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Do you want to buy a train ride for an amusement park?
We sell trackless train ride, train ride on rails, children's train ride for shopping mall, funny train ride, children's railway ride, etc.

All of these amusement park trains can be customized according to your requirements, including size, color and materials! Do you want to buy a train ride for your business? Contact us now!

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Beston Amusement Trains for Sale

Beston Attractions LLC sells popular train rides: 16 seats, 27 seats, 40 seats, etc.
Structure:locomotive size:Wagon size:Power Type:Power:Speed:Capacity:
1 locomotive + 4 wagons3,1 * 1,14 * 1,95 m1,6 * 1,05 * 1,9 mЭлектрический4kVt3-10 km / h4 people/car, 16 people
Structure:locomotive size:Wagon size:Power Type:Power:Speed:Capacity:
1 locomotive+3cars3,45 * 1,67 * 2,12 m2,56 * 1,58 * 2,23 mElectric / diesel7.5KW(electric)3-10 km / h9 people/car, 27 people
Structure:locomotive size:Wagon size:Power Type:Power:Speed:Capacity:
1 locomotive + 2 wagons4 * 1,7 * 2,4 m4,2 * 1,95 * 2,4 mElectric / diesel15KW(electric)≤20 km / h20 people/car, 40 people

Details of the Train Rides

Check here and let us know which types you like and contact us for product details.
Themed Engine
Custom Engine
Christmas Engine
Classic Engine
Attraction locomotive "forest"
Attraction train “forest”
Attraction locomotive "rainbow"
Attraction train "rainbow"
Custom Train Ride - Canadian Flag Theme
Custom Engine Attraction - Canadian Flag Theme
Custom Train Ride - Guyana Flag Theme
Custom Train Ride - Guyana Flag Theme
Customized train attraction - Malaysian flag theme
Customized train attraction - Malaysian flag theme
Attraction train "Christmas theme"
Attraction train “Christmas theme”
Buy attraction train "Christmas theme"
Buy attraction train “Christmas theme”
Christmas train attraction
Christmas train attraction
Christmas train attraction price
Christmas train ride
Attraction funny train
Attraction funny train
Fun little train ride
Fun little train ride
Classic train ride
Classic train ride
Classic train ride
Classic train ride
Train rides are ideal for indoor and outdoor environments. They are green with zero carbon emissions and operate with little noise.
Not only for children, but also for adults. Therefore, today in the park they often see that many parents and their children are happily and happily sitting on the attraction train.
Beston Attraction Train is great for amusement parks, shopping malls, community festivals, parties, carnivals, kindergartens and the like.
The train ride has many advantages, such as classic, popular with people, low investment, high yield, easy operation, etc.

Beston Attraction train video

Project cases

Attraction train
Attraction train in Russia
Attraction train in Kazakhstan
Attraction train in Kazakhstan
buy a train ride
train ride in australia
sightseeing train
Excursion train in Russia
Attraction locomotive trackless in south africa
train ride in south africa
Attraction locomotive railless
Train rides in the USA

Why Choose Beston Train Ride?

Why Beston train rides are becoming more and more popular? Here is your answer!


Worthy of trust
Beston can not only provide certificates, but also provide one-stop service and comprehensive technical support. Beston is trustworthy!


High Quality
Beston train rides are built from high quality materials such as strong steel, thick fiberglass, durable paintings, etc. Durable and long service life!


Attract clients
Beston train rides provide sound and light effects, which increases the interest of visitors to them. Customer attendance is very high!


Make to order
Themes, colors, music, sizes, décor, seating and more can be customized to suit your needs. Try to satisfy all your needs.
Welcome to buy or customize your own special train rides.

Advantage of Beston Train Ride

These Beston train rides have many advantages and are worth buying!

Perfect and unique design

Our seats are designed using engineering mechanics. In addition, we have designed a wheelchair space in the last row of the train to serve special groups perfectly!

Security monitoring system

In addition to the monitor display, 4 cameras are installed in the locomotive and in each carriage. The driver can see the surrounding and internal conditions of the train in all directions, effectively ensuring the safety of passengers!

3 power units

Beston rides trains offer various options for power units: diesel, gasoline and electric.

Quality craftsmanship

We manufacture wagons using automotive manufacturing processes. The doors, frame and headlining are made of sheet metal.

