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Buy high quality rides with certification (BV, SONCAP, CE, ISO9001) for your amusement ride business or want to set up some new rides? Popular rides, extreme rides, kids rides, inflatable rides, new rides, family rides, amusement park rail rides? Welcome to Beston Attractions!

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Popular Attractions

We have many popular rides, they are usually classic rides that we often see in the park. They are simply classic and have been the most popular rides in amusement parks, almost all amusement parks, theme parks, fancy venues, fairgrounds get some of them when they start entertainment on business. For example, carousel ride, bumper car ride, train ride, fifth element ride, ferris wheel ride, roller coaster ride, chain carousel ride, etc. These are the most traditional rides that have long lasting in this amusement industry. They are durable, but they also change with the development of technology. beston Amusement manufacturer developed many popular models of attractions. Popular attractions are very attractive. The classic, vintage look of rides still exists, but the modern form appears endlessly.

Trains Attractions

Amusement Park Train Rides for Sale Here in Beston! Attraction train in the amusement park is one of the essential attractions. With an interesting design, this amusement equipment is very popular among young children. So if you are running amusement parks or want to invest in amusement park business, this amusement equipment is your ideal option. The train ride for sale can bring you high profits for your parks. And these amusement trains for sale are very easy to operate and maintain. If you want to buy the best quality amusement park train ride at an affordable price, please contact Beston now!

buy a train ride

Attraction funny train

The rapid development of the children's economy today is a golden time to buy a funny train ride. Attraction funny little train - a very popular ...
buy a children's attraction train for the park

Attraction children's railway

Attraction children's railway usually appears in parks and playgrounds. The difference between an attraction railway and a trackless train is...
buy a trackless train

Attraction Train Train Trackless

Attraction trackless trains have all the characteristics necessary for success: excellent design, ease of use, etc. The trackless train ride will involve ...
buy attraction train

Attraction Train on Rails

Brief description The train ride on rails (or train train for children) is also called the ride for children, the fairy tale train ride or the rail train ...
children's steam locomotive for shopping mall sale

Attraction train

With the development of the tourism industry, the attraction train is increasingly being used in tourist attractions, parks and other places. Some of them were...
train ride railless

Attraction locomotive on wheels

The train ride on wheels, which we usually call the trackless train, the train ride is trackless and trackless train. This entertainment equipment for...
order an attraction train

Children's train attraction

This page provides a variety of children's amusement train rides: children's train amusement rides on rails and railless rides with the most preferential price. If a ...
buy a fun train ride

Children's train for the shopping center

Children's mall train, let the public space of the mall "attract customers and make money"! According to the survey, the scale of the consumer market ...
buy a roller coaster for kids

Buy Rollercoaster Ride for Kids

Do you want to equip your amusement park with the best rides possible? If so, then you really can't go wrong...

Extreme Attractions

Thrill rides are popular with adults and are suitable for some riders who are thrill seekers or brave enough to ride. Beston extreme rides will give passengers a thrilling experience, because passengers can ride these rides with maximum speed and a thrilling sense of excitement. When people ride these exciting rides that are made from Beston, they will never be afraid of the quality. So if you need new entertainment equipment for your business, please contact us to select the right attractions. Here you will find types of extreme amusement rides that are suitable for amusement parks and theme parks. When you open a new park that is suitable for children and adults at the same time, you need to ride the best high quality rides. At Beston rides you can get attraction ship, attraction fifth Element, attraction tagada, disco attraction, attraction orbit, roller coaster attraction, attraction seventh heavenabout, attraction kamikaze, attraction storm, amusement park with reasonable factory price from our factory.

Beston amusement rides sales company in China, our rides are the most attractive rides in the park, whether for adults or children. Do you want to buy an attraction for the park? Look at the following extreme rides, you are welcome.

fun rides to buy

roller coaster attraction

Do you want to buy an extreme amusement park roller coaster? beston...
Big chain carousel buy

Attraction Chain Carousel

Amusement Park Chain Carousel Ride – This amusement park ride ...
Attraction ship to buy

Attraction Ship

"Beston Attractions" offers a customized modern pirate ship attraction. Various styles,...
Attraction fifth element buy

Attraction Fifth Element

Attraction The Fifth Element is a large attraction with a beautiful appearance, ...
buy a flying bench

Attraction Bench / Bench / Bench buy

The attraction shop is also known as the attraction "Lavochka", the attraction "Lavitsa", ...
Disco attraction

Attraction Disco

Disco attraction or UFO attraction are extreme rides for...
attractions for youth

attraction seventh heaven

The seventh heaven attraction is very popular for the park throughout the measure. ...
Buy attraction tagada

Attraction Tagada

Attraction Tagada (Tagada) - One of the most interesting and extreme ...
attraction slingshot price

Attraction Catapult

Attraction catapult (second name - slingshot attraction, capsule attraction) - ...
ride tower free fall buy

attraction tower

The free fall tower attraction is a new amusement equipment in theme parks...
Attraction Niagara

Attraction Niagara

The Niagara ride is a type of roller coaster. This is a new type of attraction: ...
Attraction giant swing

Attraction Giant Canyon Swing

Attraction Giant Canyon Swing - extreme attraction! Extreme swing Giant ...

