: 4,5m
Height: 5,8m
Length: 13 m
Speed: 25 / min
Power: 35 кВт
Voltage: 380V

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Add new rides to your park

This attraction is a stimulating, attractive product. It's perfect for teenagers to play with. it preferred attraction for visitorswho want to experience the excitement. Because entertainment equipment is relatively more extremethan small and medium entertainment equipment. And when I got lost in the park or couldn't find a fun project, I came in handy with great entertainment equipment. Because the characteristics of large entertainment equipment. Thus, it is easy for us to feel very happy. Large play equipment such as roller coaster и ride The Fifth Element, is widespread in large playgrounds. Compared with other products, Bench Amusement Large-Scale Amusement Equipment can bring good profit to dealers.

Are you currently dissatisfied with the number of visitors to the amusement park? Maybe it's an opportunity to add new rides. Bring customers and have some fun. When it comes to rides, the choice is almost limitless. Maybe you are really having a hard time choosing a good attraction for your park. Since your space and budget are limited, you need to evaluate which rides to use in the park. The smart choice is usually to look for other parks and find out which rides attract the most people. Now buying an attraction shop is a rational choice. How do you think about it? Are you interested? Our company sells all kinds of attractions at an affordable price For you. Do you want to know the price? Click on the "Get Price" button to find out the price. We offer free consulting services.

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High quality and safe ride bench

Our company BESTON adheres to the principles of quality assurance and world-class technology. That's why we use globally recognized systems and reliable suppliers. And our company sells high quality Bench Amusement. High quality and safe spray paint has a big impact on the product. This can have a serious impact on people's feelings. If the paint falls off and disappears, people may also worry about the quality of Lavitsa. Try to find an attraction shop with a quality paint job. While any paint will eventually peel off, you want the paint to stay in good condition for as long as possible. The less wear the Bench ride has, the better your ride will be. And our company only sells high quality attraction at an affordable price. And our products are made of high quality paint. Are you interested? You want to know more, please contact us!

The bench ride is also referred to as the bench ride, the bench ride, or the flying bench. Lavitsa attraction is a compact attraction with one trailer and minimal setup and dismantling times. The motion of the ride looks like a high speed rainbow, alternating clockwise or counterclockwise at different speeds. Through the height of the rotation can not be compared with the rainbow, the attraction of the lavitsa is of moderate size and high-speed rotation. All riders in the Lavitsa attraction will be strapped into their seat, which promises their safety. The speed of the equipment can be adjusted for different age groups of passengers.

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The history of the attraction shop

At present, the bench ride mainly refers to the amusement park, which are widely used in large amusement parks, amusement parks and outdoor activities. First, in the early 1990s, a Dutchman called Kroon bought a Topper Attarction (side seat) for his son. This Dutchman told his son that if he could win, he would own him. His son begins to arrange a long chair in front of Topper's ride. This is how the original Lavitsa attraction was invented. After that, more and more amusement ride companies start imitating the equipment. Gradually, more and more beautiful amusement rides. There are currently at least 9 bench rides in Australia.

With advanced technology, first-class quality and high-quality service, the company's products sell well throughout the country and are exported to Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, other countries and regions, winning the favor and praise of customers. Trust us, we will be the best partner. In order to better serve our customers, our team has set up a professional service center. This service center will provide you with conscientious service.

BESTON company is a reliable manufacturer

It can provide you with low price and high quality products. Company BESTON is famous amusement ride manufacturer from China. This company has many years of experience in the production and sale of amusement rides. In addition, branches and offices have been established in many countries. This company sells many types of attractions, including attraction the fifth element, chain carousel attraction, attraction seventh heaven, bumper car ride and many others. You can buy almost everything popular rides in this company.

  • First, BESTON company is an international trading company in China. We have a large population and rich human resources, which save a lot of labor costs. Labor costs in China are low. This gives us a price advantage over other companies.
  • Secondly, because it is a combination of producers and exporters. There is no agency fee. We are a company that brings together manufacturers and distributors. We have professional manufacturing enterprises and sales teams. We can guarantee that you are buying the amusement ride at the factory price.
  • Thirdly, BESTON company cooperates with international transport companies to save transportation costs.
  • Fourth, Beston is a company from China. But Beston has opened offices in Uzbekistan to protect the after-sales service.

Are you interested in our products? As you can see, we will provide you with an affordable price. Or do you have doubts about the price of our company's products? Of course, you can compare prices for products from other companies. But we are confident that we will tell you that our company's products really give you world-class attractions at an affordable price.

flying bench
Beston attraction bench 16 seats MR-16 sale

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Packing details of the attraction shop

Generally speaking, we will pack the FRP parts by wooden crate, and then use some bubble plastics for the left part. Finally, we will pack the wooden box and bubble plastic in one container, or we can also pack them according to our customers' request.

If you are interested extreme rideschildren attractions or family attractionsplease contact us! All requests are free. Welcome to get the price. All consultations are free. Do you want to know the price? Click the button to write down your question. Because here we will provide you with what you want. We do not blindly earn money, but open the world market. High quality and affordable products are the best choice. Our company is the best choice. If you are interested, please leave your contact details. Don't worry, we will protect your privacy.


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