Adjustable settings

In addition to adjustable speed, passenger travel time can also be set as needed.

What kinds of train rides does Beston sell?

Beston offers more types of train rides for you to choose from. Adhere to reform and innovation, and constantly introduce new styles!

trackless train ride
trackless train ride

Attraction Trackless Train

  • Trackless train attraction buy from Beston often consist of a locomotive and 2-4 passenger cars that will carry between 18 and 40 children and adults.
  • We sell trackless trains that can travel anywhere on grass, snow, concrete, gravel and sand. It travels anywhere and doesn't need rails to get you there.
  • We believe we offer the best balance of price, style and maintenance options in the trackless train industry.
  • It can bring the tourist much more enjoyment of the scenery along the way, and all people can fully enjoy it with friends and family. If you have any questions, please contact Beston!
Buy an attraction trackless train
Buy an attraction trackless train

Buy an attraction funny train
Buy an attraction funny train

Attraction funny train

  • Cheerful little train the ride has long been a hot sale in Beston.
  • The whole body of Thomas trains is made of RFP, which is more environmental and anti-corrosion. We are also adding some colorful LED lights around the locomotives.
  • The funny train ride is designed for children, these rides are attractive for children because of their appearance. In addition, adults could accompany their children to play the train together.
  • Buy the fun little train ride from Beston, it's small and very safe for kids. Come for a consultation right now!
Attraction funny little train for sale
Attraction funny little train for sale

Buy an attraction funny train
Buy an attraction funny train

Attraction locomotive on rails
Buy an attraction train on rails

Attraction Train on Rails

  • Attraction locomotive on rails must ride on the track, and it has a small size. The track is made of galvanized steel. The track length can be customized to fit your seat.
  • It can be placed on any flat surface. For example, shopping mall entrance, park entrance, inside the scenic spot, lower part of the community, kindergarten, busy street and so on.
  • Attraction train on rails is usually powered by electricity. it children's attraction and cannot be used as a means of transportation anywhere. But compared to roadless trains, rail trains have low investment costs and a wide range of applications.

Attraction children's railway
Buy attraction children's railway

Attraction children's railway

  • Suitable for children: This attraction children's railway suitable for children under 10 years old. Usually only one or two children can be accommodated in each car.
  • VERY SAFE: Children's Railroad rides are designed and painted, and their safety performance is certified all over the world.
  • Various Shapes: In order to attract children's attention, our amusement ride is shaped like elephants, oceans, mermaids, Christmas series, racing cars, etc. We can also design various looks according to your theme and style.

Attraction Train for Amusement Park/Shopping Center

Investing in a train ride for amusement parks or malls is a smart choice!
Buy a train ride plan
Are you currently the owner of an amusement park or the owner of a shopping center? Maybe you are thinking of buying a trackless train for the park or children's steam locomotive for the shopping center. If you don't currently have a train ride, there are plenty of reasons to consider having a trackless train in your theme park.
Convenient for tired travelers
- In theme parks of any kind, these train rides are usually very popular, especially for those who are tired and want to move from one place to another. Trackless trains allow people to take a break from travel by allowing them to hitchhike to another destination. They usually accommodate up to 20-40 people.
Attract kids and earn more
You need more children to go to the amusement park. Some trackless trains are actually based on cartoon characters or cartoons that kids love. The kids want to ride attraction train. They look quirky and interesting, and the more popular they become. So this approach can actually give you more money.

Buy Attraction Train from the Manufacturer Beston

Beston Attractions Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of amusement park amusement trains.

Various types of locomotives

Beston Attractions LLC has been developing and manufacturing various types of steam locomotives for over 20 years. As a train manufacturer, Beston has many kinds of trains for sale. Welcome to contact us to buy a railless train or buy a children's train on rails!

Individual design

Beston will help you design and deliver. We have over 50 train models which are listed above. We can also customize the train for you. Do you want to buy a train ride for an amusement park? Welcome to buy amusement park train ride!


Other Attractions

In addition to the train ride, we also offer you other attractions for entertainment.

chain carousel ride

Attraction flight

Attraction carousel

Attraction autodrome

BESTON also provides many other types of amusement rides, such as chain carousel, ride carousel, ferris wheel ride, bumper car ride, kids ride maze, etc. Want to know more? Contact us!


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