Children attractions

In recent years, we often see various attractions for children in an amusement park or in a shopping center. Many Chinese rides have been sold all over the world. We have many different types children's attractions, which means you have a lot of choices. Make sure you are looking for a walk that will complement your needs. Find something the kids will love. Children will be happy and you will be able to earn a lot of money.

Children's attractions sale, mainly called mechanical amusement ride, inflatable equipment and water ride, are designed for children in the garden, amusement park, shopping mall, kindergarten and other public places. The children's attraction plays a dual role in making the children happy as well as exercising their bodies. Children's attractions are very fascinated by children and parents, characterized by sunshine, health, intelligence and relaxation. Beston rides for kids are generally divided into carousel ride, rocking chair ride, jumping frog ride, bumper car ride, excavator ride, attraction train, ferris wheel for children etc. according to the traffic structure and mode. Baby rides combine the functions of spinning, lifting and rebounding to enhance children's physical strength and mentality.

If you want to children attractions buy in China, we offer the following high quality products available for your choice:

BESTON Attraction excavator

Attraction Children's Excavator

Attraction children's excavator that your child can control. The so-called electro...
Children's play mazes buy

Children's playrooms to buy

Welcome to our site. Dear site visitors! Do you want baby...
attraction children's autodrome sale

Children's Attractions Cars

Children's amusement cars are of good quality, high configuration and one steering ...
Attraction carousel with horses to buy

Buy Carousel Horses Attraction

When you go to the nearby mall, you will probably see a whole...
children's ferris wheel to buy

Attraction Children's Ferris Wheel

The children's Ferris wheel is a Ferris wheel attraction in miniature, a new ...
Beston ride carousel kangaroo buy

Attraction Carousel Kangaroo

General information about the product Kangaroo carousel ride is one children's ride, ...
attraction children's mini jet

Attraction Mini Jet

Attraction mini jet - a new children's attraction carousel, consists of airplanes ...
Attraction robot for children

Attraction Robot for Kids

Robot ride is a new kind of ride which is designed by our professional designer and...

Why are children's amusement rides so new in the domestic and foreign markets?

First, rides for children are often designed with a fresh and innovative look that will instantly catch the attention of children. Exploding with curiosity, children prefer to ride the lovely toy car to experience the stimuli. The unique sound, excellent touch, bright color and charming shape will stimulate children's visual, auditory, sensual and sensory senses, and create their aesthetic. Secondly, love play is the essence of the child. Attractions for children gather all children of the same age and improve their interpersonal communication, without feeling lonely. Children's entertainment attractions, which is also considered a family attraction, promotes affection and interaction between children and parents and creates a joyful family atmosphere. Third, children's amusement rides choose safe and environmental materials, harmless to the human body. Children's mini rides on the edges are in the form of an arc without sharp corners. Buy children's rides from us - exquisite technology, high safety and profitable profits lead park managers to invest in amusement equipment.

New Attractions

In the entertainment industry, all kinds of theme park rides always attract many visitors to the parks, and new attractions in theme parks - quite a popular type of park attractions for visitors. The rides are widely loved by many people, especially the amusement park takes place in Australia, and the theme park rides in South Africa are often seen. Visitors are familiar with various theme park names, such as Ferris wheel, rail ride, flying swing, roller coaster, carousel ride, chain carousel, battery operated bumper car and some other thrill rides, kids rides and family rides. As for a good amusement park, there will be a variety of high-quality and interesting theme park rides for guests to enjoy and experience unique exciting feelings. Good amusement park must keep pace with the times, introduce new attractions for entertainment, to meet the needs of tourists of different ages. BESTON Rides is constantly innovating in designing and manufacturing new types of rides. Beston rides from China always keep up with the development of technology and customer requirements. Therefore, many new rides have been developed by Beston Co., Ltd. New rides to buy for an amusement park for 2020 are as follows:

attraction leaning tower buy

Attraction Condor

The condor ride is a new type of extreme attraction that independently...
China slide

W-Type Flying Saucer Ride - Roller Coaster

W-type flying saucer attraction, this amusement equipment is a new...

Attraction Lightning McQueen

The attraction lightning makvin (mcqueen) has other names: lightning makvin carousel, ...
attraction shells sale

Attraction Seashells

The Shell Ride, also known as the Shark Ride or the Carousel Ride...
extreme attraction price

Attraction break dance

Attraction break dance (Break Dance) 24 seats sale from China ...
Children's carousel attraction buy

Attraction Ballerina Octopus

Attraction ballerina octopus - gyroscopic type entertainment equipment. Design ...
buy rides

Attraction Carousel Ladybug

The ladybug carousel ride is one new family ride and...
Attraction Waltz

Attraction Waltz

Waltz ride is a kind of gyroscopic rides newly developed...

Family Attractions

Family attractions, which include the whole family, offering the opportunity to share experiences with each other, from grandparents to children, fun is guaranteed in a very wide selection of fully customized products! Attractions for parks, sometimes called carnival rides, are mechanical devices or structures that move people around to create enjoyment.

beston amusement cup

Attraction Cup

The cup attraction has other names: funny cup attraction, tea cup attraction ...
Attraction railway "caterpillar"

Attraction Caterpillar

The Caterpillar Family Ride is a new rollercoaster ride for kids...
Beston attraction dragon BNFU-20A buy from china

Attraction Dragon

The Dragon ride is one rail ride, like a small roller coaster...
Beston Attraction Orbit BNDF-16B buy from China

Attraction Orbit

High quality orbit ride for sale. Beston sells amusement park rides at...
Attraction octopus price

Attraction Octopus

Buy an octopus attraction (polyp attraction) - a popular attraction for parks ...
Beston attraction flight BNSC-8A buy from china

Attraction Flight

Attraction flight is one of the most popular attractions among all ...
Beston attraction samba ball

Attraction Samba ball

What is a samba ball attraction? beston attraction samba ball for sale...
Beston amusement carousel jellyfish BNJF-32B buy from china

Attraction Carousel Jellyfish

Short description The jellyfish carousel ride is also called the lucky jellyfish ride, ...

What types of attractions you will find in the theme park:

First of all, the Ferris wheel is the most traditional, vintage attraction in the amusement park. This is an iconic and wonderful instruction. It is necessary in a large amusement park, almost every park in the city will install it. These ferris wheel rides differ in height, they can be decorated with various ornaments.

Ferris wheel ride to buy
BESTON ferris wheel attraction sale! Click on the picture to find out more.

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Secondly, the classic attraction - train ride railless и attraction train on rails to vintage theme parks. A long time ago, early rides at the amusement park Fueled by diesel fuel, these diesel trains look like a real travel train, but little by little the ride train is improved by ride manufacturers. Brushless train, electric trains appear. These trackless trains can be used for different occasions, amusement parks, theme parks, plazas, shopping malls, tourist attractions, etc. These classic rides are becoming more and more popular with kids. They are so attractive in the park and very useful as a travel tool.

funny train ride
BESTON children's attraction train for sale! Click on the picture to find out more.

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Thirdly, bumper cars are also popular attractions, the oldest bumper cars were invented by Victor Levand many years ago. Some are motorized and others are electric, some are ceiling mesh, others are ground mesh, some are fiberglass and others are inflatable. Autodrome attraction with bumpers retain their high popularity due to low investment and variety of appearance.

bumper car ride
BESTON attraction autodrome for sale! Click on the picture to find out more.

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And last but not least: horse carousel attractionare also very popular rides in the parks, the history of vintage carousel rides can be traced back to the 17th, it is also traditional theme park rides. The classic appearance will provide people with some precious memories and different feelings.

Children's carousel attraction buy
BESTON attraction carousel sale! Click on the picture to find out more.

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These four classic rides are the most popular four rides in vintage amusement parks and modern amusement parks. Some people enjoy playing traditional rides while others enjoy modern rides. No matter which one you choose, Beston will provide you, only what you need to do is tell us before ordering or send us the photos, CAD drawings of the exhibition areas you need.

Inflatable Rides

Inflatable attraction is a new generation of entertainment equipment for children and adults. It is designed according to the characteristics of children. Inflatable attractions for kids include inflatable slides, inflatable bouncers, inflatable city, inflatable pools, inflatable house, a variety of animal simulation, cartoon character simulation, etc. Inflatable products have rich entertainment projects, loved by children and adults. Inflatable rides have the characteristics of safety, comprehensive, decorative, novelty and so on. Colored, durable. Inflatable products through the scientific three-dimensional combination, the use of super waterproof fabric is a comprehensive and strong amusement park. Visitors through turning, climbing, jumping, drilling and other new activities, develop intelligence, physical exercise, enjoyable physical and mental goals. This inflatable amusement rides due to its random characteristics and lack of device characteristics welcomed by the buyer, safe and reliable, simple operation, reliable maintenance.

Children's inflatable rides are widely used in a variety of occasions: indoors, outdoors, kindergarten, supermarkets, shopping malls, beaches, water parks, squares, large venues, etc. These commercial inflatable rides for sale are inflatable structures belonging to the temporary building. They can be used to rent and buy for schools, parks and churches! Primarily used for children, these commercial inflatables are used for recreational purposes in amusement parks. We have many models of wholesale commercial inflatables for sale with cheap price from our factory. Welcome!

ride bull rodeo buy

Attraction bull rodeo buy

Whether you are looking for a new exciting ride for your carnival or...
inflatable trampoline slide for kids

Children's inflatable trampoline with a slide

Children's inflatable trampoline with a slide, one of the types of interesting inflatable ...
children's inflatable complexes

Children's inflatable house

Compared with adult inflatable houses, children's inflatable house...
inflatable slide for swimming pool sale

Inflatable slide with pool

Inflatable Pool Slide for Outdoor Sale Inflatable ...
Inflatable Water Park Buy

Inflatable Water Park Buy

Inflatable water park, one of the most popular inflatable water rides...
inflatable towns for children

Inflatable City

The inflatable city for kids is a kind of giant inflatable house...
inflatable play complex

Inflatable castle for children

The bouncy castle for kids is very popular among kids. Their world...
children's inflatable slides to buy

Children's inflatable slides

As we all know, children's inflatable slides are a variety of...

What You Should Pay Attention To When Choosing Rides

These days, many amusement rides are on the market. If you are planning on purchasing rides, you will have a range of incredible options available to you.

With that said, you shouldn't be in a hurry to buy rides. There are several different things that you will want to consider.

indoor amusement park rides
Beston amusement park concept and design for clients.

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  1. Think About Sizes

When you are planning to buy amusement rides, you need to know where you want to place it. How many places do you have? How many seats will this attraction occupy?

Keep looking until you find an attraction that will fit in the space you have. You want to make sure there is enough room for people to really enjoy the attraction.

Amusement equipment and rides in every possible size. Even if you don't have many places, you should be able to find something amazing.

Contact us, design your amusement park.

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  1. Think Style

What makes people stop what they are doing and pay to use a park ride? In a word, style. If a attraction equipment is attractive and attention grabbing, people will be much more likely to use it.

If you're catering to young children, themed rides can be a big hit. Children love rides that remind them of their favorite TV shows and movies. They also adore rides that complement how they plan. For example, construction-themed rides usually a hit!

Do not choose an attraction that will harmonize. Choose something stylish and have fun. You want a ride that will really stand out.

Best rides buy from Beston

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  1. Think About Prices

When you put money into an attraction, you want to see the return on that investment as soon as you can. Try to find an attraction that will allow you to start making a profit right away.

You shouldn't be afraid to invest in more expensive rides if you think it will be a big hit. However, if you are going for something that is a little out of the ordinary or risky, you may want to try and keep your budget down.

Attractions buy prices shouldn't be your only consideration when buying rides, but it's definitely something you should be thinking about.

Ukrainian/Russian/Uzbek customers visited our factory
Beston attractions in the amusement park in Uzbekistan

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Where to Buy Attraction From the Manufacturer

Buying rides is not an easy job. You also need to consider where buy an attraction from a reliable manufacturer. Beston is a manufacturer of attractions, sale of rides from china, a very dynamic company and a serious player in the amusement ride manufacturing industry, exports amusement rides all over the world and using only certified quality materials, understanding what quality means to ensure safety, but also requires low operating costs. Beston is the leading amusement ride manufacturer in China - selling amusement rides, selling amusement park rides with cheap price.

Due to the advantages of complete specifications, reasonable structure and excellent quality, Beston amusement ride manufacturers are well received by most users. With decades of amusement ride design and manufacturing experience, buy chinese rides from Beston has become the industry leader in new fun at home and abroad. The rides for the park from Beston use only certified quality materials to make quality rides. This means that all specification products meet the quality standards of the attraction.

Beston amusement ride manufacturer

At the same time, according to the different requirements of users, we can specially design and manufacture amusement park equipment and children's attractions for sale. Beston amusement ride manufacturer has an excellent after-sales service system, and we always insist on the principle of "Survive by high quality products, gaining high reputation, further development of the company". In the amusement ride manufacturing industry, which is becoming more and more fast moving, competitive and economically sensitive, Zhengzhou Beston amusement ride manufacturer has been exporting all kinds of amusement rides all over the world and has risen to the challenges of the amusement ride market.

Beston, a leader and expert in the production of all kinds of amusement rides, amusement equipment sales, can supply all kinds of theme amusement park for salewhich have many advantages such as unique design, innovative appearance, high quality, low maintenance, easy operation, safety, long service life and so on. What's more, since some theme parks want to show off some of their rides. Beston also provides a variety of customized adult amusement rides for our customers.

We have been selling amusement rides for more than 10 years, including children's rides, family rides, small rides and rides to buy... If you are looking for buy entertainment equipment or amusement park rides to buy for your parks, please choose Beston. And we will offer you the perfect park rides you want to buy. buy an attraction in china. Contact us please!


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